Today I got another surprise! The doorbell rang and it was the mailman. Adeline came walking towards the office with the mail (I was in the library) and she had a box in her hand. She gave it to me, I looked at the address, and said ‘I bet it’s cookies’. It was! It did say on the label homemade cookies, but I guessed before I read that. You see, it was from my Aunt Wendy, Uncle Stu, and Cousins – Amy, Jill (and Dan), Katie (and Adam), and Colleen. My Aunt Wendy makes these awesome sugar cookies every time we have a family get together. At least on the 3 big holidays each year. She knows I love them. It was such a blessing. I truly do have the best family and friends in the entire world. Not that you all have to send me something to get my love, I love you all just for reading! And don’t worry Aunt Wendy, I will make sure to share them ;). Unfortunately the lid came off in transit, so there were crumbs everywhere and broken pieces. There were still a whole lot of whole one’s so don’t worry. I had them in my room this afternoon and just said to myself that I would eat some of the broken pieces…I didn’t quite eat all the broken pieces (thank goodness), but still, I put the container in the kitchen so I wouldn’t eat them all tonight!

Let’s see, what else. Oh yeah! After Bastien had his nap and snack, Adeline and I were both sitting at the table with him and something started him laughing. Well, this kept up for a bit, and we encouraged it by doing stuff to keep him laughing. Eventually Adeline went to get the snow gear together (you gotta love those vacuum seal bags!) and it was just Bastien and I. Remember how he likes to say ‘boo!’ all the time and we always act afraid? Well, my hair was down and I put it in front of my face…Bastien would keep saying boo, but I wouldn’t react. When I moved my hair aside and he said boo, I hid again. Of course he thought this was hilarious. So I kept doing it. When I wouldn’t move my hair he would say ‘open, open!’ until I moved it and then he’d boo at me again. He has the greatest laugh when he gets going. And oddly enough, tonight while giving Sylvain his bath, he was giggling at me while I was scrubbing his face. Not that I’m complaining – giggling is WAY better than crying/screaming.

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