Pillow Fight!

Well, not exactly, but the other day the boys were wandering around the house with little pillows from the couch. Much giggling ensued and much fun was to be had. It’s so cute watching the two of them play together. Sylvain has this habit of making motor noises and then laughing. And now he’s got a toothy – instead of gummy – grin. His little nose scrunches up and his eyes close; just like Bastien. They were doing a bit of that with the pillows tonight as well.

They were also both really tired although I’m not exactly sure why. Both of them had dark rings under their eyes. They were also both fast asleep by 8pm tonight which doesn’t usually happen. Normally Bastien is still up talking to himself or singing at 10. Stinker. 😛

So after having a few days of relatively nice, sunny weather today we had rain and a lot of it. Wind also. I had to be careful getting in and out of the car. I didn’t want the door to get wrecked because of the wind! Today was also the day that I met Becky in Brussels. Traffic was crazy in the city, but I think that was because of construction and not the time of day. I could be very wrong. We mostly walked around the Grand Place and wandered in the alleys around there. They’re setting up for the holidays in the Grand Place, it will look awesome when it’s all done. I know Adeline said they’re going the 28th. I’ll have to check out their pictures since I’m leaving the day before.

I was able to tell Becky the stories Dominique told us about the statues on the buildings in the Grand Place as well as the Manneken Pis (Manneken = little man, Mann=man, eken=little). While standing near the peeing boy statue we saw these two women putting a plastic Manneken Pis  figure (like the one sitting outside of a waffle place eating a waffle) in their car. This reminded Becky of the time when some people stole a baby grand piano from Laurier. How does one accomplish that without anyone realizing it? This was before our time so I forgot about it, but she made a point of saying if you see someone taking apart a baby grand for transport you’re going to assume that a) they know what they’re doing and b) they’re supposed to be doing it. So no one stopped them. How many people do you know who would try to steal a baby grand piano from a university? The elevator in the music building is big, but not big enough to take it away without taking the legs off first. So she thought this could be the same thing…who would move a figure like that in broad day light unless they were supposed to be doing it? We had a good laugh over that.

Like I said, we did a lot of wandering. She bought a small box of assorted chocolates from Neuhaus for her Aunt and Uncle she’s been staying with in Holland. It was so awesome that we were able to meet up like this. Liverpool may be far away by European standards, but we still managed it. Isn’t it amazing how these things happen?


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Rien à Déclarer

That’s the title of the movie we watched tonight. In English Nothing to Declare. Even between trying to listen to the French and trying to read the subtitles I found it absolutely hilarious! A lot of it was the acting and the situation, but still. It’s a movie about elimination of the France-Belgian border in the 90’s. A Belgian Francophobe custom’s officer teams up with a French customs officer as part of a mobile border patrol experiment. I’ve never thought of it while I’ve been here, but how many people were forced to find other jobs when customs checks were no longer necessary at the borders within Europe? There’s a Romeo & Juliette element thrown in as well. If foreign films (well foreign to me anyway!) interest you at all, and if comedies interest you at all, and you don’t mind reading subtitles I would definitely try to check it out. I suppose you could watch it in English, but I’m thinking it would lose a lot/most of what makes it a great movie. And besides that, it’s always best to watch a movie in its original language if possible. I know during one particular scene the Frenchmen was trying to pass off as Belgian so he was trying out different accents. First he was trying out the Liège accent. That didn’t work. Then he was trying to do a Brussels accent. Again, didn’t work. I was able to catch a little hint of a difference, but it was hard because they talk (for me) so very fast and it all sounds French to me! I guess it would be the same for a non-English speaker to listen to someone try different American, United Kingdom, Canadian accents. To us English speakers they all sounds drastically different, but for others they might not, I don’t know. It’s the only comparison I can make.

I definitely want to watch it again. I was laughing so hard. Actually, some of the translations were a little odd; in the subtitles the Belgian called the Frenchmen ‘frogs’ all the time. But what he was saying in French was ‘Camembert’. It’s a type of cheese. One that Greg and Adeline happen to like a lot. And he kept calling them ‘cheese-eaters’. At least that’s what the subtitles said. I’m so glad I watched it with them. Hilarious. ^_^

That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened all day. I spent most of the day glued to my chair organizing my blog. And then I go and make more work for myself, but in the end, I think it will turn out great. I’ve only managed to get up to February 18th in the categorizing and tagging process, and I guess that far in searching out, what I feel to be, the ‘most adorable moments’. As far as the food and drink portions go, well, part of that was I’m having fun creating pages, and part of it is because if people do happen to be interested in that stuff me separating it like that will be easier than using the search option. And maybe people will be more inclined to look if it’s all laid out for them. Of course, it’s going to be a while  before it’s all ready and in some ways doing it now is kind of silly since I only have 4 months left (of this blog anyway), but still, it will be here forever essentially, so someone is bound to find it useful…….

So soon…

In a little over 18 hours I will be on a plane headed for Brussels. This is HUGE! I still have quite a few things to do tomorrow, but most of  my packing is done…

I guess the question is: why am I still up at 12:42 am on the day I’m leaving? No good reason really. I’m quite tired, but sort of anxious/excited as well. I really wanted to get this blog set up so I could get started as soon as something interesting happens. I’m actually (at this moment in at least) looking forward to this whole ‘blogging’ thing.

I still have to change what this looks like and all that jazz, but for now I think I’ll go to bed. At least the preliminary stuff is set up.




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