First rake of the season.

You know how yesterday I was totally freaking out about going back home and declaring and my tax exemption amount and all that? Well, thanks to the wonderful comments from friends and family I am now a lot calmer about that. I’ve gone through all my stuff and determined that I should be okay. I tend to make a big deal out of nothing. Not that it’s nothing, but I hope you know what I mean.

Today I walked Bastien to school. Greg couldn’t take Sylvain so normally I would, but Adeline had to go to Hannut (which is right near the babysitter’s) so she took him. I have to say, I’m impressed with the teachers. They see so many little kids and all the parents and they remember everyone so well. Okay, so maybe this isn’t anything out of the ordinary with teachers, but, last year they only saw me once, maybe twice with Adeline before I went by myself and they recognized me. They don’t let a kid past the gate until they see a parent of said kid. Even after the summer they still recognize me. It can get really crazy at pick up time because all the parents (of the little, little kids) are congregating around this one person gate-way trying to get their child out of the mix and the teachers have amazing spotting abilities. Even when you’re stuck behind a tall guy they still manage to do it! And I know they see me and aren’t just letting Bastien go because we make eye contact. Here’s to teachers everywhere!

This afternoon I went outside with Bastien. It was grey and looked like rain – I’m talking downpour – any minute (it never came). I decided to do something profitable since Bastien was up in his play house. So I got out a rake and went to work. There weren’t that many leaves on the ground, certainly not enough to make a nice pile to jump in, but there were enough to make it sort of worth my while. At least my arms got a bit of a workout and that’s always good! It was honestly, almost the perfect weather. Now, I like the sun for its health benefits as much as the next person, but sometimes it can be a bit harsh. I find stormy skies – grey, black, yellow (that’s dangerous, but funky), etc. – to be exciting and much cooler than regular sunny days. And by cooler I don’t mean temperature. When I saw almost perfect weather, I mean it. It was cool enough to be comfortable in a hoodie, even while raking, and even the breeze was nice. Sometimes it would pick up a little stronger, but I loved it! That’s what I love about fall. You can be comfortable outside in a sweater and not have to worry about sweating up a storm or freezing your butt off. And the autumn breezes are just so refreshing.

I can’t wait till more leaves start turning!


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Was that a cow? Oh no, it’s just a crying child.

Sylvain now has the chicken pocks. He’s got more spots and he had a fever today. He didn’t sleep very well so he’s sleeping now and will have to be woken up for supper. Bastien also didn’t take a nap today because he didn’t want to sleep. Humph. So all he’s been doing this evening since his parents got home is cry. Except when he cries because he wants attention me makes this kind of cow groan sound that is really distracting. Greg had gone to the doctor with Sylvain (Greg had the flu) and was trying to explain medication and stuff to Adeline and Bastien was doing his cow-crying.

Today at lunch I noticed that Sylvain’s right eye was really red. Around the outside it had that purple look that you get when you don’t sleep, but in the inside corner it was really red. I put a drop in it before he went down for his nap. I don’t know how much he slept I only know it was just a little. When he got up it wasn’t as red, but there’s a bump now and I think it’s a chicken pock. Poor guy.

Adeline sent Bastien up to bed because he wouldn’t stop making noise/crying and of course this is horrible for us all, but Greg more because he’s sick. She told him not to make noise and not to wake up his brother, but the next thing I hear is high-pitched squealy talk. I run up there and tell him to be quiet and I see that Sylvain is sleeping doubled over. It’s like he was sitting up and decided to fold himself in half to sleep. I moved him and noticed that he was a bit sweaty so hopefully that means his fever has broken. I think he woke up for a bit because we heard crying, but then all was silent.

I finally got my first Amsterdam post published and the pictures are up on Facebook. They’re actually not that exciting. One thing I realized is I don’t think, in all 3 days we were there, that I once got a picture of the Anne Frank house. I could take a picture of the stuff I got there, but I didn’t take a picture of the outside (you can’t take any inside). Lisa and I even walked past it on Day 2, but I didn’t get my camera out.

So tomorrow I’m going to the school to re-register for my French course. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening with it, but she said I could go in tomorrow between 1-5.  And it’s kind of a big deal because I’m going to get another letter soon from the work permit people (hopefully only one more) that’s going to ask for signed proof by the school that I’m attending regularly so I have to make sure I get signed up again! Since the course technically runs from September to June I have to re-register. Oh well.

I think we’re about to eat supper so I should get going.

*****some time later*****

One thing I was  going to mention yesterday that’s really cute. There’s this little puppet song with hand actions that you sing with kids. Basically it’s moving your hands (waving like the Queen of England, but more splayed fingers), then you make a rolling motion with them, then you hide them behind your back. Well, Sylvain is starting to do the wave motion. It’s mostly just with his left hand, but he started doing it today on his own, no prompting. It’s adorable. Hopefully the boys will sleep tonight. I know they’re tired, but when your sleep schedule gets messed up that does all sorts of odd things to you.

This morning I got up for a walk for the first time in over a week. I actually jogged a bit too. More than ever before. I would say that of the 5km I was out for I probably jogged for just over .5km. I know it’s not much, and it wasn’t all at once, but for me it’s a big deal. I know this is super weird, but I was watching Bride Wars last night (I’m not even sure why, I don’t like it that much….) and there is at least two scenes where the main characters (Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson) are out jogging (or power walking :P) and I just really got the urge to jog. To feel the freedom that you don’t get from walking. Sometimes when I’m walking fast I get the urge to run, I just want to be able to. I want to be able to really stretch out and go. It’s harder because it’s colder now in the mornings, but I really am going to make an effort to up the ante a bit. What’s the point in doing this every day if I’m not going to strive towards actually moving better/more.


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Mon petit champignon

This morning I went with Adeline to take Bastien to school (because when Adeline goes back to work it’ll be part of my job). It’s quite the playground inside for the little kids. Not wheelchair friendly at all, but it sure looks like fun. I started reading Narnia! I only got a couple of pages in when my eyes started to hurt. It wasn’t because of the book. I felt really tired and I laid down to take a nap, but I didn’t sleep. Weird.

Because today Bastien had gym at school, he didn’t have a nap after lunch. So he was really tired this afternoon. We played out side for 30-45 min. and then we went to pick up Sylvain. Bastien wanted to go, so I went too. It was a good thing I did because he fell asleep on the way there, so I stayed with him in the car while Adeline went to get Sylvain. We put Bastien right to bed when we got home. He was only up for about an hour and a half to two hours before going back to bed, but he was so tired!

While Bastien was napping, I was with Sylvain. I decided to walk around with him a bit and we came into my room. I saw my one hat and decided I would put it on him. It was hilarious! I started laughing and had to show Adeline. She then got her camera and started taking pictures of him. I said he looked like a little mushroom (see title ;)). She went and got this little white poncho that was hanging in the kitchen and put it on him. In one picture (because of his white/cream coloured pj’s) he looks like a little girl…because it looks like he’s wearing little tights with a dress under the poncho. It was very cute and very funny. Maybe he could be a mushroom for Carnival….

What did I do today?

Ok. I just had a total blank on my day. Weird. I think I’m going crazy. Nah, I’m just messing with you. Well, we got Bastien ready for school and then I got Sylvain ready for the babysitter’s. I read part way through a French comic. It’s a good way to learn, you know, with the pictures and stuff. Picked Sylvain up from the babysitter’s at lunch. Came back home. Went grocery shopping with Adeline. Then we picked Bastien up from school. So now the teachers know who I am and that I will be picking him up.  It’s a nice little walk, not too long for him.

Does anyone remember that Zucchini soup Adeline made a while back ? Well, I made it tonight. She was there saying yes or no (for the ingredients…I have a bad memory), and Bastien put the cut up zucchini in the pot, but I physically did everything else. I told you it was easy! If I can do it anyone can. And it was edible, so there.

That’s all for today folks. Hope you can still see above the snow…..

To scare or not to scare?

This morning was Bastien’s first day of school! He got to choose between two hats; do you remember the ‘hat that makes afraid’? It was a choice between his green monster hat or the Canuck toque I brought. He chose the Canuck. Also, he does this little dance from side to side (with his whole body) to make the pom-pom move. It’s very cute. Only thing is, this morning it didn’t move! That’s because Adeline fixed it because it was coming off. And an immovable pom-pom is better than no pom-pom!

He only went for the morning today and  after lunch, but before he went for his nap, Bastien showed us this game he made up. A-ta-ta…that’s  how it sounds when he says it. Basically you lift one leg up (high, not so high, it changes sometimes) and then you fall. And usually after he fell there was a lot of rolling around on the carpet and squirming and stuff. Then he’d get back up and do it again. Picture a sumo wrestler when they get ready to wrestle; then do that leg lift thing. Well, instead of lifting both legs, one after the other, with Bastien’s game it’s just one leg.

It sounds like Bastien had a good time at school. They did bricolage (crafts/colouring/etc.), dancing, snack time. It sounds like he’s going to like it. He’s so very cute with Sylvain too. The noises Sylvain makes are kind of like ‘argh-e’. I don’t know how to spell it out. The International Phonetic Alphabet (a.k.a. IPA) would make it much easier, but I don’t know how to get the symbols on here and not all of you reading would necessarily know how they’re pronounced anyway. I only know because I was a vocalist in University. So Bastien will come up to Sylvain and say ‘argh-e Sylvain, argh-e’, while touching him softly or hugging him. It’s so adorable. And then when he does make a noise Bastien will say ‘Sylvain dit argh-e!’

So I’ve been 25 for a month now. Despite the grandness of that number, I don’t feel any different. I just look back and think ‘oh my goodness…I started high school more than 10 years ago.’ It’s sort of strange to think of where I am now versus where I thought I’d be now 10 years ago. Did that make sense? It makes sense in my head. I’m not sure when this post turned into a retrospective look at my life, but there you go. I guess in reality I’ve done so much in the last 10 years, it just doesn’t feel like it. Oh how time has flown…


Bastien starts school tomorrow! I’m not sure if he’s excited or indifferent. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Greg and Adeline are going to walk him to school tomorrow. That will be nice for them. Sylvain is slowly getting better, but we have this complicated medicine regiment going on for the next 5, then 2, then I don’t know how many days. We have to juggle these medications. I don’t know how Adeline remembered it all from last night after visiting the doctor. She rhymed it off to me this morning, but I was a bit overwhelmed and was glad that I didn’t have to remember it all by myself or all at once. I know what I need to do/help with for the next 4 days, right now that’s good enough. We’ll worry about Tuesday when Tuesday arrives. The medicine goes into a container and the a machine turns it from a liquid into a gas and he has to breath it in. Tonight he fell asleep while I was holding him with it! It was great. He doesn’t like it very much. Sometimes he’s ok and just squirms and tries to sabotage (a.k.a. move it away…at least that’s what it seems like he’s trying to do) and other times he cries and cries and cries. It takes about 20 minutes or so. So now it’s 3 times a day. 3 fois par jour. It will change on Tuesday.

That’s all for today! But before I go I have a question; I’m thinking of maybe doing some more writing…a book maybe? I’ve had this idea suggested to me by a couple different people and what I want to know is this:

If I were to write a book, or lengthy story, what should I write about?

Post your comments and/or suggestions down below or send me an email or Facebook me. I’m just curious what everybody thinks. Not saying this is going to be a new career path or anything, but who knows. I might as well try! Even if it’s just for me.

What nice weather we’re having.

You know what’s great in the mornings? Besides breakfast. Not much, I know. I used to really be a morning person, I wonder what happened. I guess it depends really. I’d rather work really early than really late. Although sometimes really early can translate into really late depending on the hours. Anyway, it’s great to get a hug and a little kiss (besou….I’m not sure I’m spelling that right) from Bastien before him and Greg leave. It’s very sweet.

Also, Bastien starts school on Friday! So the schedule will change a little, but that’s no problem. Today I watched Sylvain while Adeline went to do some things in Louvain-la-Neuve. He’s a very squirmy baby. Sometimes it’s hard to hold him, but when he falls asleep in your arms, there isn’t much in this world cuter than that.

After I brought Bastien home we went outside to play. It was actually quite balmy outside today. Nice and comfortable. Bastien has this little bike that he pushes with his feet. It’s too small for him, but when we got him on the slightly bigger one, he didn’t quite grasp the idea of the pedals. It has a long handle on it for someone to push from behind, but sometimes his feet would slip off and get in the way of the pedals. It’s going to be so nice this spring and summer when we can be out there more.

Where did my slipper go?

Today was a normal day. The sun was shining, it was lovely! I was going to go on another long walk, but I got busy organizing my music folders on my computer! And I ran out of time. It’s so great because Bastien is really starting to warm up to me. Now the only problem is his age where everything is ‘no’. Or at least the opposite of what you say.

For Christmas he got this backpack-on-wheels deal (you know, with the handle, where it’s like luggage and school bag…) from his Grandparents for when he goes to school. The thing is, it’s too big for him right now, so they’ve been conditioning him into thinking it’s for vacations so that he won’t want to take it to school. So whenever he starts playing with it they say ‘bonne vacances!’. It’s working, which is a good thing.

Now on to something completely different (but related, I promise!). Greg wanted to see my room because he hadn’t seen it since I changed it, so we all went inside. Since my suitcase isn’t as hidden anymore, Bastien saw it right away. He had his bag with him and he asked me (very nicely and with ‘please’) if I would go on a vacation with him, with my suitcase. It was the cutest thing ever!! So cute (si mignon)! So basically we spent the next half hour or so walking between the living room and the library/office with our suitcases. We would be in the living room and he would say we’re landing now (and make some airplane noises). Then I was showing him my lock, but he got tired of that and decided he wanted to take one of my slippers…I have no idea why. I didn’t make it easy on him, he had to work for it! I said I was sad and that my foot was cold and eventually he went and brought it back for me (he had put it in his toy room). Then he took it a second time, but didn’t get it until I had taken one of his and Adeline came to put him to bed. It was fun playing with him, I laughed a lot. He gives good hugs. And he still has that great smile! Yesterday he even posed with his train set for a picture! He doesn’t like getting his picture taken very much anymore (since Sylvain was born).

So don’t worry, all is well I have both my slippers and my feet are warm (thanks Grandma Doris!!!). Hope the start to everyone’s weekend is as great as mine. ^_^ This pictures makes my feet look really small…


Tonight for supper Adeline and I made Kraus Goulash (I think that’s what she called it, I can’t remember now!). It’s a Hungarian dish (Adeline’s Grandmother on her Father’s side was originally from Hungary) and it involved a lot of sour kraut…which I do not like. I know, I know, coming from a mostly German background the idea of me not liking sour kraut seems sort of wrong, but it’s the truth :P. Now, in this goulash, it didn’t taste like the sour kraut I’m used to! Which was good, because then I ate it. It was pretty good. I helped chop up the meat and then I basically just stirred the pot, but at least I didn’t burn it!

We went for a walk again today and we passed Bastien’s future school and met one of the teachers. We also fed those deer that I talked about in New Year’s Eve Day . The big male one kept stealing all the bread and chasing away the others. Whenever he was occupied we would try to feed the baby, but there were three others that just kept butting their way in there. When we were finished and the male was sticking his head through the fence clearly wanting more, Bastien sternly told him that he had too much and wouldn’t get anymore! At least that’s what I got from it…there was definitely something about too much in his speech.

Anyway, I have to come up with a good way to end these posts, but right now I’m just too tired.

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