Kids, today’s lessons is: Tongue Twisters!

Today started out quite chilly, but by mid afternoon it warmed up a lot. The wind still has a bite to it, but when it slowed down and the sun was shining, you felt like running around without a jacket! Which quite a few kids were doing at school. I almost didn’t see Bastien because he wasn’t wearing his hat! I always know to look for either the red and white Canada hat, or his bright green monster hat. Because it was warm his hat and scarf were in his bag. Part way home though he wanted to put them on because the wind was making him cold.

I played the piano for a few hours this morning. I am trying to re-memorize the songs I used to know and also learn some new ones. It was a lot of fun, but a bit frustrating as well when my mind would blank on a bar here and there. Also, this afternoon, Adeline played for me (on the guitar) 2 of the 3 songs she’s written. They were really great, I liked them. Bastien joined me on the piano and we hashed out a song together. Good times, good times.

After dinner we were sitting at the table talking and Adeline started saying this impressively long tongue twister (I thought it was complete nonsense, but Greg told me otherwise). After that we swapped them back and forth, teaching each other French and English one’s. I have that first one in a comic book and I’m going to put it on here for you; basically translated I believe it means something like amazon papa has lice, amazon papa doesn’t have lice….I’m not exactly sure. Either way, in French it’s awesome!

Chez les papous, ‘y a des papous à poux, et des papous pas à poux, mais chez les papous, ‘y a des papous papas et des papous pas papas, donc chez les papous, ‘y a des papous papas à poux, des papous papas pas à poux des papous pas papas à poux et des papous pas papas pas à poux, mais chez les poux ‘y a des poux papas et des poux pas papas, donc chez les papous, ‘y a des papous papas à poux papas, des papous papas à poux pas papas, des papous pas papas à poux papas et des papous pas papas à poux pas papas…..

Adeline’s like the master of all tongue twisters. The Titan of Tongue Twisters! Alright, alright, so that isn’t a very good name, but what can you do. At least it doesn’t start with a p…..


The thing about cats is…

Actually, this post is not going to be about cats. I was just really hard up for a title and thought of Shanga, Adeline’s lovely cat. She spent most of today outside, I think, but when she is in and you’re watching tv she loves to cuddle!

Anyway, nothing much to report today. One more night at the hospital for Sylvain.

Also, although I didn’t go outside today it seems that it was/is very windy. Thought that might be interesting to point out. Of course it isn’t, I’m just trying to take up space with complete nonsense! It’s what I do best.

Cheesy Goodness

Tonight for dinner we had fondue! Yum. Cheese is good (unless you’re lactose intolerant….then I’m sorry).  And again, Bastien finds the fact the I say having two left feet is impossible absolutely hilarious. I just keep saying it’s impossible to make him laugh, it’s highly entertaining.

I went for another walk today. This time I retraced our steps from that first long walk through the muddy tractor road in between two fields. I decided I would go that route again 1. for a change and 2. because I knew that the ground would be hard enough because of the cold that I wouldn’t be up to my ankles in mud. It was so grey today and at first it seemed a little warmer than it has been (and I thought maybe it was going to snow), but on the second leg of my walk the wind picked up and of course I was walking right into it! This route took me about 55 min, instead of the 1hr 8min that skipping the field road would take. So, I can do about 5km in just over an hour…that means that 11km should take me around 2.5hrs give or take? I’ve decided that eventually I want to tackle the route that I take when I pick Bastien up from the babysitter’s. It’s about 11km round trip. I’m going to start tomorrow. I probably won’t do the entire thing, but we’ll see. I know when the weather’s nicer I want to take my back pack with me with water and snacks/lunch and make a day out of it. Explore on foot. You see things differently that way and you have more time to look at things. Not only is this a great way for me to see the country side, but it’s a great way to get fresh air and exercise!

Well, that’s all I’ve got at the moment. Also, I’m bemoaning the fact that I will miss Glee. It starts on Sunday…I can’t watch it on, it’s doesn’t work here, but I’m still going to search for other places to watch it. I know, I’m bad. But you gotta love it…sometimes. Most of the time. It’s so silly/ridiculous/over the top, but entertaining at times too. I’ve been introduced to quite a bit of music that I might not have found were it not for Glee. That means that I look up the originals as well as listening to the Glee covers. So for all of you who like the show, have fun watching it and think of me when you do!


Tonight I was transported to Mexico, a land flowing with tequila and burritos…Just kidding. Obviously. *insert ‘thank you Captain Obvious’ here* We had burritos tonight, but without cheese! They were really good. And Adeline bought this beer from Mexico that is flavoured with tequila…I’ve never had tequila before.

In other news, the baths went very well tonight. Bastien was quite well behaved all in all, and was very gentle with Sylvain (sometimes we have to remind him a lot, but tonight he was good). Also, after the bath he actually asked me to play with him. I don’t think he’s done that before…He’s said I could when I’ve asked, but I don’t think he’s actually asked me himself. It was nice.

Also, it snowed today! Not much, but eventually there was enough that some stayed on the ground. I took Sylvain for a walk today (the same walk I did on Monday) and it was quite cold and windy. I was kind of bundled up…maybe I’m getting soft with all this warm weather. I don’t know what the actually temperature was, but it was colder than it’s been in a while. And a bit of snow is nicer to walk in than rain. Although when we were walking it was very spotty. It didn’t stay at that point, it was just enough that you could tell that it was snow. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon when it actually started being noticeable on the ground.

Adeline and I brought down the couch from the attic and rearranged my room. I really like it. 

I’m standing in the doorway and what you can’t see is the wardrobe (that’s what I’m calling it) with my clothes in it. It looks a little smaller now, but I like how it’s sort of separated into two different rooms with the couch and the bed. Now I won’t get that afternoon sun shining on my computer screen making it hard to see and I can use natural light to read on the couch. Win win situation!

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