What Day Is It Again?

Oh my. I’m still so tired. Of course I’ve been going since I got home without getting much of a chance to rest. We’ve had stuff to take care of and lots of running around to do. You can check out a few pictures from yesterday on my Facebook page, but things – of course – weren’t working right and stopped loading. Tomorrow Mom and I are going to Anna Mae’s for breakfast and then on to Listowel to get our hair cut. Just in time for dinner out tomorrow night!

It’s taking me a little longer than I thought to get used to the time change. It may be because Tuesday I was basically up for 24 hours. I got to see all three grandparents today, that was really cool. Also some other family members that was totally random and by chance. Gotta love those moments! Things are basically going to be busy until Tuesday. Not exactly ideal, but what can you do. I’ll be able to ‘chill’ for about a week before starting work. Although there’s a lot of work to be done in my room. I have a lot of purging to do. I left it in a bit of a mess last year and it’s a little overwhelming when I think of how long it will take to get it organized. That’s what happens when you go away and forget about stuff!

Alright. I’m going to bed. I’m a little loopy. Night!


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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

It’s actually snowing! It rained off and on today and according to my weather app there was supposed to be a rain/snow mix which we finally started getting tonight. Non of it will be on the ground in the morning…non of it’s staying on the ground now, but it is floating around in the air. Despite the stri g wu dd this morning it felt quite warm in comparison to yesterday. Tropical in fact.

I am again typing via iPod, but that’s because I’m way too tired to wait for my computer to load and to open the page and all that. It’s only 10, but I’ve been going to bed late for a while now and with busy day we had today I just want to go to bed. Aurore and Jean-Go were here helping Adeline and I. We just have to mop the front hallway and coat room and finish setting the chairs in the dining room and maybe a couple of other small things and I think we’re all set for the big dinner tomorrow. It’s the big De Coster Christmas and there will be about 50 people here. To make things easier it will be buffet style so allwe had to do was set up the tables and chairs. There’s the table in the dining room, two in the play room, one in the library and one in the basement. We vacuumed pretty much the whole house,tidied, organized/put stuff away/hid stuff 😉 and made sure everything is in readiness.

I also cut up a bunch of vegetables and put them in the freezer. After that I fed the chickens, gathered the eggs (3, but one broke on me :S) and cleaned out the chicken house and put fresh straw down. This was tricky for many reasons. I was wearing Adeline’s rain boots which are too big for me. The backyard is basically a mud pit (half of it anyway) so gettig to the chicken coop was fun. Then I had to get the stuff to clean out the house. This was in the garage. The part of the garage that is currently (again, half of it) a big whole. I had to climb through this (not really that bad, just a bit deep) and try not to get in the way of the guys working. Finally it was finished. I had to go back in there later to put away the glasss bottles, but I went through th basement so it wasn’t that bad.

I think we got a lot done today. It’s amazing what a group of people can accomplish in a day! It’s just me and the boys tonight as Greg and Adeline are at Greg’s work party. Bastien was being a stinker and was still up sining to himself when I started this. I’ll check on him when I’m done and then it’s off to bed for me. Wow. I did’t actully turn on my computer today….

I forgot to mention; with all the mud outside a lot of it is bound to get inside. Especially from Shanga. Her little paw prints were all over the library floor and the window sill where she sits and stares for u determined periods of time. In the hallway and kitchen too. While cute, it’s not a lot of fun to have to worry about cleaning that up as well.


So I planned to post about London today. I’ve chosen all the pictures I want to put up on Facebook from the 3 days. I went to start loading Day 1 and something was messed up and didn’t work. So, I did something else. I got distracted and forgot about it and before I knew it, it was time to pick up Sylvain. Then I got distracted watching TV after the boys were in bed. Now it’s almost midnight and I’m ready for bed.

Other than the appointment for the car (just your regular check-up, oil change, etc.) I didn’t do much besides fold laundry, listen to Christmas music – hey, it’s almost December – and spend some time on my computer. Bastien actually ate tonight with very little fuss. I think it’s too early to hope him eating somewhat willingly will become a common occurrence, but I’m sure it will happen at some point ;).

Sorry for the disappointing post :(.


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Belgian Thanksgiving

Oh boy am I tired. Now I know why my Mom’s always so exhausted after a family meal at our place. It’s tiring and I did a few things ahead of time! This was our menu and who made what:

Turkey and stuffing (stuffed inside turkey): Collective. Greg, Adeline, and I all made the stuffing. It had a little bit of bread, but a lot of vegetables – so a lot of chopping – and some hamburger and bacon and apples. Then Adeline and I stuffed the bird, a first for both of us.

Coleslaw: Me, yesterday afternoon.

Corn/Mashed potatoes: Me, today.

Carrot/Pumpkin soup: Adeline, today.

Gravy: Me, right before eating. It was quite flavourful and I think that was because of the thick slices of pork that were draped across the bird. I’m pretty sure that’s what added that little extra kick.

Pumpkin pie: Me, last night.

Apple pie: Me, this morning, but not as early as I originally planned because I slept in through my snooze (I’m a snooze button wake-up kind of person. It’s such a horrible habit, I know).

I guess that’s it…Adeline made sure they all knew it was me who made everything but the turkey and soup, but I still feel like it wasn’t that much. I think it’s because the turkey/stuffing is the main deal at a Thanksgiving dinner, so to me all those little sides don’t seem like such a big deal.

As far as the coleslaw, well, when I opened it up and took a big sniff I got a bit homesick. For some reason that, more than anything else so far, has reminded me of home. The smell made me think of all the Roth family dinners. I’ve only recently started eating coleslaw, I never used to like it! I probably could have made it today, or maybe made a little more sauce as it was a little runny and the taste wasn’t as strong as the smell, but that’s part of learning. Knowing sauce to veggie ratio.

As far as the pies went, they were a hit. Greg especially liked the apple. Adeline wasn’t keen on the pumpkin, but I won’t take that personally ;). The tasted like my Mom’s, but different. Maybe it was the crust since I used store-bought and not her recipe. Maybe it was the cooking time/temperature. I had to convert 350°F which is about 176°C. The tops were quite dark, but they probably could have stayed in a little longer. I mean, for my first time I think they were really good, especially since they resembled pretty closely my Mom’s. I think that’s an accomplishment in itself! For those of you who don’t know, my Mom makes the best pies in the world. Not that I’m biased or anything, it’s totally the truth. Especially apple and pumpkin because those are what she makes the most. And her coffee cake! Mmmm. Who wouldn’t prefer that to a regular Christmas card for the holidays?

Wow, it’s almost 1am here and I’m pooped. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there who happen to stumble across this. I hope you have as great a Thanksgiving as I did and as my family did a month ago. And no, I am not in a turkey coma. I paced myself. It helped that we waited for at least an hour before eating dessert. We actually had a little jam session with Adeline on the guitar and everybody (except me) singing along in the library in front of the fire. They got me to “play” a song on the guitar. Except for the little bit I’ve fiddled with since coming here it’s been about 7 years since I’m played guitar and my fingers wouldn’t cooperate. Plus I have to paper-cut-like cuts on my left index finger and one on my left thumb – that doesn’t make for easy guitar playing, especially when you don’t have your callouses anymore. I attempted ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by CCR because that’s the first song I learned how to play (chords) on the guitar. It didn’t really work.

Well, I know what we’re going to be eating for a while….


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Random is as random does.

Does that title even make sense?!

Bastien was home sick today. He’s had a fever all day and still has one now. His coughing sounds horrible, poor boy. For lunch I made him scrambled eggs (they go down easy), these potatoes things that are like tasty taters but not (he loves those), and veggie soup. He ate almost all of it! He actually ate more eggs than I thought he would. Do I have that saying right? Feed a fever, starve a cold? I don’t know. All I know is he didn’t eat tonight (minus one little piece of meat and once piece of spinach stuff pasta) and he only took a couple of sips of milk. He only napped for about an hour and a half today, not long enough. But of course he didn’t want to go to bed.

Sylvain was a jolly as ever, walking around like he owns the place now. He still has his moments when he falls, more so when he’s tired obviously, but he’s getting so much better! I sat with him in front of the fire for a while and sang while he clapped his hands or held mine. Smiling is always better than crying.

The heat was off today because they were fixing it. I think it was supposed to be off until tomorrow afternoon/evening, but I guess it’s back on. So that’s good. We do have space heaters in the bedrooms and bathroom and the fire in the library was going all day so it wasn’t so bad. Actually, I don’t think the heat in my room worked very well at all before so for me it wasn’t much of a difference! The space heaters you can only have on when you’re in the room and I actually had to turn mine off and didn’t even have it at full heat and I still got too warm.

So I’ve looked at the BBC Weather for London because I wanted to know if it’s going to rain this weekend or not. Last time I checked it wasn’t supposed to. Cloudy, with a bit of sun, and highs of 14-15, with lows of 9-11, but no rain. Would it be tempting fate to leave the rain jacket here and use my other one? I don’t have room in my backpack for the rain one to take ‘just in case’, but I don’t want to wear it if it’s not going to rain. Hmmm…maybe I do have room in my bag. We’ll see tomorrow when I finish packing.

Once this post is published today I get the weekend off! Not that I don’t love blogging, but it is nice when I don’t have to worry about it. I’m going to leave you all with a little treat. Some random photos I’ve taken around here. Enjoy!

These piggies have split national personality disorder. Or dual citizenship, I'll let you decide. 😉

Yeah for Canada! The pig I painted is the one on the right, Sylvain's pig. :P.


This is your proof that Sylvain is in fact walking solo. The crown was made by his babysitter for his birthday. Actually, when he first started walking (and sometimes still) I would always get the song 'Drunken Sailor' in my head. That's how he walked. 😉

Here's the B-man just chillin' out in his chair, reading a comic in front of the fire. I posed him for this picture, but not before seeing him already sitting like this. Apparently he's always sat like this with a book in hand.


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And if you look to your left you’ll see….hey, where’d it go?

This morning it was back to routine. Except instead of cereal for breakfast we had cake again. Lucie and I made sure we were ready to go, and after dropping Sylvain off we made our way to Waterloo. I told her she would be able to get pictures of the Butte de Lion (the big hill with the lion statue) from the road as we drove up. Normally this is true. Today was so foggy that you couldn’t see it until we were practically right underneath it. So she didn’t really get great pictures of it. Our plan was to just go and take a look-see, not to climb up or anything. This was just as well because we wouldn’t have been able to see anything once we got to the top anyway.

Then it was on to the 2nd part of our agenda; pictures with a Waterloo town sign. These were highly successful. Lucie even managed to get one on her camera of both of us. Well, all three of us, Freddy was there too of course. This was in fact his first time to Waterloo. You gotta love timers on cameras. The problem was finding a stable spot on the car and then her getting back  to the sign in time. We had fun, but I bet the drivers coming into town wondered what the heck we were doing/why we were taking pictures with the sign. Or maybe they’re used to odd tourists….

Then we headed to a grocery store where we picked up some chocolate for Lucie’s friends and family that would survive being mailed home. We also mailed her postcards from the store. We couldn’t mail the chocolate because they didn’t have any boxes. The guy who showed us where the post are was, was nice. He asked if he could help us and I tried to explain, but temporarily forgot the word for stamps, but we figured it out. I explained we were Canadian and he said ‘oh Canadians are nice people’. ^_^ Yes, yes we are. Although you really can’t be universal like that. Actually, that makes me think of a Weird Al song – Canadian Idiot – where some of the lines are: ‘break their nose and they’ll just say sorry. Tell me what kind of freaks are that polite? Gotta mean they’re all up to something. Quick, before they see it coming. Time for a preemptive strike *cue missile drop noise here*. I think that song is hilarious. I laugh every time at the stereotypes he lays out. In case you don’t know or didn’t guess from the title, it’s to the tune of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’.

After that it was home, but not before picking up some bread for lunch. After lunch we just did our own thing. Lucie had some more bookings to make with trains and hostels and things so she did that while I started doing blog catch up. I also got a text today saying that class was cancelled because Madame Colette is sick.

Tomorrow we’re going to get up pretty early to make sure we’re all ready. Then I’ll go about my usual routine before stopping at the bakery (it was closed today, but I really want to take Lucie), dropping Sylvain off, and then heading to France! I’m already so tired – maybe it’s all the driving in the last two days? – so I’m pretty sure Wednesday I’m going to go right back to bed after seeing everybody off. I’m definitely going to be putting on my glasses to drive home tomorrow night. My eyes are still burning from wearing my contacts all day yesterday :(.

Even though I’m going to be so tired from doing about 6.5 hours (round trip with trip from Memorial to nearby town with train station) of driving, I’m so excited! We don’t actually have a lot planned and what is planned shouldn’t even take up half of our allotted time. Maybe when we’re there we’ll find something else we want to do, who knows.

A foggy day in *Waterloo* town! Had me low (not really), had me down (not at all!). 😀


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Well that was an overreaction. <—- What an understatement.

First off. Thank you to those of you who commented even when I said you didn’t need to. It’s nice to know you care enough to ignore my wishes :P. Just kidding. I appreciate all comments. I don’t moderate any of them (even thought that tells you what I’m doing), I just keep it set like that so I don’t miss responding to any!

Yesterday. At the time it felt like the weight of the world was resting on my head, well, the weight of my world anyway. Today I just feel silly because I overreacted so badly. Not stupid anymore, but silly. I am highly emotional. And I’m always afraid of doing things wrong. Not a good combination. Plus I don’t always have confidence in certain abilities – like Navigation; I think I’m better at it then I realize, or maybe it was just luck.

First I will start by talking about the good stuff because it happened first. Saturday night quickly turned into Sunday morning and it was 3am before I went to bed. I had my alarm set for 10 so I could get a decent amount of sleep, but not sleep the day away. 9am – Bastien comes down on his own and decides to tell me it’s time to wake up. He knocks, but I don’t hear him. He knows he can’t come in my room without asking, but lately he’s been ‘forgetting’ that fact. He’ll come to tell me a meal is ready and he just waltzes in. I only say something because it’s a rule that he has to ask first. So he knocks and without a response opens my door to tell me to get up. This wouldn’t normally be too bad except for the late hour I settled in for the night. And Sundays are ‘my day’. I ended up going back to bed for another hour.

We had Maëline’s baptism that afternoon so I tried to dress nicely. Except that the one pair of dress pants I brought with me don’t fit the greatest. The style is ‘loose’. Okay, not a problem. Except that now I’m kind of drowning in them. Well, not drowning, but they’re bigger on me then they were when I got here. That’s nice, but they looked a bit sloppy. This really isn’t important. I followed Greg with my car because they were going to visit a friend after and I was coming back with the boys. I got to use my new GPS for the first time! It was pouring rain and we were late, but we made it. I ended up being a bit behind them; my car doesn’t have the guts that Greg’s has. After the baptism – which was a little crazy with kids everywhere – we went to Aurore and Jeff’s house. They just moved back in. They were in France for a year and were living with Sybille for the last few months. So I’m in a town I don’t know. There are all kinds of wonderful goodies there, but what I’m really craving is my Mom’s homemade pumpkin pie. My thoughts are with my Mom’s side of the family as they were gathering for Thanksgiving dinner at the time. Today it’s my Dad’s side. My sister and Will had/have to work both days. What a bummer. At least they get leftovers!

When it was time to leave we transferred the kids and their stuff into my car and I went to set up my GPS. Location: Home. Remember, I am in a town I’ve never been to before. TomTom (the GPS brand I have) asks if I want to go from my last known location (the church). I say no. It waits for a signal. And it waits and it waits…I tried again, thinking that maybe if I hit yes it would just alternate the route once I was moving. No dice. I went as far as I could with what I remembered (which was far) and still, no GPS signal. Now, it was cloudy and rainy and getting dark, but that shouldn’t matter right? So already I’m getting stressed out. I’ve got two kids in the car who are tired and hungry. It’s already 6:45 and normally we eat at 7. The drive home was 40 minutes. How do I get home? I’m far enough away that I don’t know how to get back to Aurore and Jeff’s house. Things are not looking good. I know that once I reach the 411 (or signs telling me how to get there) that I’m golden. From there it’s just a little past Louvain-la-Neuve which I’ve been to many times. So I try to get to a main road to get my bearings. Somehow I manage. It didn’t take me that long (I wasn’t driving around in circles or anything), but I was not impressed. This machine is brand new. What the heck. Maybe it was Greg’s fault (:P). He was the last person to touch/look at it before we left. Ha ha. It searched and searched for a GPS signal the entire way home. I left that part on because I was curious to see if it would work.

We arrive at home. I get the boys their bottles and Bastien something to eat. I have to find some medication for Sylvain because he’s sick. I have one of three parts. It’s liquid stuff I have to put in a machine that turns it into a gas and he has breathe it in. It’s to clear up his breathing. I didn’t know where the stuff was. Normally it’s in the dining room in a little sack. Before we left I think Adeline had mentioned something about upstairs and Greg putting it away and I don’t know. So I go upstairs to search. Adeline has all this stuff (medications, band aids, cough syrup, etc.) organized into bins. I start searching. After looking through two on one side and a cupboard I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. So I’m getting more frustrated because I have to give him this medication and I can’t find it. Bastien needs to get ready for bed because he has school the next day and I know tomorrow morning is not going to be fun if he doesn’t sleep. I am tired from the night before and I’m stressed and crying because of the GPS and this medicine incident. This is where it gets worse. Now that it’s over I can say it wasn’t that bad. Things got cleaned up and I don’t think anything is permanently damaged. At the time though I was freaking out! Let me explain:

There is this bottle of liquid that you put on wet areas of your skin to dry them out; rashes, chicken pox, and the like. It is a dark red. It stains anything it touches and it doesn’t come out of clothes so you have to be super careful until it dries. It was in the box with the band-aids which was on top of another bin I wanted to search through. I am on the step stool. I am careful as I bring down the bin, but not careful enough. The lid must not have been secured right because the entire thing fell out of my grasp and into the sink. Including the bottle of red what’s-it-called. Instead of falling into the sink, that fell onto the floor. The lid broke. Red liquid flies everywhere. Including the carpet by the tub and some clothes that were on the floor. This is about the worst thing that could have happened. The only thing worse being if the boys were in there with me. They were downstairs. Sylvain crying in his chair and Bastien playing. I felt super horrible for Sylvain (he could have been playing too), but I had to at least get a handle on cleaning this mess up.

My first reaction: 3 seconds of wailing and thinking ‘oh my goodness what am I going to do?’. Then I get down to business. I start filling the tub with cold water. I know cold water is amazing at removing stains if you get the clothes in it asap. I throw anything clothing/cloth related into the tub. I run downstairs to fill the mop bucket with cold water. I contemplate the mop contraption before thinking I don’t want to chance permanently staining the cloth red. In hindsight, that wouldn’t have been a big deal, there are 3 of those and they can go in the washer and they’re for floors after all. Plus, once that red stuff sets it’s not going anywhere. I decided on an old rag and good old elbow grease on my hands and knees. I figured I would have a better handle/chance at really scrubbing if I did that. I have to move quick because I don’t want that stuff to dry. It’s everywhere. Thick in the middle of the floor, but sprayed under the counter, on the scale (which happens to be mostly white), a bit on the side of the tub, everywhere. I get the worst of it wiped up, the first layer. I got over it a 2nd time clearing a path to the potty for Bastien. I call him up because he really needs to go to bed. I tell him to start getting undressed and come and go pee. He has issues with his shirt because it’s one that button up the front. He tries multiple times with no luck. As he’s sitting on the potty and I’m on my knees wiping I try to explain the steps needed to undo his shirt. He almost gets it, but then doesn’t. I can’t touch him because my hands are super red and wet. I take a break from wiping to rinse my hands as best I can (already super stained) and get them as dry as I can so I can help him out of his shirt and into his pj’s. I end up using my t-shirt as a barrier (because I’m not sure if my hands are dry enough yet) to undo the buttons. Somehow this works. He gets into bed with no problems. He can tell I’m not having a good time and he knows that the stuff on the bathroom floor is not good because he’s been told many times to be really careful with it.

I go over the rest of the floor another time. All that’s left is a thin layer which may or may not come off. The bathroom hasn’t been redone yet, so I know that with in the next few years that floor is going in the garbage. But still, I want to get as much off as possible. I finally call Adeline to ask about the medication. This is when I start to feel stupid. Before I was just stressed, upset, frustrated, and crying my eyes out. I also randomly thought of Cinderella and thought if I tried to sing that song she sings in the movie (Disney) while she’s scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees that it will help. It did (it calmed me down a bit) and it didn’t (I still felt in way over my head). So I ask where the medication is. She asks Greg. It’s in the dining room, in the little sack, in the box of the new machine they got for the application of said medication. I feel like an idiot, it was right in front of me the entire time. It’s the one place I didn’t look and if I had, well, all that other stuff wouldn’t have happened. This is what I mean about no common sense. Common sense would have dictated looking in the box. I’ve tried to work on this area where I’m lacking, but sometimes I truly act like I haven’t a brain. I just don’t think. So, Sylvain is medicated and in bed. Silence. I can now finish cleaning in peace and for the first time that night true calm settles over me as I realize that with good timing, cold water, and a lot of elbow grease you can get rid of almost any stain. I went over that floor (with fresh water) a few more times. I just wanted to do the best I could. I know there are products I could have used, and everyone will have a different opinion, but I can never remember exactly what they use on the floors and if I choose something like that it would be the wrong thing and then it would make things worse. That always happens. This turned into one of those times when that was an okay decision. I just didn’t want to make things any worse than they already were. Even the clothes are alright which is a feat in and of itself.

Of course by the time Greg and Adeline were back home I had calmed down enough that I was regretting my blog post and realizing that it really wasn’t the end of the world. They said they never liked that floor anyway. And it could have been so much worse! I could have gotten it on the wood floor, or the kids, or so many other things. That it was confined to me and the bathroom was a blessing. I know it’s always harder to be calm when it’s you in the situation, but I still felt that it was just so bad. They joked that they were glad it was them! With the kids and everything they recognized it was not an easy task. So, except for a slight pinkish tinge to the floor (depending on the light), my slowly fading red stained hands, and an empty bottle of whatever that stuff was, you really can’t tell anything happened. It was nowhere near the end of the world. It was definitely not the huge catastrophe I made it out to be (hence why I feel so silly). If I would have been fully rested maybe my reactions would have been different. I’d like to think that. But I know myself, and I’m almost positive I would have reacted the same way had I not been super tired. I was also wearing my contacts which were dry and my eyes hurt and then with all the crying I had make-up running into my eyes and before I wiped them I looked like I had the crap beat out of my face (well, my eyes anyway) and ugh. Stinging, burning eyes. Nothing was working last night. Except for Bastien. He was wonderful. The only issue I had was when I tried to take it shirt off. He kept backing up and it was already hard enough because I had a layer of t-shirt to work through!

Being an emotional person I have the ability to be extremely happy with little effort. Or rather, little things can make me extremely happy (like the weather today; typical for fall: sunny, cloudy, windy, a little chilly…). This also means that I can have moments of super…I don’t want to say depression because I’ve never been diagnosed with it and I know it’s a serious issue, but it’s like that I think. A lot of numbness and not caring. Not wanting to be around anymore, but not so much to actually self inflict anything. It’s just, I guess, really intense worthlessness and wondering what’s the point, what’s my point in being here. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this at times. I’m not claiming that at all. Logically I know it’s not true, it’s just hard to believe some times. This happens once or twice a month, when it’s this bad. Well, maybe not this bad that often, but yeah. I don’t know. I don’t feel that way right now. Sometimes it lasts a while, other times it’s fleeting. I am a fickle beast I think, ha ha. I can never make up my mind. 😛

Holy moly and flying pigs! Look at this post! 2700+ words. And the odd tenses. I think it changes…a lot. And probably doesn’t make much sense. But that’s how I post. I post how I talk and you can’t edit things when you’re talking ;). Okay, okay, sometimes I edit, but with this one, nah. I hope that helps you all understand a little about yesterday’s post. You can all share in how utterly ridiculous I was and laugh. Eventually I will laugh along with you, but not today.


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This morning was a little rough; Bastien didn’t want to get up for school. But we all have those days. After dropping Sylvain off I just chilled. Adeline picked Bastien up on her way home and I picked up Sylvain. Afterwards we were all outside for a bit. Bastien wanted to play in the sandbox. Of course then Sylvain wanted in as well. Things were good, but then both Greg and Adeline went inside and Bastien decided to toss sand in Sylvain’s face. It was just on his cheek, but still. As I was explaining to Bastien why he was in trouble Sylvain decided he wanted to taste a mouthful of sand. Do you know how hard it is to get sand out of/off a baby’s mouth? It’s not easy. That was the only time he tried it, thank goodness.

Both boys were in need of a bath tonight. Sylvain was a little grumpy because he didn’t nap very much, but he still got his groove on when we played some rockin’ Henri Des! He’s so cute when he ‘dances’.

Other than that, this week’s Glee episode, and a whole lot of Criminal Minds, I didn’t do much.


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Activity sheets make for a happy Holly.

Woah. Oh man. I know some of you were expecting something “touristy” today, but it’s not gonna happen. I had a plan. Oh boy did I have a plan. I was going to come home after class and write about yesterday, then watch a movie. I’ve been sitting online for at least an hour and a half now answering emails, Facebook messages, and the odd blog comment here and there. If the stuff wasn’t important I wouldn’t have done it. Now I’m falling asleep at my desk. I really need to get up tomorrow for a walk (I’ve been very negligent, choosing much-needed sleep over fresh air and healthy exercise) which means I should go to bed. Now.

French class was pretty good today. We got more sheets to fill out (activity sheets). Some of it’s for homework, but I already did all of it – what was assigned and what wasn’t – during class. When it comes to talking I wouldn’t say I’m any further along then the rest. When it comes to writing freestyle, meh *shrug*. But when it comes to activity sheets – I’m a pro. Almost. These were easy. Madame Colette also had these pamphlets. She gave me and another women each one and said we were to pick something (a music group/event/etc) in it and present on it next class. She mentioned that everyone would be getting one so I don’t know if she’s only doing a couple of people each class or what. And when she handed me the last handout she said I could do something extra on it….was I the only one? I don’t know. At the end of class I told her about that French spelling CD Adeline showed me a while back and said if she was able to get access to a CD player maybe we could listen to some. She thought that was a great idea and said that I could present on that instead of picking something from the pamphlet if I wanted. I think with the pamphlet we’re just supposed to talk about what’s in it with the event we choose. But there’s not much there. I asked if we are supposed to research more and she said if we wanted we could so I don’t think the presentations are very long. I’m not sure exactly what she wants me to do with the spelling songs, so maybe I’ll prepare something for both (she said I could do that if I wanted) just to be safe. I have a whole week so I’ll think of something!

So I don’t know if she chose us two (Patricia is the other woman’s name and she’s originally from Amsterdam) first because of our level of ability or not. We were actually sitting at opposite ends of the room – her at the front on the right side, me at the back on the left so it wasn’t just convenience of picking two people side by side. In the end it doesn’t matter, I’m just a little curious is all.


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You mean, you were expecting something interesting?

First things first: I actually did stuff today. I went to the market, to a museum, and saw some traditional Belgium folk dancing in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Second: I am not going to be a) writing about any of that tonight or b) putting up pictures.

By the time we got home from LLN it was late. Then I tried to fiddle with a couple of pictures in Paint, but I’m a complete failure in that department. Then I answered some comments. And now it’s past midnight and I am tired. Thankfully tomorrow Bastien is going to school. I’ll still have Sylvain, but that will be a cakewalk compared to the two of them.

Now shoo. Boo. Go away. I want to go to bed. Seriously if….

We’re sorry. This program has been interrupted due to a corrupt file in the system mainframe Holly’s brain. If not halted by outside forces the typing of such nonsense would continue and you would all be wasting valuable time. Like you are now because you are reading this. 

Thank you for your understanding,

Freddy the Travelling Beanie Panda, travelling companion, and Personal Assistant to hollyjb.



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