For most of you I think this is the page you’re most interested in. Just try no to drool all over your keyboard…..

COOKIES! (Mar. 16):

Not from Belgium, but these are my Aunt Wendy's amazing sugar cookies that she sent me in the mail!

So…much…food.(Mar. 25):

I loved how I could drizzle as much or as little chocolate as I wanted.

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. So awesome.












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  1. How did your aunt pack the cookies? They look yummy. I never thought you could send homemade goods via mail 🙂

    • This comment reminds me that I have to update those pages and respond to another VB award, lol. She just put them in a plastic container (that actually opened on the way over, so that wasn’t good) and then wrapped the container in bubble wrap and put it in a box. Her sugar cookies are awesome! As far as I know you can send just about anything…well, it’s easier to send just about anything to Europe than to North America. You just have to state on the outside of the box what’s inside. There’s a section on the form for that. I mean if you’re sending them from within the country it shouldn’t be that difficult, lol. You never know though.


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