Fun Holiday and Family Events!

This page will play host to well, what it says. Pretty self-explanatory :P. Events will be listed in chronological order. [Date of post, not necessarily  the event itself]

Bonne-annee: Ringing in the New Year in Namur. [Jan. 1 2011]

King’s Cake: Celebrating Epiphany. [Jan. 6]

Birthday Extravaganza: My birthday in Louvain-la-Neuve. [Jan. 12]

Chocolate: This post is included because it gives the menu from New Year’s Eve. [Jan. 14]

Wine and Cheese Party: Greg’s birthday bash. [Jan. 16]

Mickey and Minnie: Lunch in Louvain-la-Neuve. [Feb. 6]

Carnival celebrations with Bastien’s school: My first Belgian Carnival experience. [Feb. 25]

My package arrived today! Woohoo!: Dominique’s choir concert I went to in February. [Feb. 28]

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