My new identity…..card

Today I read through some more Narnia. I even laughed out loud at one part…but I can’t remember which. The understanding came partly from already knowing the story, and partly from knowing the French. Go me. Today when we went to pick up Bastien, I stopped in at the Commune (City Hall) to pick up my new Identity Card. It’s a card that everyone has (I believe once you’re 12 you need one) and you must have it on you at all times. So now that I have that I don’t need to have my passport on my when I go do every day things (like class, a walk, kid pick-up). On the way back we stopped in at the little grocery store and picked up a couple of books Adeline had ordered. One was a book for cooking with kids, for kids, with lots of colourful pictures. The other was Cooking for Dummies for me. I’m excited about it. We’ll see how well it works and if I’ll be a decent cook by the time I get home. Mom, I’ll try to make you proud. I do plan on making a Thanksgiving dinner…or trying to. Mainly, it’s for the stuffing. Even though they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, I thought it would be neat to at least try it. Pie and everything. I have it on excellent authority that I will be great at making pie crust. Thank you Grandma Doris.


Verb Conjugations, City Hall, & the Pharmacy

So this morning I wrote out the present/past/future conjugations for 10 verbs and did my homework (it wasn’t much homework, but now I’m done!). It actually took a while, but I want to do more. Writing them out helps me remember them (theoretically). At least I should do that with vocabulary. I had to do that in Spanish in high school; write out each word three times with the translation. I remembered a lot more vocabulary then than I did when I took university Spanish!

I also took Sylvain with me for a walk to the City Hall (the Commune de Wasseiges). I had to go sign some papers for my identity card. They were very nice and patient with me. Then I went to the Pharmacy to pick up some soap for Sylvain that Adeline ordered yesterday.

I finished giving the boys their baths and got pee’d on by Sylvain for the second night in a row! Well, to be fair, yesterday it wasn’t on me, just on his towels. Today it was on my while I was washing his face. Oh the joys of boys! At least it’s not that much when they’re this small.

Hope you’re all enjoying the snow! Or the daffodils, depending on what part of the country you reside in ;).

Mullet Man

Do you know the Mullet Man? The Mullet Man? The Mullet Man!

Today Adeline and I got my bank card, along with this nifty device you use when banking online. It’s got a pin pad and everything! We also went to the bakery to get some bread and a King’s Cake for January 6 (more on that the day of), and the City Hall to tell them I’m officially here! Since Wasseige is a village we walked to all our destinations. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. It was a very nice walk. After  City Hall (I met the mayor!) we walked back home and got in the car to go grocery shopping. The store we went to reminded me a lot of Costco. It had a fridge room for all the produce, instead of what we have back home. Also, at the checkout, what they do is they have an empty cart there and they put your full one beside it and as they scan the items they put them in the other cart. Then you pull ahead to pay at the register.

I almost forgot to mention. Today’s blog post is brought to you buy the letter ‘M’ and the number ‘1’. When we were in the produce room at the grocery store I saw this employee that had the best mullet in the world. The long part was pulled back in a ponytail, but it was definitely business in the front and a party in the back! #1 Mullet in the world.

After putting all the groceries away, Adeline showed me how to make the easiest soup……that is, the easiest soup that’s not from a can! You begin with a pot of water. Then you chop up zucchini (depending on how much soup you want will determine how many zucchinis) and put it in the water along with a bullion cube (we used chicken). Let that boil and cook for a while, then basically purée the veggies….no peeling necessary. Then add a large spoonful of creamy cheese, mix, and serve!

So far that is what happened today. If there is something noteworthy that happens tonight I will post it, other than that, I think the every day goings on will get pretty repetitive to all you readers out there!

Disclaimer: No mullets were hurt in the writing of this blog. If you have a mullet, be proud of it! My dad had one for a very long time, it plays a prominent role in my childhood memories. The most memorable being at my Uncle Cliff and Aunt Anne’s wedding (which Jean-Go was actually there for), my Dad danced to that ‘Ra Ra Rasputin’ song (or whatever it is) and did that Russian dance move (you know the one; when you’re squatting and you alternately kick your legs out in front of or beside you) which made the party part of his mullet fly up and down behind him. We have a picture somewhere…..And for those of you disbelievers, even though my Dad has a keg now, he used to have a 6-pack was able to get down that far with no trouble! (Love you Dad ^_^)

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your day and has a great week!


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