Je m’appelle HULK!

Today was like most other Wednesdays, nothing special or different. At least it started out that way. This morning I went to the Commune to inform them I will be leaving and what date. It was a simple affair, I just had to write my Canadian address, today’s date, my full name, and then sign the sheet. All finished. I still have to go to the bank and contact the insurance company. We want to make sure everyone knows I’m leaving so Greg and Adeline don’t keep getting mail for me :P.

I spent a while this afternoon watching Adele YouTube videos. Listening to her radio recording of ‘Someone Like You’ helps me understand why she has all those voice problems. I mean, the smoking doesn’t help, but that’s a whole other can of worms. It just felt like she was reaching out of her range, or at least her belting range, and you can hear her voice break. Now, that’s just what it sounds like to me, BUT I have no idea really because I don’t know her. For all I know that was just a random occurrence (I haven’t heard it on any other recording/live performance) and for authenticity’s sake they kept it there. I truly do think she’s amazingly talented and I really love her voice. I hope she gets better and stays better so she can keep doing what she loves and is so good at. 😀

Tonight at supper Adeline mashed up some food in a bowl for Sylvain. We had spinach, fish, and potatoes. This was as we were finishing so we were able to focus on Sylvain. She let him take control of the spoon (once she put food on it) and try to feed himself. Success! I don’t know if it’s just because he was hungry, or what, but he would grab the spoon from her every time and stuff it in his mouth. In between spoonfuls he would put his hands in his face. He was quite green all over. Leaps and bounds that kid, leaps and bounds. At least that’s what it seems like to me, but my close, personal baby experience is limited to Sylvain. As far as teeth go, he has 4 or 5 on top and almost 3 on the bottom. The third looks to be just breaking through. I can’t believe that in 2 weeks today I won’t be getting regular hugs and kisses from these two little munchkins.


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Today was a really nice, sunny day. Not warm, but nice and sunny. I’ve been going to bed really late for the past week and a half and it’s starting to catch up to me in the last few days. I had a little nap this morning, but it didn’t really work. I was going to head to bed early, but I got distracted by The Big Bang Theory YouTube videos and suddenly wasn’t as tired. It was amazing. I laughed so much. I don’t understand half of what they’re saying – I never was very interested in science – but it’s still so funny.

And now for your viewing pleasure:

From the 1st season. I had a friend from university who made a sarcasm sign. It was taped above their TV. Awesome.

This may be long, but it’s worth its weight in laughs.

Another crazy BAZINGA! that makes you glad you’re not Leonard.


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Oh my poor nerves!

I have some disappointing news. I didn’t get to go to Dominique’s Dancing Night party tonight. I mean, a part of me is sad because I got this cool invitation in the mail and it looked like it was going to be a great time. A little part of me was relieved only because I’m not the most comfortable with ‘shakin’ what my Momma gave me’ as it were. They had a babysitter lined up and Adeline had gone to all this work to have the boy’s bath stuff, pj’s, bottle, supper, everything as well as a note explaining everything and then she couldn’t come. You see, Adeline and Greg had to leave around 3:30 and I wouldn’t have left until about 7 or so. It turns out the babysitter that was lined up never had the chicken pocks so she wouldn’t come. It makes sense, getting them as an adult is super bad. Adeline called a bunch of friends and tried everything she could think of, but in the end there was no one but me. I also volunteered. I mean, she had to go, it’s her Dad’s birthday party. And her and Greg were also part of a group doing a special dance for Dominique. One of her friends might have been able to do it but I never heard from her so obviously she couldn’t. I told them they’d have to tell me all about it so maybe I can still pass that on another time.

Oh man! I just got the crap scared out of me >_<. You know when cats growl/yowl when they’re fighting? Well that super loud right outside the door (which is just a few feet from my bedroom door which is a few feet from my computer). ***5 minutes later*** When I heard the cat I automatically thought of the chickens. Adeline said that they would go in their house at night on their own, but I needed to check for myself. I couldn’t find the flashlight so I ended up taking the baby monitor out with me and using the little flashlight it has on there. I saw the white cat that stops by every once in a while and opened the door and hissed at it because I knew it was the one to make the noise. Shanga doesn’t fight. The chickens were safely nestled in for the night and I found two eggs. I have an over active imagination so even though logically I knew what the noise was I’m still shaking.

As far as this afternoon and evening went it was pretty much same old same old. We watched The Little Mermaid and I gave the boys their baths. I had to put this stuff on Bastien’s pocks and he doesn’t like it so he moves around a lot. I felt really bad. But it’s necessary. Then I gave him the medication that would help with the itching. Sylvain fell asleep in his high chair after his bottle and half way through his cookie so I took him upstairs to bed. He woke up in the interim, but when I laid him down, put his soother in his mouth and got him all tucked in he didn’t move. After Bastien and I were finished eating we went back upstairs. I brushed Bastien’s teeth and put him to bed. We both forgot all about a story tonight. Either that or Bastien just didn’t want one! When I left the second time I noticed Sylvain hadn’t even moved. He must be out cold.

If I remember correctly there’s a community party of some sort going on tonight. It would make sense since I can hear the music in my room. Just barely, but it’s there.

Also, today for the first time in my life I added a video to YouTube. Originally I sent the video to Lafemmeroar so she could add it to her Crazy Fun Vids page, but because of the type of file it didn’t work. To make it easy I uploaded it to YouTube and sent her the link. If you’re interested here it is. I was literally shaking as I posted it. It’s quite nerve-wracking…putting yourself out there. People can be merciless with their comments and while criticism is always appreciated I can be somewhat of a fragile soul. I have a very odd sense of self-worth. You’d think I’d be confident about my voice – for the most part I am – but there’s always those not so great moments that make you second guess yourself. Well, that’s enough of that.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


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Why do people obsess over celebrities?

I’m including myself in this bunch, although I’m not as crazy as some people. I mean sure, when I see a show or movie I like, I tend to inform myself about the actors in said show or movie, because I’m curious. But once I get the basics, I’m good. I don’t need to know their every move as if their entire life is a movie made solely for my benefit. They’re just regular people who happen to work in the spot light. I am a little embarrassed by this admission, but we all do embarrassing things, just not all of us post about it on the internet. Oh wait…Millions of people do that everyday, it’s called YouTube.

You might be wondering what brought this on and what it has to do with my day. My day was uneventful. I picked Bastien up from school and then went to my French class and while I was in the office getting some paper work taken care of, Adeline called me to say that my teacher had canceled class because she is sick. At least the trip wasn’t a total waste – what with the paper work as well as picking up Sylvain – because I was already out and about and not that far from the babysitter’s.

When I got home Adeline was watching a movie. I’m not sure what it was called (she told me, but I forget, of course). It was in French, but not originally. I think the original is in English and based on the fact that the cars had the steering wheels on the right, the landscape/weather, and the school uniforms these girls were wearing, I’m going to guess it’s set in England somewhere. So I didn’t know exactly what was going on, except that there was this house in the country where a group of writers were staying because it was peaceful and conducive to good writing. One woman was dating a singer (I think) and that’s where the crazy celebrity obsessing question comes in.

There were these two girls, and they were acting crazy over Ben (the singer). The one girl’s entire room was covered in his name and pictures of him. And they were stalking him at this house…they even broke in and went in the room him and his girlfriend were staying in, and stole a jacket and I think a pair of boots. I tell you, insane.

I guess I can’t completely condemn the quest for knowledge of celebrities because we’re all a little interested in the lives of celebrities; but my question is why? Is it because their lives seem so much more exciting than ours? Because they get to do things that most of us only dream of? Pfsh. I don’t know. Most of you who know me know that I love performing and that I would love to be able to make a living doing that. My dream is NOT to become rich and famous, I like my privacy thank you very much. I just want to perform, but it will just be a hobby and I think I’m ok with that. I mean, my dream won’t get anywhere at this rate. I’m not a huge fan of big cities and I’m a total chicken…not once I’m on stage, but just in the getting there. We can’t all be like Justin Bieber and become YouTube celebrities overnight. You have to go out and make your dreams happen…I just don’t know if I have the guts to do that! The answer is, I don’t. I guess it all comes down to God’s plan for my life. If it’s meant to be, somehow I will (only with God’s help) gain the courage and strength to at least try.  Sorry I’m being such a Debbie Downer. That wasn’t what this post was supposed to be about!

I guess I just let my fingers run away with me there. Sometimes that happens. This can be good or bad. I’m going to just leave it. Maybe it will give you all a little insight into just who I am that you weren’t looking for! Ha! Such was my plan. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Just kidding. Again, fingers just ran away and took my brain with them, but I think it’s funny so I won’t delete it. What’s going on? It’s not even that late. Maybe it’s because of that piece of chocolate I had a little bit ago…Remind me to stay away from chocolate just before posting on my blog.

Sorry for the long post about nothing. I hope you were able to chuckle at least ONCE during this entire thing. If not, I have failed at my job and should just give up….

….Got you! I won’t give up. Not until the year is out! I have to do strange things like this every once in a while to make sure you’re still reading and interested. Besides, there will be a quiz at the end of the year. And you must pass. Just like my grade 12 English grammar quizzes, a pass is not 50%, but 70%. And if you fail, you have to try again…until you pass.

***Note to all readers: There will in fact NOT be a quiz, I repeat, there will NOT be a quiz. That would take way too much effort on the part of the author and is also not in her contract. Thank you for reading, good night. ***

Another day, another destiny…

Sorry about that. The title just came to me randomly. The words are – of course – lyrics to a musical theatre number. I believe it’s called ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables……..*Insert Jeopardy theme music here*………… I was right! YouTube and the world-wide web are great resources, just thought I’d point that out.

So Sylvain was up at 1am and 6am so Adeline was pretty tired this morning. I offered to take care of the Sylvain for her so she could sleep. After all, that’s what I’m here for! I had to give him some medicine and I fed him, other than that we chatted for a bit (I’m fluent in baby-talk, FYI) and he slept.

Also, I’m making my way trough season 2 of 4 of the show ‘Chuck’. It is my new favourite show. A spy show. It’s basically a mix of all the spy clichés possible put into one show. It’s kind of half comedy/half drama….maybe 60%-40% with the comedy coming out the winner. The show’s lead character Chuck provides comic relief in the face of danger and certain death (which never actually comes because his CIA and NSA handlers Sarah and Casey always save the day). I digress.

I see I have a couple comments! I shall sign off now so I can go read them. As far as my French class goes it was par for the course, nothing too unusual. We’re up two new members again. That means that when everyone is in attendance there are 14 of us! We’ve doubled in size since I joined.


Bastien has this hat, his “bonnet qui fait peur” (which means ‘hat that makes afraid’). If you’ve noticed the little boy with a bright green hat in some of my pictures, that’s him and that’s the hat. It has these little black horn/ear things and a face with sharp teeth. He likes to go ‘rawr’ when he’s wearing it and say boo as well. We all act startled and he laughs, he loves it! Today though, today was different. When I came over here I brought with me some Canada wear. I brought these HUGE red and white Canada Christmas stockings, a red and white toque that says ‘CANUCK’ (for Sylvain, although it’s very big for him) and roots t-shirts and hoodies for the Bastien and Clémence. Today Bastien wore the Canuck hat, and it was really, really cute! It fits him perfectly.

Adeline, Greg, and the boys went to visit with some friends so that left me with the afternoon all to myself. I ended up watching a bunch of  ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episodes. I spent most of my time laughing, that show is hilarious! If you’ve never watched it you should try and check it out. I don’t know what episode to recommend, but if you manage to see one wear Sheldon laughs, you won’t be sorry. It’s like this little, breathy, jumpy thing; very funny. It’s hard to explain, but when you see it, you’ll know what I mean. Also, in the first season there’s an episode where they talk a lot about sarcasm, for as intelligent as Sheldon is he can’t tell when someone is being sarcastic! So they try to teach him and his roommate Leonard makes a sarcasm sign. I think everyone should have one of these just because.

Also, remember that Molson Canadian “My name is Joe, and I AM CANADIAN” commercial? Remember the t-shirts? I had one once, but it was a knock-off Giant Tiger version with the text on the front (the real one’s had it on the back). I wore it to Canada’s Wonderland one time and I remember standing in a line that curved back and forth and this guy was staring at me (I felt kind of awkward at first), so I turned away…then I realized he was reading me shirt and I felt kind of bad. It’s a lot to read and he didn’t get to finish it. Is it weird that I remember that? Or that I felt bad for a while after? I feel bad about the strangest things. If you’ve never seen the commercial, or just want to refresh your memory you can check out this video of it on YouTube: I AM CANADIAN!. Enjoy!

French class begins!

Today was my first French class of the year. I will be taking it Monday nights all year (with holidays of course….in April I only have 1 class!), from 4:30-7pm. It was very nerve-wracking because of course the entire thing was in French. There were 8 of us in the class tonight, and all of them – except for maybe one – have been in that class for a year already…or almost a year. A beginner class starts in February, so hopefully I won’t be SO much of a fish out of water. I actually understood quite a bit. Maybe not every single word, but about 90% of the ideas, I would say (although math has never been my strong suite :P).

I spent most of the day watching YouTube videos of the Notre Dame de Paris musical (it’s a French-Canadian musical if Wikipedia is to be believed) and a number of the main characters (the original cast) were from Quebec! I was watching it with the original cast with English subtitles. It’s quite interesting. It’s based on the book by Victor Hugo (maybe you’ve seen Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame? It’s that story). I picked a few of my favourite songs and Adeline printed out the lyrics for me so that I could learn them faster and also have the translation (she found those for me, awesome!) so it can help me learn French faster. I’ve always learned well with song…and remembered for a lot longer as well. In fact, I still remember that song I learned in Grade 1 that taught us ‘on top of, underneath, inside, in front, behind, and beside’. Good times.

Well, that’s it! ‘Night ^_^

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