Contagious giggles.

These boys are adorable together. While Bastien can still be a little rough – pushing, hugging to tightly, and the like – with Sylvain, they are cute when they do manage to play together. Their giggles fill the room and it’s hard not to laugh with them. Lately Sylvain’s been in the habit of picking up these little pillows that rest on the couch and walking around with one in each hand. Then he’ll hand them to you and say ‘teh’, what we’re assuming is his version of ‘tien’ (here). One of his first words. He’s been saying it for a while now.

I actually slept in till 10:24 today! Normally on the weekends I’ll wake up around 7:30/8 and then just roll over and go back to sleep (even if I went to bed late the night before). I guess I was more tired than I thought. Lucky me that I get to sleep in.

I actually played with both boys today. Lately Bastien’s only wanted to play with Mom or Dad, but today it was me and the boys in the play room and we had fun. Bastien made a ‘bed’ for me with the one bean-bag chair so I ‘went to sleep’. Then he would start trying to jump on me and Sylvain would follow his lead and it was hilarious. I had to be careful with my glasses, but other than that it was a lot of fun. It’s always fun when the boys are happy.

Here’s something funny I just thought about; sometimes Sylvain will just walk around making a growling sort of noise. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I have to again because it always makes me chuckle. And he’s always trying to chase after the cat. He’ll start walking up to her and she’ll run away so he’ll start to follow, but of course he’s too slow and she loses him right away. It’s still funny to watch though.

It’s so amazing to see how they’ve grown over the last year. Of course with Bastien it’s a little less obvious now that he’s 3. I see him everyday but I still am amazed at how much Sylvain’s changed. It seems like it’s almost been more than a year he’s so different. At the same time it’s been so gradual that I haven’t always noticed it. This evening I ran at him and picked him up lifting him high in the air before bringing him in for a hug. He didn’t try to squirm away which was nice. It was a great hug. Got to get those in while I still can!


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Tea Time with Mr. Tack

This afternoon/evening Bastien and I had tea.

Of course it was fake tea silly. He’s very nice, always asking if you want more, quite the charming host. He’s also tricky. He kept changing his mind regarding the temperature of said tea. Sometimes it was hot, sometimes it was iced tea. Most of the time when he said it wasn’t hot I would ‘take a sip’ and pretend to burn something. And then he’d say ‘oh, c’est chaud’. It was cute. This actually went on for a while. After each sip, he’d ask if I wanted more. Also, Adeline joined us at one point when Bastien wasn’t looking switched his cup and Greg’s cup…it didn’t take Bastien long to see the difference (all 4 were different colours), he was quite indignant over it.

I’m not sure how this idea started, but I thought of showing him my pictures of my family. So I brought out my picture frame/collage and started telling him the names of my parents and sister. He was actually doing quite well with identifying them in other pictures (there’s one of all of us and one of them separately, each with me). He always remembered they were my parents, but when I called them Mommy/Daddy/Mom/Dad, he said no, because Diego’s parents are Mommy and Daddy. In case you don’t know any kids Diego is the main character in a children’s show that focuses on teaching about animals and secondary language skills…in this case it’s French/English. He said Sue no problem, but Mike was a little harder. After a couple of minutes he started saying that Lisa wasn’t my sister and those weren’t my parents. I knew then it was probably a good idea to put the pictures away. Even so, I was quite impressed. I’m not sure if all 2.5 year olds are that quick, but he did well.

Wow, this is a late post…Up late watching TV. Chuck of course. It’s almost 3:10am over here. I think I’ve mentioned something like this before, but it’s great that I have my time zone set for Ontario still. That gives me 6 extra hours to make sure I get a post in every day. Besides, the day’s not over until you hit the sack right!? Right.


Giddy up horsey!

So today we made some progress. Bastien let me play with him again! I’ve played with him before in his play room, and a bit the first couple days with this rope he has, but lately he always tells me ‘no!’ when I  try to help him or get him ready to go or anything. Tonight he was a horse and he had the rope around him and I was holding it and running after him. Any time I dropped it he would pick it back up and give it to me again. It was very cute, but a bit tiring because I have developed a nasty cough today. It’s better now than it was this morning, but it’s still here. Every time he would come to a room that was dark, he’d stop. When he had to turn around he would do this little squeely-laugh thing that is absolutely adorable (if a bit loud at times). In fact, he would do that also to a lesser degree whenever he would look back to see that I was following him. It’s nice that he wanted to play with me. I know it’s going to take some time, but I’ll get him on my side!

I also spent some time watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’…. Now for those of you who don’t know about that show, it’s basically a show about 4 extremely intelligent scientists (two are physicists).  So half the show you have no idea what they’re saying because they’re talking about string theory and other physics things, but you know it’s hilarious because the characters are crazy! Sheldon most if all. It’s actually a wonder he has friends in the first place. But enough about a TV show.

Other than watching that, playing with Bastien, coughing, and eating, I basically just cleaned out my email today. It’s very refreshing to have a clean inbox ^_^.

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