January 2011 M.A.M.s

Excerpt from Giddy up horsey!, Jan. 8:

So today we made some progress. Bastien let me play with him again! I’ve played with him before in his play room, and a bit the first couple days with this rope he has, but lately he always tells me ‘no!’ when I  try to help him or get him ready to go or anything. Tonight he was a horse and he had the rope around him and I was holding it and running after him. Any time I dropped it he would pick it back up and give it to me again. It was very cute, but a bit tiring because I have developed a nasty cough today. It’s better now than it was this morning, but it’s still here. Every time he would come to a room that was dark, he’d stop. When he had to turn around he would do this little squeely-laugh thing that is absolutely adorable (if a bit loud at times). In fact, he would do that also to a lesser degree whenever he would look back to see that I was following him. It’s nice that he wanted to play with me. I know it’s going to take some time, but I’ll get him on my side!

Excerpt from Birthday Extravaganza, Jan. 12:

The funniest part of dinner was when Bastien discovered himself in the mirrors. Adeline and I were beside each other with our back to a mirror and we were sitting in a corner. So Bastien (who was across from me) was able to see himself in 3 different mirrors depending on which way he moved. He was thrilled! He kept saying ‘there’s 3 of me!’. It was very cute.

Excerpt from Where did my slipper go?, Jan. 28:

Since my suitcase isn’t as hidden anymore, Bastien saw it right away. He had his bag with him and he asked me (very nicely and with ‘please’) if I would go on a vacation with him, with my suitcase. It was the cutest thing ever!! So cute (si mignon)! So basically we spent the next half hour or so walking between the living room and the library/office with our suitcases. We would be in the living room and he would say we’re landing now (and make some airplane noises). Then I was showing him my lock, but he got tired of that and decided he wanted to take one of my slippers…I have no idea why. I didn’t make it easy on him, he had to work for it! I said I was sad and that my foot was cold and eventually he went and brought it back for me (he had put it in his toy room). Then he took it a second time, but didn’t get it until I had taken one of his and Adeline came to put him to bed. It was fun playing with him, I laughed a lot. He gives good hugs. And he still has that great smile! Yesterday he even posed with his train set for a picture! He doesn’t like getting his picture taken very much anymore (since Sylvain was born).

Excerpt from One Month, Jan. 29:

This is the story of Freddy the Sleeping (now he’s awake!) Panda. So remember how I was saying (yesterday I believe) how Bastien likes to go on ‘trips’ with his backpack-on-wheels and he likes me to go with him with my suitcase? Well, he wanted to do that again today. So when we were in my room getting my suitcase he went and got Freddy. He had gotten him earlier when we were playing as well and I had put him (the bear) in one of my hoodie pockets. So Bastien tried to do that, but he didn’t have any pockets! So he told me to put him in my pocket again. Thus starts the funny part of the story. He decided that Freddy needed to have a nap so he took the bear and put him in my bed. Lying on his back of course (he corrected me when I put Freddy on his stomach).Then Bastien pulled up the covers (and now for something REALLY CUTE), gave him a little kiss and said good night (and good nap), just as if he was putting a little kid to bed. Then as we left he had me dim the light. Bastien closed the door, started walking into the library and then stopped! Freddy was awake! So he went up to the door and said ‘tok tok’ (knock knock) Bonjour Freddy, opened it (had me turn up the lights) and went to get the bear. He brought Freddy back out with him (but not before pulling my covers back up, so thoughtful) and got the library again and decided it was time for Freddy to sleep. This happened at least 10 times, I’m sure of it, and he never got very far (sometimes only a few steps) before he would take Freddy back into my room and put him back to bed or go and get him when he was ‘asleep’. Sometimes Freddy was crying, sometimes he wasn’t. Bastien would always talk to Freddy very nicely, and give a kiss before leaving. I couldn’t stop laughing (silently of course), it was cute and so funny. It was funny because he did it so many times and because he never got very far before he was back either waking him up or putting him to bed. It was adorable. Actually, I think Freddy is still in my bed right now :D. He’ll have to go back to his place on the nightstand tonight though, I sleep alone :).

Excerpts from Oliver? No, everyone-ver!, Jan. 30:

Ok. So I know my title will only make sense to Greg, Adeline, and me so I will explain it. A couple days ago Adeline went grocery shopping and picked up 3 DVDs for 5 euros each. One was The Breakfast Club, Oliver, and a French film that I can’t remember the name of. So when she was telling Greg at supper about these movies Bastien heard Oliver and thought she said Holly-ver. So he started saying Mama-ver, Papa-ver, Sylvain-ver, Bastien-ver…It was one of the cutest things he’s done so far. We laughed quite a bit. 


Tonight when I was changing Bastien into his pajamas, he found something extremely funny and had this great laugh/giggle going on. Oh! I remember what it was. I was putting his pants on and said something like ‘left foot, ok now right foot’ and he goes ‘no left!’. As if both were left. And I said ‘no, it’s not possible!’ This went on for a while, he was laughing his head off.

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