Short post alert!

The most exciting things to happen today were 20° weather (and sunny!) and Greg coming home about 5 minutes ago. Not necessarily in that order. It was absolutely beautiful out. When I went to pick Bastien up from school I didn’t even have my jacket! I was still wearing my hoodie though. Not that that is important at all.

Adeline and I also discussed where their driveway ends and where public property begins. They don’t have a front yard, it’s all paved. The part they own in front of the house is paved with paving stones and the rest with asphalt. In fact, all three cars mostly part on the asphalt. Now, since the rest is public, a lot of people use it when they go to the bank, or the church…and as long as they don’t park in front of the garage it’s allowed. If they do park in front of the garage the police can be alerted. There is always the danger of either not being able to get out, or coming home and not being able to get in! Greg told me that when someone is parked on their property he’ll park right behind them, blocking them in so that they have to come to the door to get out. That way they will know not to park there next time! Adeline also said that in September there is this big garage sale and that people were parked in front of the house. When she came home that day she couldn’t get in to park! Talk about annoying. So far I’ve been fortunate. I was worried tonight though. I guess the priest of the church died and they were having a memorial service so there were a LOT of cars parked in the area. They left in front of the garage clear, but someone was parked right outside my window…where Greg usually parks. They had left before Greg got home, but they were really close to the house and I thought that was odd. Can they not tell that this is someone’s house??? *shrug*

Alright, this is a little longer than planned (story of my life), but still short in comparison with the last couple posts.

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