Me, a versatile blogger? Aw, shucks.

Today as I sat at my computer excited about the prospect of Glee starting up tomorrow and wondering if I will still be able to see it online the day after, I decided to check and see what all the fuss about this Glee Project was. So I watched the first episode. I might watch the last one just to see who won, but I’m not sure I want to take the time to watch all the middle stuff because I’m not really sure what my opinion on the subject is. Let’s just say, I used to like Glee a lot more than I do now. The newness and ‘shiny-ness’ of it has worn off a bit for me, although I am still excited for Season 3.

After watching said episode I checked my email. Lo and behold a wonderful surprise! I was nominated for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’, by the wonderful Aurora Morealist. Although I haven’t read as much of her work as I’d like,  so far I’ve found her writing to be thought-provoking and challenging. The best writers are the one’s that force honest reactions from you that you couldn’t hide if you wanted to. This has happened to me a lot on

As I read through the list of nominees I saw some blogs I recognized and many I didn’t and then suddenly I saw mine and was literally jumping for joy. I know I’ve mentioned it many times in comments and the like, but the blogging community on is outstanding, one in a million, and something I’m so happy to be a part of.

I love how it's green! Among other things ^_^

There are a few rules that come along with the award and are as follows:

The Rules:

1.  Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. 

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.

3.  List 7 things about yourself. (end of post.)

I have quite a few blogs I follow and some were actually nominated by Aurora (that I wanted to nominate) so I won’t list them again. But you are loved! Since part of the rules say recently discovered blogs I actually took a bit of time today to search out new ones. I think it’s always worthwhile to expand your list, even when time is short. Two on my list are very new for me, but I searched through a number of new blogs today to find the one’s I like the best. I am excited to be following them and learning new things. The following list is an eclectic one! I think it has a little something for everyone from a fellow Canadian living and teaching English in Korea to the journey of motherhood. From a friend from university recounting her adventures working in Liverpool to a friend from high school describing her new life in Minnesota. From poetry that will get you talking and discussing to little ‘nuggets’ of life that can be so inspiring I really think everyone can find something to enjoy on this list.

  1. As a Linguist
  2. Becky in Liverpool
  3. Borealsultana
  4. Broads of the Beltway
  5. Cheap Ass Fiction
  6. Gin & Lemonade
  7. Insatiable Booksluts
  8. It’s Always an Adventure
  9. Life’s Little Slices
  10. Morning Wood
  11. Sharp Little Pencil
  12. Sparkylaurie
  13. Stupid Ugly Foreigner
  14. Tinkertoot
  15. We’re Jumpin’
And now, the part you’ve all really been waiting for (ha!)…7 things about me (in no particular order of importance):
1] If I had to choose between being a professional singer or a professional dancer, some days I would choose dancer – which may surprise some people. Then again…if I had it my way and had the talent I’d be a triple threat!
2] I still don’t know if I want to be a Mom someday…
3] I’m a hopeless romantic who reads way too many Fantasy novels.
4] Everyday I’m getting closer to being able to legitimately claim I am bi-lingual. Then again…where’s the guide that tells you when you’ve reached fluency? [English-French]
5] I love the fashion trend of skinny jeans/leggings in tall boots (even if I don’t have the legs for it) because then your pants stay dry. Gotta love practicality.
6] I haven’t been kissed since I was 15 – a whole 10 years. Although I’d rather say I’ve never been kissed at all.
7] I’m still learning how to live my own life instead of living the lives of characters in books. It’s an ongoing process. Thankfully I’m not independently wealthy or I might just become a hermit.
I hope that gives you some insight – wanted or not – into who I am. For those of you who know me personally did I surprise you? Maybe not. I talk so much it’s hard to remember what I’ve already revealed….;).
Thanks again to Aurora for the nomination! I hope that some of you will have a chance to check out at least some of the blogs listed above, because they’re worth it. See you all later!


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  1. 10 years–wow! ( #6 🙂 ) That makes my 3 look better, but the next 7 will come soon enough, no doubt. Anywhoo…

    Thanks for the nomination! I’ll be posting on it as soon as I catch up on all my internet stuff I’ve let slide for the last three weeks.

    I love your blog because I always love reading about other expats. Even though I don’t really write about expat stuff too much… but it’s always nice to read.

    • No problem! I totally understand being busy and letting things slide. Happened to me this summer. I didn’t even know what the word expat meant, nor had I really heard it until reading the blog of a Canadian guy teaching English in Korea. Then I looked it up, lol. I’m hoping to continue blogging after the year is out. I hope I will still be able to hold your interest!

  2. tenbrokenbullets

     /  September 21, 2011

    Hey Holly,
    I’m so happy you stumbled upon my blog, which naturally allowed me to check out your amazing blog! Congratulations on receiving the award! This is the first time I’ve seen awards given out on WordPress. Now it gives me something to work towards!
    Anyways, I was wondering which of the blogs was about Minnesota! I live in a small town called New Prague, Minnesota, and found it to be incredibly awesome that people live in this snowy state! Haha.

    • Hey!
      I’ve decided to make an effort to follow more blogs, even though it’s tough b/c I am so behind on reading the one’s I already follow :S. This is the 3rd award I’ve heard of (I think, 3rd or 4th) and I was as surprised as anyone to receive it. The great part is it’s just your fellow bloggers, the one’s who matter the most, who give you this honour. My friend’s blog is She married a guy from Minnesota Aug. ’09. They live there now, after living in Canada for a year. The most I know about Minnesota (other than from her blog) is that Marshall from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is from there, lol. So I’m pretty ignorant about it, but I LOVE snow! Thanks for stopping by ^_^.

  3. Hey Holly…Congrats on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award and thanks so much for passing it on to me too.Really appreciate it and this has made me so excited…;) yay … yipee!!!

    • Thank! I was SO SO excited when I saw my name on Aurora’s list! I know I haven’t been around in a while, but your posts I have read have meant a lot to me in the past and I wanted to let you know ^_^.

  4. Okay, Crazy Chick, you beat me to the blog!!! LOL LOL I was to have sent you the message that I’d nominated you on here and didn’t get there until… well ya’ know… ooops. Anyway, I LOVE the way you wrote such a great piece and also your original way of thinking in that you searched out new blogs to highlight. That didn’t even dawn on me… just shows we all think differently and I love the way you blog lol. So glad you are having fun with it 🙂

    • It’s the time change, lol. I just happened to have some time when the baby was napping. In some ways searching out new blogs wasn’t a good idea because I have SO MANY posts to catch up on on blogs I already follow. At the same time, expanding is good (as long as it’s your brain and no other body part, lol). I also have a lot of other CC’s I want to check out. I know I don’t have to read every single post since I’ve been following someone, but when I really like they’re writing I like to read it all. And it helps me get to know them as well, which is fun. I’m so glad you liked what I did with it! It actually took me a couple of hours to publish it because I had to make my list, then stopped to eat lunch, and watch the baby….

      If we all thought the same that wouldn’t be very fun ;). I’m having so much fun! I actually can’t believe how much fun blogging can be!

  5. Congrats Versatile Blogger!

  6. Thank you so much Holly. I will get on this soon!
    I am with you on Num 5! Num 7 too funny. Thanks for sharing and passing the award to me.

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  2. Life is full of Surprises: VERSATILE Blogger Nomination? « sparkylaurie

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