Disappearing spots.

First off, Sylvain is getting much better. The spots on his face are disappearing nicely. The spots on the rest of him are being clingy, but they’re also reaching the end of their visiting hours. Today while we were cleaning up from lunch Bastien was drawing on his white board he got for his birthday. He drew something (I didn’t really see it) and told us it said Bastien  T—-. Then Adeline actually wrote his name out. Somehow they started going through all the names (I wasn’t paying close attention) and he said Mamma T—, Papa T—, Sylvain T—, and Holly T—. Again, he was corrected. My last name is in fact not T—, but Brenneman. Then he said something about Sylvain Brenneman. Kids really do say the darndest things!

I’m not sure what else to mention…I mostly just played with Sylvain when he was awake. Bastien went to get a haircut with Adeline. He also went to Little Gym this afternoon. Sick or not he really needs to burn off a lot of energy.

*Attention: tiny Glee spoiler alert. Just as far as a certain song goes.*

For all you Glee fans out there I did catch the first episode of season 3 today. I will not get into what I really thought about it or we’d be here forever and it would just be a big rant. I will say that in some ways I’m on the fence as to my allegiance to the show…it was ok, but it’s really the same stuff over, and over, and over again. Just with different music. The one thing that really stood out to me as being something I hated strongly disliked was when they did ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ from Hairspray. Once they got past the slow part it was decent, but very little of Hairspray is meant to be slow. It was one things when they slowed down Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ to a turtle’s pace (I did not plan on rhyming there…), but this song? No. It’s just plain wrong! I love Lea Michele and how she puts everything into her performances, but I wish I could forget this ever happened. Not right, not right at all. Of course, this is just my opinion. If you happened to like it that’s great! We can discuss if you want, I won’t get angry if anyone is a fan of the Glee version. I just didn’t like it.

*Spoiler over 😉 *

That’s it for today. Man, I really need to clean my room….


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A, B, C, D…

We were sort of under the impression that the French course hadn’t started yet because they didn’t have a teacher. Well, it’s the same teacher as last year so I don’t know what the hold up was. Last year the beginner class was on Monday nights. This year course A (beginner) is on Thursday nights. I have moved up to class B which is held on Mondays. So for me everything is the same minus some different classmates. They’re supposed to be at least 3 other people from my class last year that have moved up, but they weren’t there today. We basically went through introducing ourselves and we all had to make sure we paid attention because we were asked to repeat the answers when Madame Colette (I’m not sure if that’s how her name is spelled, but that’s what I’m sticking to) would ask us. Thankfully, including me, there were only 6 of us. We also went through numbers and the vocabulary for things like week, millennium, day after tomorrow, century, etc.

For me the most interesting part was when we were given a sheet that I had the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols. We also went over the alphabet. I had to read it through and this may seem like a very simple task, but when an ‘e’ is pronounced like the ‘oo’ in book, and ‘i’ is pronounced ‘e’, ‘j’ is a soft ‘ji’, and ‘g’ is a soft ‘jay’ it can get confusing. Of course I’ve said the alphabet in French many times in my life, but it’s been a while. I felt like I was back in 2nd year university sitting in my Vocal Diction class with Les De’Ath sounded out all the intricate vowel sounds that are foreign to English speakers. For the life of me I can never make the ‘u’ sound (IPA symbol ‘y’) properly. Ever. I’ve sung it countless times, I know what shape to make with my mouth (a tight ‘oh’ shape while saying ‘oo’ in book again…the symbol is an upside down ‘e’), but I can never get it right when I’m trying to speak. I think part of it is trying to get it to work with the ‘r’s, and the ‘oh’s and everything else. On its own as a sound I can do it, but in a word, forget it! It’s going to be the bane of my French forever.

Bastien also went to school today. He won’t be going tomorrow, or at all this week, and Adeline will be staying home as well. They’re both sick, sore throats and the like. I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten sick yet….what do I have an immune system made of steel or something? I don’t know, I just hope they all get better soon and I can still make it through without catching anything. I guess that Vitamin C is helping!

Today has been quite the day. I’ve smiled so much my cheeks hurt. Part of it was Sylvain. Even though he still cries when he has to go through all his chicken pox stuff I was able to get him laughing instead of crying and we had quite the gay old time. Plus with the blog award I was nominated for and everything – all the wonderful comments I’ve received from those I nominated and the new people I’ve connected with from being nominated myself, it’s just an amazing feeling. I realize not everything is all sunshine and rainbows in the blogging world, but I’m on a high right now and I don’t feel like coming down any time soon.

Thanks to all the old-faithfuls who continue to follow me through cyber space. Thanks to all my new connections for joining in my adventure and at the same time I’m excited to join you in yours. I hope everyone had as good a day as I did. Thanks for taking the time to visit!


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I feel like a monster.

I know I’m not hurting him on purpose. I know there’s nothing I can do, it’s going to bother him no matter what. But when Sylvain is literally crying like you’re ripping him apart it makes me so sad and I want to stop what I’m doing, but I know he needs it to get better. I thought I’d heard him cry insanely before, but that was nothing like today. Tonight when I was putting his chalky stuff on his spots he was crying so hard he sounded like he was in excruciating pain and terrified. Any time now you go to lay him down to change clothes or diaper he starts to cry and it’s a challenge to make him lay down. It’s like he knows he’s not going to like what’s coming. Once he was undressed and in the bath he was fine. As soon as he was out of the bath and I took him into his room/temporary play room he started crying. Then wailing. It didn’t help that he had a fever again. I felt horrible. Adeline came up to help. It’s got to be even harder to hear your own child cry like that and know that you can’t stop what you’re doing that’s making them cry. I haven’t been this close for this long to chicken pox since Lisa and I had them and that was 20 years ago so I don’t remember a thing. Half the time I’m afraid that when I pick him up all the spots are going to burst!

He slept fitfully last night so Greg and Adeline didn’t get much sleep. He also didn’t nap well today and I ended up taking him for a walk this afternoon while Adeline and Bastien napped to try to get him to sleep more. We were out for about an hour and a half and he slept for maybe 25 minutes. His eyes are red and dark underneath and when you look at him you wish there was something you could do to make him better. When Greg put him to bed he wailed for about 5 minutes or less and then suddenly – nothing. He was out. I hope he sleeps better tonight, for everyone’s sake. Greg has to go to work tomorrow, I’m not sure about Adeline. And the last few days Bastien has been off the wall. Maybe he’s got a bit of cabin fever going on. He’s been outside everyday – either to play in the backyard or go for a little walk – but he hasn’t been anywhere other than the house (not including the walks). He needs other kids to play with. I think he goes back to school Monday and here’s hoping things improve with him when he goes back. Once nice thing is that unless they have another kid they’re never going to have to go through this again and at least I’m here to help. I know you want to get chicken pox when you’re a kid, but I think it’s better when you’re over a year old at least. Or when you can stand on your own. I think that’s part of the problem with Sylvain. He doesn’t want to lie down and if he could stand on his own it would be easier to put the cream on. Oh well, he won’t remember this at all and that will be nice.

We’ll definitely all feel better when we’re all feeling better. It’s hard to imagine that all the spots are just going to go away…it was almost odd seeing Bastien tonight in the bath because he only has a few spots left and he’s not covered in the red stuff he had to put on to dry them out. It seems like Sylvain has spots in all the worst places you could have them. Poor guy. And you can’t explain what’s going on. Oh man. How am I going to handle if I have kids when they get chicken pox? At least I’ll have first hand – recent – experience. There have been times when I wished this wouldn’t have happened when I’m here, but mostly I think what a great learning curve this is. It has to be tough when you’re a mother for the first time and your baby gets sick and you don’t want to over – or under – react, and you’re scared. Hopefully this year will help me be a little more prepared if I ever have kids.

So I don’t feel like a monster right now, but I felt so horrible before. I wanted to cry too. 😦


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Maybe more like Edward Scissor Hands…?

Today at breakfast Greg made the comment that Sylvain kind of looks like Edward Scissor Hands and I realized good old Edward was more what I was looking to match Einstein with yesterday. Poor guy. His hair makes it look like he’s in a play and trying to look old…like Benjamin Button or something. I swear he has more spots than Bastien. He’s actually covered. His legs not so much, there are some, but it’s his torso and face that have the most. Around his eyes too which can’t be nice. There are a few on his back and a few on his chest that are quite big and look like if you touch them they’ll pop open. To top it all off he’s still teething. He still only has the one tooth, but there have been signs that more are on their way. We’ll see. There’s been false alarms before! All I know is that by supper time he was so tired, had a fever, and all those bumpy spots. He napped this morning, but not really this afternoon and by the time I got him in his pj’s and he ate his bottle he looked exhausted. He wasn’t falling asleep in his chair, but once I put him to bed I didn’t hear a peep out of him.

It was a full house today. Everyone was home. Greg talked to his mother today and we found out that he might not have had chicken pox as a kid. Uh oh. Adeline is getting sick now, so far it’s just me who isn’t. Let’s hope it stays that way. I think I should grab a carton of orange juice from the basement and chug it! Get some more vitamins in me. The morning passed normally and around lunchtime Adeline took the boys grocery shopping and I made soup. Yes it’s the same soup that I wrote about back in January so it’s super easy, but this time I did it totally without supervision. I didn’t have enough water in it though. That’s better than too much which is what I normally do. Greg had a point; right now it doesn’t take up as much space to store and the next time we go to eat it we can add more water.

After our late lunch we all went down for a nap. Well, I know the kids did and I flopped down in my room. I wasn’t planning on sleeping, but I did on and off for about 3 hours. During this time Adeline also took a nap, but Sylvain woke up so he was with Greg. I guess it’s a good thing, sleep is important and I really don’t want to get sick. I made a comment that all the germs were upstairs because everyone who sleeps upstairs has gotten sick.

Tonight I watched Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (or in English Welcome to the Sticks). Greg and Adeline said it was funnier than Rien à Déclarer, and it sure was funny, but I think I liked Rien à Déclarer better. Maybe it’s because I saw it first. The movie is about a Post Office Administrator who worked really hard to get a promotion to move the southern sea-side (in France) and doesn’t get it. He applies for another one, but says he’s handicapped (they gave the first transfer to a handicapped person – that’s why he does it). He’s found out and is ‘banished’ to the North. The stereotypes are slightly different (ie. no igloos), but think of all the stereotypes Americans have about Canadians and you’ll understand. It’s always freezing, they always drink beer, they’re basically uncouth rednecks (to use a familiar term), etc, etc. They also speak a dialect of French called Chtimi. Replace ‘S’ with ‘SH’ and a bunch of other things. It might as well be another language! Because of this and because of the speed it was harder for me to try to follow the French than it was for the other film, but I did catch a few things. There was one subtitle discrepancy in particular that I caught, but when I had a chance to think about it, it made sense. They were talking about an office. Because of the dialect in the subtitles it was spelled something like offish. Then they kept putting ‘offish’ and ‘fish’ and ‘offish’ and ‘fish’ and I was confused because they were clearly saying ‘chien’ (dog). However they were saying ‘office’ in the movie sounded (to the guy from southern France) like ‘chien’ and there was all kinds of confusion. Which is part of whats so funny. So while I was confused based on what I was hearing and what I was reading at the time, it makes sense now. Watching “foreign” films when you actually speak some of the language can be trying sometimes because the subtitles don’t always actually reflect the literal translation. Or the translation that you know. I definitely had many ‘laugh out very loud’ moments. I kept apologizing after them because I was afraid I was going to wake the boys up! I’m sure if I laughed as loud with the other movie, but I still like that one better. I can now say with certainty that I am a Dany Boon fan. At least his comedy. I haven’t watched him in anything other than that.

So that was my day. Full of laughter near the end. How was yours?


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