Lost and Found

So I’ve got the pictures from Day 2 in London on my Facebook page. It’s way too late tonight to write the post for it though, so that will come tomorrow or Monday. Tonight we got caught up on episodes of How I Met Your Mother and The Event. And of course this afternoon was spent loading the pictures. I had to search for 3 of them, they were missing somewhere. Thankfully I found them. I was freaking out that some of my pictures got deleted. That’s been a fear I always have every time I load pictures from my camera to my computer.

Anyway, here’s the link for the album if anyone wants to check it out before the post.


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Train ticket to London: Booked, paid for, & printed.

So it turns out all I had to do was go to the Belgian train website and book a ticket on the Eurostar from there and not from Eurostar’s actual website in order to use my debit card. All is well. Now I just have to wait a month and a bit…

One thing I’ve been inspired to do is visit an old bookshop and buy an old-looking book :D. I love old-looking books. The inspiration comes from a blog post I read by the blog One Book on the Shelf. The writer lives in London and wants to visit all the bookshops she can find and write a post on each of them. She’s already recommended a couple of places for me to check out!

This morning I finally got around to continuing my viewing of Band of Brothers. I’m almost half way through having watched 4 episodes. I then booked my ticket to London. I ended up chatting on Facebook with another friend from university who is studying is Salzburg (Austria) right now and is actually spending this weekend in London. She thought I was going to be there this weekend as well and said we should try to get together. That would have been so cool. She says I should come visit her in Salzburg (I wish!), but that’s a little harder to swing. There are no direct ways to get there. I would have to take a train to Munich and then from Munich have a bunch of different options (based on speed or scenery) and the possibility of multiple trains before reaching my destination. If I flew I would have to also take the train. It’s all so complicated for me. And it would take a really long time. I could probably actually drive there faster than flying or on the train. 8 hours. That’s like driving to Elliot Lake from New Dundee. I have never driven that far myself, but I’ve been in car rides longer than that since I was a kid. But there’s the issue of time as well here: I could leave early Friday, spend Friday evening, all day Saturday there, and leave again Sunday morning. It’s not really worth it. Also, I don’t actually know, but I get the feeling Austria gets more snow then Belgium…so you run into weather problems as well. And mountains…I don’t think I should drive in mountains. If we had discovered we were both over here a few months ago maybe we could have worked something out, but I don’t think it will work now. I’d love to go (my Mom would be so jealous!), but I’m just not sure it’s feasible at this point. Plus…I would totally get lost in all that train/plane switching around :P.

On another note, I think my ticket for home is booked. My Dad emailed me a few times today to let me in on prices; how come a one-way ticket is so much more expensive than a round trip? If I understand correctly, he ended up booking a round trip ticket on British Airways – I flew here on Jet Airways, which was a non-stop flight (the only one from Toronto to Brussels) – so I probably have a layover in London. I guess someone’s going to be missing their flight back ;). I don’t have all the details yet, but I think it’s December 29. I think I’m leaving here December 29…because Ontario is 6 hours behind, I would get there when it’s still December 29, right? Ha ha, I’m useless! It’s a good thing my residence permit is good until January 31, 2012!

This time last year I was also in über-organizing mode: I had to get everything organized to come here – criminal record check, contract signed, passport updated, international driver’s license (actually, that was Dec.), so many horrible pictures taken for permits and the like, high school transcript acquisition for proof of previous French experience, doctor’s check, my one mid-term for my last university course that I forgot about and therefore couldn’t graduate June 2010 as planned…is that it? I can’t even remember, it feels so long ago. At this point last year actually getting here seemed so far away. Now the time is speeding away from me at an alarming rate! I’ve tried to take my aunt’s advice (thanks Aunt Wendy ^_^) and enjoy my time here as much as possible instead of missing home. When my cousin Katie was in France for 8 months she missed home and wish she could be there; then when she got home she wanted to come back. Unfortunately you can’t have both and so I have to do my best to enjoy what I have when I have it! I am so very blessed to have been basically handed this opportunity and I’m trying to live up to that by making the most of it. I could have done a much better job of that, but I think I’ve done okay.

I also look at it this way: if I never would have done this, I most likely never would have started a blog.  Therefore I would never have made friends with all the wonderful bloggers I’ve been so fortunate to have connected with!


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The dates are set…

A few weeks ago I mentioned some exciting things in the works. Some of you didn’t like being left in suspense. Sorry I’ve waited so long, but I wanted to make sure everything was actually in motion and a go before I talked about it. A friend of mine from university has now left Canada (a few days ago I think) and has come over to do a Euro-tour. I believe she is flying into London, then on to the Netherlands, before making her way to Belgium. She has some family that is only about 45 minutes away from me, near Liège. In just 9 more sleeps she’ll be here! This actually started a couple of months ago, this idea. I think it was a Facebook status about visiting Europe and I (seriously, yet in a jocular manner) said if she was coming to Belgium she should drop me a line. Then I got a FB message from her and we set our plan in motion.

So far our plan looks like this: Saturday, October 15 she will either get a ride to Wasseiges or I will pick her up. One city I haven’t been to yet that I really want to visit is Brugge. So Sunday the 16 we are going to pack a lunch and head out early to take our time touring the city. I think we’re going to check out the chocolate museum, but other than that we don’t have set plans. If it works we might try to check out the In Flanders Fields Museum, but we don’t want to be rushed in Brugge and that would be on our way home. We might still swing by there (Ypres) on our way home because every night at 8 they play the last post and I’d like to hear it there some time. Monday will be more relaxed; we can’t stray too far as I have to be back by 3:30 to pick up Bastien. I want to take her to Waterloo 1) so we can get those coveted pictures with the town signs that I want and still haven’t been back to get and 2) because we both went to university in Waterloo, Canada and I just think it would be neat. I don’t know if we’ll ‘do’ anything or not yet. Also, I’ll have my French class so maybe she’ll want to come with me to check it out! Then again, maybe not :P.

Tuesday, October, 19 is when it gets a little more, hmm, big… We will have another early start with picnic lunches. And by early I mean around 8/8:30 after I take care of my morning duties. That will be followed by a 3 hour drive…to France! As some of you know I really want to see the Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial before I go home. And when Lucie said she was going to try to visit I jumped at the chance of going with someone. This works out really well because France is on her tour list. And F.Y.I. – the Memorial and the tours are all free. The Memorial is accessible 24/7. So other than gas and a ‘treat’ if we decide to get one, it’s going to be an inexpensive day. And a memorable one. Every time I go somewhere it’s memorable, I’m so very fortunate. I had thought of going during Remembrance Week when there would be special goings on at the Memorial, but I’ve come to enjoy the crowd-less museums and decided that going on a big day/time like that (especially alone) would not be very enjoyable for me.  Only 9 more sleeps till Lucie’s visit!

But wait, there’s more! Oh yes, there’s more. I’m going to London! Well, I haven’t got my train ticket yet. I’m having issues paying for them. On the Eurostar website it says you can make payments online with debit or credit. But when I went to pay it only gave credit options. I emailed customer service and the response was choose credit card and fill in your debit card info and it should work. Hmm, yes, well, my debit card doesn’t have a security code like on credit cards so how does that work? I responded with this (after trying multiple times) even though I was given a number to call if it doesn’t work. This is just not going my way. It will work out, in the end, I just wanted to get it booked and done with so I could relax. Until I actually go. Going to London is…almost as involved as it’s going to be going back home. First Adeline will drive me to Namur. Then I’ll take a train from Namur to Brussels. When I check in I’m going to be given a Landing Card to fill out. On this I have to put the exact address of where I’m staying along with how I’m getting there. And other things I’m sure. Then there is a 2 hour train ride, some of it under water, which I haven’t really thought about although I know that thought freaks at least one of my friends out. I should arrive just after 5pm in London on Friday, November 18. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do while there, but I’ll have to pack it in. I then leave just after 4pm on Sunday, November 20. I probably could choose to stay a little longer and come home later, but I’ll still have to take a train to Namur and get picked up and I don’t want to be too late. I am just a little nervous about all of that. Train switching and the like. At least I’ve been in the Brussels-Midi station before (when we went to Paris), and I was the one who found where we needed to go, so I think I’ll be ok.

Well, at least I had that to write about. I’m totally lacking ambition to write these days. I just don’t feel like it. I also still have to write about days 2 & 3 in Amsterdam and that was 2 months ago! I’m in a funk. Hopefully I can get out of it soon…


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Summer decided it wants to hang on after all…

So today when I was outside with Bastien (I had to go out – it’s such a beautiful day!) I had a bit of a nasty surprise. I know Greg said the other night that he ran full on (in the face) into a big spider web. Ugh >_<. I started to take a stroll around the walk way when I stopped for some reason. Then I looked closer and blocking my path was a nice, big spider web, with a generously sized spider perched atop. Oh boy. That was close. I grabbed a stick and broke it apart. I kept said stick with me to wave in front of my face if there were more. I also  stopped to gape at so many webs in bushes. These spiders are huge! Not tarantula huge, but not daddy-long-legs small. I’m totally cool with crushing spiders. I don’t like them, but I’m not afraid of the little ones. The little, little one’s I’ll even crush with my hand if there’s no tissue near by. I did that once in elementary school. We were changing for gym in the washroom and a tiny spider was crawling across the wall. Some of the girls started freaking out and I just went smack! And it was dead. The bigish ones with the bodies you know are going to be squishy, mushy, and gross I will attack with a rock or shoe…if I need to. These I just let be because they weren’t actually bother me/in the house and I’m not always unnecessarily cruel.

Greg, Adeline and the boys have a wedding today. You couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather! It’s warm, but not too hot. The sun is shining, but it’s not hot enough to bake you in your skin. There’s a slight breeze. If you were to be outside for a long time – especially if you aren’t actually doing anything – you might want long sleeves or a very light jacket/cardigan, but otherwise it’s really, really nice.

I also have a start on The Great Room Make-Over Project. Well, it’s not really a make-over – but it sort of looks like one! I’m not planning on changing any furniture around, but you can see all the floor you should be able to see now. Things are tidied. I have to work on dusting and vacuuming, but I’ll leave that for another day. A friend of mine posted this as her Facebook status the other day and even though I’m not a parent I liked it. In some ways it’s just a really good excuse for when you let your house go – Dirty dishes prove I feed my children, full bins prove I change my baby’s diapers, messy floors prove that I let my kids play and have fun, piles of clothes prove I keep my children in clean clothes, a messy bathroom proves that I bathe my kids! So next time you walk into my house and see a mess, think twice before you judge!!! Keep this going if you’re a parent. I don’t know if she originated this or what, but I thought it was great. Maybe that’s just because on most days I’m extraordinarily lazy and any excuse not to have to clean/tidy is a good one by me! Now at least my room doesn’t look like a marauding war party trampled through it on their way to somewhere after a satisfying win.

So other than that and taking an über long time to load a mere 31 pictures to Facebook – it only worked if I used the basic uploader = 5 pics at a time… – that’s what I did today. I also had some music playing and I danced around a little bit.

Click for pics from yesterday’s post!


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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Today started out like every other day this week. But then…we did something different! Adeline checked the weather, saw that it was supposed to be nice and made the decision that we all needed to get out of the house and do something. Especially Bastien, he needed to burn off a lot of energy. So we went to the Parc de Chevetogne – a park that is about 50 minutes away from us and is quite large with many things to do including a huge play ground for kids, a pool, and a mini-farm. No surprise that we went to the play ground and the mini-farm. Since it was a school day there was no one there. Not until we found an area that was specifically for kids 7 and under. There Bastien found boat-like structures and he was all about the pirates. Even at the mini-farm he kept wanting to go back to his ‘pirate boat’. Of course we couldn’t because it was late, out-of-the-way, and we had to go. This park really is huge. I was supposed to navigate, but I failed big time. There was numbers  all over the map, but they were just there to correspond to a list of places. And it was hard to tell distance based on the map…at least for me it was.

Upon arriving at the parking area for the play ground we had to walk up a large hill. Large enough that the path was basically switch backs like if you were driving up a mountain. Adeline did it with the stroller. It was not easy. When we got there (this was the big kid area) right away we found slides. Then we found an area with an airplane shaped structure which Bastien wanted to play on all the time (even though we wanted to go explore the other areas). We went to the airplane area 3 different times. I’m not sure how long we were there before Adeline found the little kid area on the map.  In this area there were a couple (based on their age and the age of the child I’m going to guess Grandparents ;)) with a little boy – I don’t know exactly how old – I would guess somewhere between 1.5/2 years. We played there for a while and as there were cannon type plastic thingies on all the structures Bastien and I each went to a different one and pretended to have a battle. He won and I died.

We ended up leaving at the same time as the others and here’s where it get’s too cute. I’ve mentioned before that Sylvain now knows how to wave and clap and that he does both at random. He’s also been learning well how to wave when someone is saying hello/goodbye, etc. As we were walking toward the stroller (as were the trio) we said goodbye to each other; what does Sylvain do? He starts waving! No prompting except for goodbye. It was so adorable because he did it right away. Sometimes it depends on what mood he’s in, but this time he waved goodbye as if they were old friends.

On to the mini-farm! We found a place to sit down and eat our sandwiches before looking at the animals. They had rabbits, roosters, chickens, and these birds that look like the cousins of turkeys but I don’t know what they’re called (in French or English). They also had a type of pig…again, I don’t remember what it’s called in French to translate it, but I don’t think we have that type of pic in Canada. At least I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. We also spent some with a mini-Shetland pony. On one side of the paved path (where we saw the pony) there were a bunch of trees. The leaves have already started turning and falling, so pretty. I’m guessing that at least one was a chestnut tree (assuming I’m right on the fallen brown things being chestnuts :P). The lane was covered in chestnuts, leaves, and some other thing that I think was a nut, but I don’t know for sure. Seeing the chestnuts reminded me of home. Maybe that’s a little random. More specifically, it reminded me of Roth family get-togethers, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m not sure what they’re technically called, I’m pretty sure we just call them chestnuts, but in the Roth family we make these…finger desserts that look like chestnuts. They are peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate leaving only the very top uncovered. So amazing. I’d rather eat one of those than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup any day!

Moving on. After the first pony we went down to another field with little goats. I don’t know if they were actually miniature goats or not (I’ve seen pics of mini’s and these were bigger than those). Maybe they were just babies, I don’t know, but they were small and they were adorable and they came right up to us. There was another pony as well, but he wasn’t as friendly. He kept snorting and neighing at us. And Bastien kept asking him why he was making those noises. Eventually we started walking back to the car. Or we thought we did. Periodically theses vans from the park would drive passed us (at this point we were on the main ‘road’) and we stopped one to check. We were going in the wrong direction. So we headed back and got on the right path. After a while Bastien asked if I would carry him. It makes sense. We were out and about for a few hours and he didn’t really sit and eat lunch so he was pretty much on his feet the entire time. I carried him piggy-back for a little when Adeline asked if he wanted to switch with Sylvain and go in the stroller. At first he said no, but changed his mind after less than a minute. So we switched. I carried Sylvain a few different ways before finally putting him on my shoulders. I think he liked that.

Instead of going right home we went to the city of Durbuy. This lovely little place as the honour of the being called ‘The Smallest City in the World’. It’s very touristy with places that organize kayaking trips, so many restaurants and a bunch of other things. We didn’t stay for that long, just about an hour or so, but the main attraction was stopping for ice cream. We went to a restaurant that specializes in ice cream, crêpes and the like. Adeline took Sylvain out of the stroller and put him in a chair. He then proceeded to stand up in said chair, turn around, and start waving at the elderly couple behind him. It was even cuter than earlier today because I don’t think he had any prompting he just did it on his own. I don’t know why, but Sylvain waving at you is one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. Bastien got a special clown bowl for his chocolate (and vanilla) ice cream. I eventually chose Chocolate Dream (Rêve de Chocolate) which consisted of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate liqueur. Topped with whip cream this was quite the tasty sundae. Adeline had a chocolate milkshake and a Durbuy beer.

I managed to remember I had brought Freddy with me and he was brought out for pictures. While I was trying to take a picture of Bastien coming out of the restaurant – we ate outside – after paying (he did it all by himself!), Sylvain managed to get close enough to the bottle of water to knock it over. Which in turn knocked over one of the glasses which proceeded to break. Ouch >_<. No one was actually hurt, but still. Not fun. After the ice cream we went to a butcher shop and then took an alternate route back to the car. It was very scenic – all light grey stone – uniform yet unique with cobblestone streets and plenty of  interesting alleys. Not small, squishy, scary alleys, just small streets. We stopped at this waffle stand. We weren’t exactly hankering after a waffle at that moment, but something caught our (well, Adeline’s) attention; waffles on sticks. Waffle suckers. We each had to get one just because they were on sticks and looked like those crystallized candy sticks you can get in a bunch of different flavours. Except bigger. On the outside they looked like a Liège waffle – but inside there were no sugar clumps! At least not in mine.

Of course on the journey home we encouraged Bastien to sleep. It was almost an hour so he would have been able to get a bit of a nap in. He fell asleep with about 15 minutes to go. Silly boy. After arriving back at the house it was the usual routine. And like usual I am now here recalling my day for all of you.

Click here for photos!


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A beautiful September day.

You know how I mentioned the other day that I could probably pack away my shorts and stuff? Well, not yet I shouldn’t. Today was really warm. And tonight still is. There’s a breeze and it’s supposed to rain (feels like a storm coming on ;)), but it still felt warm.

I had a leisurely morning, slept in, didn’t do much. When I finally came out of my room Bastien was just finishing Mulan. Then I went back in my room. We had lunch, the kids went upstairs. I think Sylvain slept a bit, but I don’t think Bastien did. Today for the afternoon Adeline’s friends Sofia and Céline were here, as well as Aurore with Clémence and Maëline. Aurore and the girls ended up staying for supper as well. It was great for the kids to be able to play together, but there were a few incidents with sticks. I did spend a lot of time putting pictures on Facebook and not outside. I’ve almost got all of the Switzerland pictures (from the first trip) up that I want, but that’s on my account, not on my blog page. I’ll have to reload them on my blog page, but right not a lot of those pictures are actually on here. I also keep forgetting that I have to publish my Amsterdam posts. I have the first day written I just haven’t published it yet!

I ended up going out to help watch the kids when Adeline went to buy the meat for the BBQ tonight. She took Sylvain with her so there was only one baby to prevent from eating grass, moss, and flowers instead of two. The kids all ate first and then went to bed. By the time we ate it was going on 8:30. It was yummy. Adeline had bought a watermelon for dessert and Greg cut us all some, but when we bit into it we discovered it was bad. At first I thought maybe it was just me because I’m picky when it comes to watermelon, but then Adeline said something so I knew I wasn’t just imagining it. Out to the chickens we went. They’re sleeping so they’ll discover their treat in the morning. Then we realized that we had left a bunch of stuff outside so we put everything away before it rains.

That’s basically it, at least on my end.


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Productivity is subjective

At least I woke up for my walk this morning, woot! Go me. I did spend most of my day planted on my chair in front of my computer, but I wasn’t just fooling around. For some reason I’ve been on a movie kick the last couple days. I just want to watch movies all the time! Today I watched Invincible with Mark Wahlberg. I don’t know where the idea to watch that came from, it just sort of popped into my head yesterday. I can never remember the name of that movie though, odd. And I’m not a fan of football. Double odd. I like football movies though, or rather, I like sport movies and most happen to be about football. Even though I’ve seen it a few times before I didn’t remember everything and for some reason I got really into it and was on the edge of my seat waiting for the football scenes to play out and… Wow, cool it Holly.

What else did I do? Well, I posted about 93 photos from our trip to Paris! Complete with tags and descriptions. I commented in a heated discussion on the Laurier Musical Theatre club group on Facebook. I said Happy Birthday to a couple of people. And I organized some other pictures. When you put it all down here it doesn’t sound like much….. I mean, there were dishes that I put away, filled the dishwasher, folded a little laundry, helped Adeline fold the big sheets and covers, had lunch, watched a little bit of a French game show with Adeline… Is that really all?

Like I said, subjective. Here’s the link if you want to check out my Paris pictures. ^_^ Enjoy.

Birthday Extravaganza!

Here is the promised birthday post! I’m excited, are you excited? 

Yesterday started out as any other day. But at breakfast it was different! I got a CD (‘Circle’ by Scala and Kolacny Bothers) and a picture frame that has these ribbons that hang down and have little clips to clip pictures on it. I’ve already created something with a bunch of pictures – my first Belgian bricolage! The CD is a women’s choir and it’s got songs like ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morissette and ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon as well as some original songs written by one of the Kolacny brothers. It’s really nice, I like it a lot.

Once Greg was off with Bastien, I went online and watched some YouTube videos and listened to my new CD. Around 10 I lay down to have a nap (I was up till 2am in the morning…part of it was because of my cough and the other, well, maybe I was excited I don’t know :D). I ended up finally falling asleep and waking up around 1:15! Crazy. Then I had lunch and spent the afternoon getting ready. I wanted to look nice for my birthday dinner you see. It’s up to you to see if I succeeded! After picking Bastien up and coming home for a bit we went to Louvain-la-Neuve for dinner. We went to this Italian restaurant called Le Fellini. I had the Pizza Carbonera (I think that’s the one it was…), but I translated part of it wrong. I was all excited because it said green peppers…or so I thought! It was actually green pepper CORN! So I spent most of the dinner picking them out >_<. I was also intrigued because it said there was bacon (normal, ok) and…egg. I thought I would try it out. This is what I got (breakfast and dinner all in one!): 

Needless to say that is one pizza experience I will NEVER forget! During dinner I got another surprise; a webcam! This was from Adeline’s mother. Thanks Sybille! So if anyone has Skype and wants to video chat, let me know. ^_^ The pizza was quite tasty (without the pepper), but I couldn’t even finish it all…and no doggy bags. The funniest part of dinner was when Bastien discovered himself in the mirrors. Adeline and I were beside each other with our back to a mirror and we were sitting in a corner. So Bastien (who was across from me) was able to see himself in 3 different mirrors depending on which way he moved. He was thrilled! He kept saying ‘there’s 3 of me!’. It was very cute.

So dinner was awesome, but now it’s on to the really fun part of the evening. Now, you all know me. Except for the occasional wedding (it was one time, gimme a break!) I partake in the social event of drinking rarely. Now before you get excited/disappointed, I did not get drunk :P, but I did experience 4 beers. Or rather, 4 different types of Troll beer. We went to the brewery because Adeline (who used to work there) told me about this ‘taste-testing’ you can do on your birthday.

You have to show your ID to prove it’s your birthday (he couldn’t find my D.O.B. on my license at first and it freaked me out for a second…then I showed him where it was) and then you get to try the La Rafale for FREE! It’s 4 beers (the entire thing is 0.5L), 2 blonde, and 2 amber.

Beer #1: Curvée des Trolls. 7%, smooth and nice.

This is the beer that I had last week (was it really only last week?).

Beer #2: Ambrose-Temps. 5.5%, a little more bitter than the first. This one I could tell was weaker, but I didn’t like it as much because of the extra bitterness it had compared with #1. 

Beer #3: Bush 10%. As you can see, this one had more of a kick than #s 1 & 2. It was also a blonde beer like the first. I liked this one.

Beer #4: Bush 12%. This last beer (like #2) was an amber beer. Stronger and much more bitter. I felt it in my nose! I didn’t really like this one. My favourites were #s 1 & 3. I may not be a Gentleman, but I definitely Prefer Blondes* beer. Insert witty musical reference here, er, there.

It was a lot of fun trying those. And it’s a good idea really. If you don’t know what kind of beer you like, this lets you try different kinds in small sizes. Greg got one too, and he tried to tell me to drink it in the opposite order, but I’d been forewarned by Adeline and there were numbers on the tray…and he thought I would fall for that! And he kept trying to get me to chug them…I’m not sure if he’s such a good influence! I’m kidding. He’s great! And he was just joking with me…I think ;). Remember I said Adeline used to work at this Brewery/Pub? Well, she used to be able to carry 10 of those trays at once! Empty of course, but still impressive. It was good for Bastien because he was able to be as loud as he wanted and no one would mind :D. Him and Greg kept making silly/scary faces, it was very entertaining. It was a great end to a great evening. The Pub trip wasn’t planned, but sometimes those things are the best. We weren’t sure if they still did it for free on your birthday, but we thought we’d check and I’m glad we did because it was fun and not something I’m ever going to get to do again.

So I’m not sure if the post itself was very interesting, but the pictures are I think. I had so many I wanted to include, but I just picked a few of my favourites as a treat. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I got on Facebook and through email (and snail mail, thanks Laura!). This post is up so late because I was responding to all of those!


*Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the name of book, a musical and a 1953 movie starring Marilyn Monroe for those who don’t know. I can’t tell you what it’s about, I just know the title! There’s a sequel to the first book titled But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes. I thought that was sort of interesting.

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