The Event

Well. I think Bastien is feeling a lot better. Yesterday was so easy with him because he was feeling so crappy and didn’t have the energy to do anything. Today was different. He had a lot of energy. And the not wanting to do something started up again. At least he went down for a nap and actually slept for a while. Then he watched Cars 2. I watched the last half, but I don’t really know what was going on. I was feeling a little…well, tired, and just blah so I wasn’t really paying attention.

I’m going to leave you with a little taste of the latest show we’ve been watching. It’s…interesting. I’ll admit it captured my attention at first. I’m still interested, I want to know what this “event” is, but I’m afraid that I’m already starting to lose a little interest. It’s like How I Met Your Mother. I mean, I like that show, but when you know from the beginning that there’s a certain end you’re going for and you have to wait years till you get there…well, it gets kind of old after a while. I still like HIMYM, I’m just wondering how long they’re going to keep it going. Maybe that’s why I lost interest in Lost. I mean, how many years can you be stuck on an island and it still be interesting? Mind you, for one reason or another I stopped watching after the 1st season so I don’t know what’s all going on. I only started watching it because it started on the heels of the LOTR franchise and Dominic Monaghan (Merry Brandybuck) was in it. And I’m way off topic. I guess it’s just that we know there’s going to be some sort of big event, but have they already planned how many seasons they think they’re going to be able to drag it out for?

Here’s the IMDb link. And here’s the season 1 trailer:


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I Love You, You’re Perfect, now…wait, what?

I spent a while today catching up on episodes of Glee and Criminal Minds. Therefore I – yet again – did not load any pictures. Oh the excuses. After waking up from his nap I played with Sylvain for a while, and then Bastien woke up. Before dinner I started reading Beauty and the Beast to Bastien, but we didn’t get to finish it before we had to go eat. My reading comprehension is getting better, but it still needs work. I definitely mispronounce things.

So here’s a little something to hopefully entertain and maybe make you laugh. I think I mentioned this musical a couple of months ago, but I have to again, this time with videos. So many of the songs are so hilarious, but I just picked a couple of them to show you. I’ve never been in the dating scene, but I still think these are so funny. Enjoy!

I realize the sound quality isn’t the greatest on all of them, and some – especially the last one – they sound like they’re trying way to hard, but the message still gets across and I think it’s hilarious. Someday I actually want to see this. In fact, someday I think I would like to be in it!


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So I planned to post about London today. I’ve chosen all the pictures I want to put up on Facebook from the 3 days. I went to start loading Day 1 and something was messed up and didn’t work. So, I did something else. I got distracted and forgot about it and before I knew it, it was time to pick up Sylvain. Then I got distracted watching TV after the boys were in bed. Now it’s almost midnight and I’m ready for bed.

Other than the appointment for the car (just your regular check-up, oil change, etc.) I didn’t do much besides fold laundry, listen to Christmas music – hey, it’s almost December – and spend some time on my computer. Bastien actually ate tonight with very little fuss. I think it’s too early to hope him eating somewhat willingly will become a common occurrence, but I’m sure it will happen at some point ;).

Sorry for the disappointing post :(.


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How do you spell that again?

I don’t have any videos for you today. Not that I couldn’t come up with some. Today I finished cleaning my room, now tomorrow I just have to fold all my laundry. I also caught myself up on the first 3 episodes of both How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Good times and chuckles all around.

I’m playing around with the idea of another self-made video…this time with me and the piano. I have no idea how it will work sound wise, especially since I think I’ll have to stick my computer on top of the piano. I think that’s a bad idea, but we’ll see. First I have to practice some more and brush up on my piano skills. They’ve been a bit neglected the past two months.

Lucie arrives tomorrow night! And then Sunday we’re off to Brugge. You know, it’s spelled two different ways here (French/Flemish), all the big towns/cities are, and I can’t remember the English way. In French it’s Bruges. Actually, I think that’s the English way too, at least that’s how it’s spelled on one of my English guide books. So the Flemish is Brugge. Now that we have that figured out…..

I almost forgot! Today when I picked him up from school Bastien saw me before he got to the gate. Since it was sunny and warm (a lot warmer than this morning) he had his hoodie in his hand, his back-pack on his back, his jacket open, and his hood up. Why the hood I have no idea. When he saw me he started saying ‘Holly, Holly, Holly’ and made his way as quick as possible to the gate. I know that’s how he greets him Mom, it’s nice that he’s happy to see me. Sylvain was like that to. He started bouncing around like crazy in his high chair when we arrived. Who am I kidding though, he was just excited to see big brother ;).


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I found a pig!

I found a what? That’s right folks, I found a pig. A little, white pig. A little, white, breakable pig. It’s a piggy bank that I can paint! This summer we (my family) got one for Bastien for his birthday. It’s always good to learn how to save and we were able to paint it with his name, our names, and the Belgian and Canadian flags. Last week I went to the huge toy store in Louvain-la-Neuve where we got Bastien’s and they didn’t have any!. Oh no. So I was thinking about getting something else I could decorate. I waited because I was almost sure there was this same store in Hannut (where I take my French course). It was right, there is one. At first I didn’t find the pig. I saw the other stuff and got discouraged. But like in the first store I looked at every single craft item just to make sure it wasn’t placed somewhere else. I’m glad I did that because I managed to find what I was looking for. Now I have a month to paint it :P. I can’t believe Sylvain will be 1-year-old in a month!

I went today because I was already out dropping off Sylvain. Other than picking both boys up this afternoon I just chilled at the house, as usual. I watched two episodes of Band of Brothers, only 3 more to go. In these last two episodes I watched they were fighting in Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge right here in Belgium. Bastogne (if I have my geography down pat) is in the Luxembourg province, and about an hour and a half away from Wasseiges. I think. Around that. I think it’s also the site of the large star-shaped monument with the names of all 50 States engraved on it and names of soldiers. So things in theses episodes were familiar to me because of places I’ve already visited. That was kind of cool.

I also made supper tonight (oh it’s been a while….). A sort of ground beef, veggie, rice concoction. It turned out not bad. Greg helped me out with a sauce for it, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been very good.

That’s about it for today.


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Who really needs a title anyway…

Last night Adeline and Greg went out for a Valentine’s Day dinner. I can’t even remember if I mentioned that yesterday, my head hurts so much. Maybe it’s because I was up watching T.V. till 3am and was still awake at 5. I ‘napped’ this afternoon, but I didn’t really sleep. Let’s hope I can sleep tonight.

Greg’s Mom and Dad came for a visit. They brought Bastien another backpack, but a much smaller one this time.

This post will be more about pictures than words, I’m all out right now.

This is the picture frame I got for my birthday. –>            

<– This is what my sitting area looks like now.

This is a picture of my now cleaner desk and the shelf that Greg put up for me today. –> 

<– This is that Peach beer I had the other night.

This is the beer that Adeline and Greg had that same night. –>  

Another day, another destiny…

Sorry about that. The title just came to me randomly. The words are – of course – lyrics to a musical theatre number. I believe it’s called ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables……..*Insert Jeopardy theme music here*………… I was right! YouTube and the world-wide web are great resources, just thought I’d point that out.

So Sylvain was up at 1am and 6am so Adeline was pretty tired this morning. I offered to take care of the Sylvain for her so she could sleep. After all, that’s what I’m here for! I had to give him some medicine and I fed him, other than that we chatted for a bit (I’m fluent in baby-talk, FYI) and he slept.

Also, I’m making my way trough season 2 of 4 of the show ‘Chuck’. It is my new favourite show. A spy show. It’s basically a mix of all the spy clichés possible put into one show. It’s kind of half comedy/half drama….maybe 60%-40% with the comedy coming out the winner. The show’s lead character Chuck provides comic relief in the face of danger and certain death (which never actually comes because his CIA and NSA handlers Sarah and Casey always save the day). I digress.

I see I have a couple comments! I shall sign off now so I can go read them. As far as my French class goes it was par for the course, nothing too unusual. We’re up two new members again. That means that when everyone is in attendance there are 14 of us! We’ve doubled in size since I joined.

The thing about cats is…

Actually, this post is not going to be about cats. I was just really hard up for a title and thought of Shanga, Adeline’s lovely cat. She spent most of today outside, I think, but when she is in and you’re watching tv she loves to cuddle!

Anyway, nothing much to report today. One more night at the hospital for Sylvain.

Also, although I didn’t go outside today it seems that it was/is very windy. Thought that might be interesting to point out. Of course it isn’t, I’m just trying to take up space with complete nonsense! It’s what I do best.

Lazy Dayz

Not much happened today, except some extra sleep (a nap, as a preventative measure against getting sick ;)), watching Sylvain sleep (and some TV), picking Bastien up, helping with supper, and giving Sylvain a bath. I am going to get spoiled this year.

Also, I’ve had news from my Mom that Canada is experiencing cold, cold weather, with a lot of snow (and the chance of more on the way). I will say that it’s nice to able to go on a walk and not worry about freezing, but I do sort of miss the snow. Driving over here is nice because I don’t have to worry about it, that is one BIG plus. So, enjoy the snow, and I’ll enjoy the light, spritz-y rain :D.


Bastien has this hat, his “bonnet qui fait peur” (which means ‘hat that makes afraid’). If you’ve noticed the little boy with a bright green hat in some of my pictures, that’s him and that’s the hat. It has these little black horn/ear things and a face with sharp teeth. He likes to go ‘rawr’ when he’s wearing it and say boo as well. We all act startled and he laughs, he loves it! Today though, today was different. When I came over here I brought with me some Canada wear. I brought these HUGE red and white Canada Christmas stockings, a red and white toque that says ‘CANUCK’ (for Sylvain, although it’s very big for him) and roots t-shirts and hoodies for the Bastien and Clémence. Today Bastien wore the Canuck hat, and it was really, really cute! It fits him perfectly.

Adeline, Greg, and the boys went to visit with some friends so that left me with the afternoon all to myself. I ended up watching a bunch of  ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episodes. I spent most of my time laughing, that show is hilarious! If you’ve never watched it you should try and check it out. I don’t know what episode to recommend, but if you manage to see one wear Sheldon laughs, you won’t be sorry. It’s like this little, breathy, jumpy thing; very funny. It’s hard to explain, but when you see it, you’ll know what I mean. Also, in the first season there’s an episode where they talk a lot about sarcasm, for as intelligent as Sheldon is he can’t tell when someone is being sarcastic! So they try to teach him and his roommate Leonard makes a sarcasm sign. I think everyone should have one of these just because.

Also, remember that Molson Canadian “My name is Joe, and I AM CANADIAN” commercial? Remember the t-shirts? I had one once, but it was a knock-off Giant Tiger version with the text on the front (the real one’s had it on the back). I wore it to Canada’s Wonderland one time and I remember standing in a line that curved back and forth and this guy was staring at me (I felt kind of awkward at first), so I turned away…then I realized he was reading me shirt and I felt kind of bad. It’s a lot to read and he didn’t get to finish it. Is it weird that I remember that? Or that I felt bad for a while after? I feel bad about the strangest things. If you’ve never seen the commercial, or just want to refresh your memory you can check out this video of it on YouTube: I AM CANADIAN!. Enjoy!

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