*****ATTENTION READERS: This blog is currently under construction. Please exercise patience and understanding even though we all know it’s only because Holly’s so wishy-washy and….ahem. Excuse me. Some pages and/or their drop-down menus may come to dead ends. DO NOT BE ALARMED! They just aren’t finished yet. Sometimes in trying to make things easier there are inconveniences. We apologize for those in advance. We hope that you will enjoy everything once it is finished and that it makes your blog-reading experience quicker and more to-the-point.*****

Thank you in advance for you understanding,

Your friendly neighbourhood TBP™* and Administrative Assistant, Freddy


First off, to all my regulars:  again, I’m so sorry for the change in theme. I blame this on my incisiveness. It’s like how I feel the need to change my room around all the time…well, I feel the need to play with themes until I find one I really like. Unfortunately this can be challenging for some and for that I apologize. Who knows how long I’ll keep this one.

For those of you who might be new, feel free to look around and check out the ‘About’ page to learn a little more about me and why I started this blog in the first place. I hope you enjoy your stay! ^_^


*TBP – Travelling Beanie Panda 

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  1. love you for what you said today… looking forward to what your blog is gonna look like!


    • Hey, no problem! That’s part of what we’re all on here for right? To stick together as bloggers and help each other out. Even if it’s just support and not advice ^_^.

      Me too, except it’s going to be even slower going the next two weeks b/c I’ve got the kids with me, but it’s no biggie, it will get done!

  2. That is beauty of wordpress you can change the themes etc whenever you get bored. Looking forward to seeing your new luck

    • Thanks so much! And yeah, all in all I’ve found WordPress to be super awesome! I have an old Live Journal account, but for some reason I never considered that blogging. WordPress is much easier to use!

  3. have fun girl. It is your blog. At least you have started. I just keep thinking about it. Hehehe!

    • Thanks! I actually have been having fun. Reading some of my old posts make me cringe and I think ‘oh, I hope I don’t still write like that!’. I’m excited to put up the food pics. I need to go through and delete some previous pics because I realize I have a lot of stuff that’s not really that crucial and I have almost no space left!

  4. Your blog is a beautiful work in progress. It’s the content that counts, but like me I keep changing themes as well 🙂

    • Thanks! I have so much organizing to do, and not all of it is for my readers, but some just for me. So tomorrow it’s laundry and blog organization!


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