Little Bundle of Energy

Yesterday afternoon Sybille picked up the boys and had them overnight. This morning I met her in Namur at the Little Gym. Sylvain normally goes Saturday mornings, but because of a mix-up with me saying I’d take Bastien (at least I thought I said that, but maybe I said Sylvain, I don’t know) and Adeline thinking I said Sylvain, he didn’t go yesterday. So he went this morning. Because I won’t really have any more chances to do the gym with him I did it today. It was crazy! He never stopped moving. I spent half the time running around after him. It was fun and I can see the benefits for the kids (and parents).

Yesterday he said another word. Sort of. He said ‘dehors’ (outside). At least that’s what it sounded like to us and he was with Greg looking out the kitchen door. Also, when he sees the cat or you ask him to say cat (chat) he makes his little growling noise. It’s happened enough that we know he associates the noise with ‘cat’. Even though everything he ‘says’ is still just noises, those noises are starting to sound more and more like actual conversation.

I was fortunate today. I got 2 ‘I love you’s’ from Bastien. Just out of the blue. I asked him if he’ll miss me when I leave and he said no because his parents will still be here. I asked if he’ll miss me just a little bit because I won’t be here to play with him anymore and he said yes.


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I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe it’s already November! This year has gone by so fast.

This morning I drove Bastien to Little Gym. The girl who was supposed to open up forgot her key and was waiting outside. So we stood around waiting a bit for her Mom or one of the other employees to have a key. It wasn’t super cold out, but it was chilly. This girl was in knee length shorts and flip-flops! I thought that was a little crazy. Then I remembered it’s November and thought that was really crazy! I was a surprised to hear about the snow already in the States. My internal seasonal clock is a little messed up I guess. So I keep forgetting how far along in the year we actually are.

Sylvain had another tough night. He was happy and everything when I picked him up this afternoon, but after his bath and pj’s he just cried and cried. It’s easy to forget what it’s like when the teeth come in.

And now for something to hopefully tickle your funny bone. I’m ready for a good laugh. I laugh whenever I watch this. It’s the first ‘The Hillywood Show’ video I watched. Their new videos are way more intense with costumes, make-up, etc. They’ve become wildly popular and they’re good at what they do. I’m still laughing. This video makes Twilight look even more, hmmm, pathetic is a really strong word considering I was into it for a while *hangs head in shame*. I guess it’s not that different from some other books I’ve read. Actually, it’s the movies that make it ridiculous. Just saying. If you’re a fan don’t hate, I will still watch the last two movies, and I do own the books, but I’ve just outgrown it :P.



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On stranger tides….

Yes. I totally ripped that off. Thank you Walt Disney and your Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (which I think needed to stop at 3 and that might have even gone too far). We just watched the 4th instalment tonight and while I was entertained I wasn’t as enthralled as I was the first time around with Captain Jack. He gets less interesting each film…I still love that character, just, you can really have too much of a good thing*.

This morning I had a total fail. Alarm was set to go for my walk. I woke up, then hit the snooze, this time with the alarm right next to me. I really have to stop it with the snooze button. Next thing I know it’s 8am and no one was knocking on my door! I was all panicked. Greg had to leave early this morning and since I didn’t come upstairs Adeline decided to do a ‘test’ run to see how it would work when I’m not here, when Greg has to leave early, and she has to get the boys ready herself. It worked out fine of course, but I still felt bad. I’ve slept in far too much this year. After breakfast and all was in readiness I drove Sylvain to Catherine’s (babysitter).

The morning flew by, spent, once again, at my computer. There are things in the works. Exciting things. Somewhat stress causing things. Things that will cause me to actively do something things. Those kind of things. Have I said the word things enough yet? I say stress causing because I’m a big wuss when it comes to stepping out of my ‘comfort zone’. How did you manage to get on a plane to Europe then?’ one may ask. If I hadn’t known my host family before coming here I honestly don’t think I could have done it. Once I’m in a situation and am either used to it, or just forced to adapt and push through, I’m ok. It’s the worry, wonder, and anxiety leading up to said situation that causes me stress. I really hope that I’m not building this up only to let you down. I won’t say anything for certain until the important details are finalized, but for me, it’s exciting.

This afternoon Adeline had to stay at the house to meet someone so I took Bastien to Little Gym. He’s old enough now (thank goodness, I would have been lost) that the parents don’t have to be in with his group. So I dropped him off, went to the grocery store to pick up some shower gel, then went back to watch him in action. I also think I have the 2 songs picked that I’m going to focus on in my small presentation on Monday. I’m probably over thinking it and making it into a bigger deal than it actually is, but I don’t have much to go on. Bastien fell asleep on the way to Namur. I wanted him to be awake enough to walk himself inside so I tried waking him up before we got there. The windows were all open a bit – did I forget to mention that it was 27° (C) today! – and he didn’t hear me. Even when I yelled. I ended up whistling (thanks Mom for teaching me that; now if only I could do it without my fingers…) and he woke up with a start. I kind of felt bad. Then he nodded off again. Again, he only woke with the piercing whistle. I had to whistle 3 times to get him to stay awake. Poor kid. He’s used to taking his nap around that time. That reminds me…the back windows in my car are open.

When we got home Bastien still had all kinds of energy and wanted to play outside. Good idea. We have to take advantage of this beautiful weather while we can! While I was helping him get all ready Adeline brought this boy out back. I’m really bad with ages, but he might have been about 12, 13? Bah, I don’t know. He’s a Scout and I guess he’s trying to make money for something to do with Scouting so he asked if there was anything he could do. Fortunately the grass needed cutting so he did that. I remember those days. Cutting my elderly neighbour’s yard for money. Mind you, her yard was a lot bigger than here…and so was our yard! I think it used to take 5 or so hours with a push mower to mow all our grass. I might be exaggerating, but it took a long time. Of our 12.5 acres, most of that is field, but we had a lot of grass. We have a little less now because of the new garage, big flower beds, ‘pool house’ (we used to have a pool). It’s still a lot of grass. Now we have a riding lawn mower and my Mom does it most of the time. I think I’ve used that thing once or twice… They say nothing runs like a Deere, but I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of that thing. Give me a push mower any day.

I keep forgetting to mention something! Bastien goes through times when he wants nothing to do with me and he won’t say hello or goodbye. But when pressed (because it’s the polite thing to do) he would eventually cave and give me a cheek peck goodbye. Lately he hasn’t been doing that. Instead he sends me ‘flying kisses’. This isn’t that new, but it’s a little more consistent right now. In some ways I feel like it’s our little ‘thing’, but I know it’s not. He’ll blow me a kiss and immediately place his hand on his cheek to ‘catch’ mine. So I have to make sure I send him one at the same time his comes my way, and then remember to ‘catch’ it. It’s adorable to watch. Also today before gym he said he had a sore stomach. Well, since magic kisses are the best cure-all he kissed his hand, lifted up his shirt, and touched his stomach! This isn’t the first time he’s done it, but it’s the first time I saw it and I couldn’t help the little chuckle that escaped.

I received another wonderful surprise today. I will act on it, but not today, and most likely not tomorrow. I want to take the time to do it right. I feel like I rushed it before, but I don’t regret it. If you’re curious and haven’t figured out what I’m talking about you can go visit Lafemmeroar to find out what it is. If I say any more it’s going to get really mushy around here :P.

*The blog Bound By Books and her post on how too much of your favourite thing can make it not your favourite thing.


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One Month!

Last night I was up rather late. I went online to write my blog (not intending to do anything else), but one thing led to another, I answered some emails and then next thing I know it’s 2:18am and I’ve just spent the last couple hours watching music videos on YouTube. I say, Lady Gaga’s music seems normal, but then you watch the music videos and you’re thinking ‘what the heck is she on?!’. I mean sure, she’s very artistic and creative and ‘theatrical’ (according to Glee), but I’m being honest when I say that sometimes you can go a little over the top. But hey, the world needs a few people like that so the rest of us feel normal. I’m not dissing Lady Gaga, there are some of her songs I really like listening to. I’m just being observant and voicing an opinion.

I thought staying up would be ok because I could sleep in today, but I ended up getting up to go to Little Gym with Bastien and Adeline. Today was the end of a cycle and their was a show where family could come in and watch what the kids do every week (like they do with dance classes) and take pictures and things. Normally it’s just one parent per kid in the room. I didn’t have to go, but I thought it would be neat. So I have a bunch of pictures and some video. It’s a really neat place where the kids can be active in a safe environment (with lots of padding) and try out mini gymnastic type things. They also have this big circle pad where they put the kids on it on their stomachs and roll them towards another pad. When the get there, they help the kids do a somersault onto the pad on the floor. It looked like fun! They sang some songs and even had one of those big parachute things that are great to play with in groups. At the end of the parachute section they had the kids go underneath it and when all the kids were supposed to leave from underneath, there was Bastien trying to stick his head out of the center hole. I don’t have a picture of it, but I have it on video! Bastien even let me take his picture with his diploma. Now he will move up an age group and go at a later time.

Let’s travel back in time for a minute shall we:

Flashback to April 1997.

Some of you might know/remember the story of how when Jean-Go’s family came to visit the year he lived with us we went to Medieval Times in Toronto and someone (I can’t remember who, I was 10) won a blue teddy bear and gave it to Lisa. This is the one time I remember actually throwing a temper-tantrum. I know it happened more than once, but this is the one time I remember. I wanted a bear too! Yes, I admit, I am somewhat ashamed at my behaviour. Oh well. So when we took them to the airport Jean-Go’s Dad and younger brother disappeared for a while. When they came back they handed me a beanie panda bear and Charles (Jean’s brother) told me his name was Freddy. I remember playing with that bear a lot. I even took it to school and when my friends and I built small forts in the snow, I put the panda in them. I still have him. I actually brought him with me.

End flashback

This is the story of Freddy the Sleeping (now he’s awake!) Panda. So remember how I was saying (yesterday I believe) how Bastien likes to go on ‘trips’ with his backpack-on-wheels and he likes me to go with him with my suitcase? Well, he wanted to do that again today. So when we were in my room getting my suitcase he went and got Freddy. He had gotten him earlier when we were playing as well and I had put him (the bear) in one of my hoodie pockets. So Bastien tried to do that, but he didn’t have any pockets! So he told me to put him in my pocket again. Thus starts the funny part of the story. He decided that Freddy needed to have a nap so he took the bear and put him in my bed. Lying on his back of course (he corrected me when I put Freddy on his stomach). Then Bastien pulled up the covers (and now for something REALLY CUTE), gave him a little kiss and said good night (and good nap), just as if he was putting a little kid to bed. Then as we left he had me dim the light. Bastien closed the door, started walking into the library and then stopped! Freddy was awake! So he went up to the door and said ‘tok tok’ (knock knock) Bonjour Freddy, opened it (had me turn up the lights) and went to get the bear. He brought Freddy back out with him (but not before pulling my covers back up, so thoughtful) and got the library again and decided it was time for Freddy to sleep. This happened at least 10 times, I’m sure of it, and he never got very far (sometimes only a few steps) before he would take Freddy back into my room and put him back to bed or go and get him when he was ‘asleep’. Sometimes Freddy was crying, sometimes he wasn’t. Bastien would always talk to Freddy very nicely, and give a kiss before leaving. I couldn’t stop laughing (silently of course), it was cute and so funny. It was funny because he did it so many times and because he never got very far before he was back either waking him up or putting him to bed. It was adorable. Actually, I think Freddy is still in my bed right now :D. He’ll have to go back to his place on the nightstand tonight though, I sleep alone :).

During this time two of Adeline’s friends were over. One I met at the wine and cheese party and the other I just met today. Both are very, very nice. And for the occasion Adeline picked up a tarte sucre (sugar cake) from the bakery. Very tasty. We had hot chocolate as well and fruit.

Also today is my 1 month anniversary of my arrival in Belgium! And I haven’t missed a day of blogging yet, go me! And I guess I have this strange obsession with ‘!’ marks. I just get so excited!! 😀

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