Je m’appelle HULK!

Today was like most other Wednesdays, nothing special or different. At least it started out that way. This morning I went to the Commune to inform them I will be leaving and what date. It was a simple affair, I just had to write my Canadian address, today’s date, my full name, and then sign the sheet. All finished. I still have to go to the bank and contact the insurance company. We want to make sure everyone knows I’m leaving so Greg and Adeline don’t keep getting mail for me :P.

I spent a while this afternoon watching Adele YouTube videos. Listening to her radio recording of ‘Someone Like You’ helps me understand why she has all those voice problems. I mean, the smoking doesn’t help, but that’s a whole other can of worms. It just felt like she was reaching out of her range, or at least her belting range, and you can hear her voice break. Now, that’s just what it sounds like to me, BUT I have no idea really because I don’t know her. For all I know that was just a random occurrence (I haven’t heard it on any other recording/live performance) and for authenticity’s sake they kept it there. I truly do think she’s amazingly talented and I really love her voice. I hope she gets better and stays better so she can keep doing what she loves and is so good at. 😀

Tonight at supper Adeline mashed up some food in a bowl for Sylvain. We had spinach, fish, and potatoes. This was as we were finishing so we were able to focus on Sylvain. She let him take control of the spoon (once she put food on it) and try to feed himself. Success! I don’t know if it’s just because he was hungry, or what, but he would grab the spoon from her every time and stuff it in his mouth. In between spoonfuls he would put his hands in his face. He was quite green all over. Leaps and bounds that kid, leaps and bounds. At least that’s what it seems like to me, but my close, personal baby experience is limited to Sylvain. As far as teeth go, he has 4 or 5 on top and almost 3 on the bottom. The third looks to be just breaking through. I can’t believe that in 2 weeks today I won’t be getting regular hugs and kisses from these two little munchkins.


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And we have teeth.

So Sylvain’s 2nd and 3rd teeth have broken through now. Hopefully he’ll start feeling better soon. Now he’s got two up top and one on the bottom. Oh my goodness! I have to get painting his birthday present…

I made fish tonight. I cooked it too high too fast so the pieces were all breaking apart, but it was edible. Bastien wanted the spaghetti from last night. Then he wouldn’t eat it. He ate a little, but Sylvain ended up eating a lot of it. His first time eating spaghetti! I told Bastien that I get it now. It’s Bastien who is the baby and Sylvain who is the older one. Bastien didn’t really like that.

And Sylvain is getting better at walking. I think he likes walking around holding onto a hand so he’s not really putting that much effort into learning how to do it himself. I don’t know. I just know that a lot of the time when we try to practice with him he’ll sit down. Is this normal? Probably. *shrug*

I have to include another The Hillywood Show® video. This one was just posted June 30 and is a parody of Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ all about how they’re excited to see part 2 of HP and the Deathly Hallows. It’s hilarious. I watched the ‘making of’ video (which is almost half an hour) and I laughed so hard. These girls are so talented.




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Movie Day

Not much happened today. I have to do something different though with my alarm. I wake up with the first, but always miss the second! It’s just happened way to much.

I basically chilled out today, watched a couple of movies online. Sang a bit. When Adeline and I were in the play room with the boys Sylvain kept taking Lego out of the Lego bin and putting it in the toy car bin. Or just on the floor. It was funny because sometimes he’d put it in his mouth, but mostly he would just take piece after piece out for no apparent reason.

Oh yeah! He’s getting his first tooth. It’s finally coming. I know I’ve raised a false alarm a few times before, but this time it’s really happening. We can actually see it.

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