So I was mistaken yesterday. Sylvain is at the hospital again tonight. He’s hit a plateau, no better, but no worse. Of course you all know what the word means so that explanation was completely unnecessary. Today I went into Hannut, the town where I take my French course. But I went further than I have gone before (by myself anyway). I had to go buy a new Pay&Go card for my cell phone. So now it works again! It took me a little while to find where I was going because their streets signs are horrible….meaning I couldn’t see them. They were either very small or non-existent. I’m going with very small and placed in places I wouldn’t look. 🙂

Tomorrow everyone’s getting together for lunch in Louvain-la-Neuve at Adeline’s Mom’s house. So at least that will give me something so I don’t bore you all to death :P. My Aunt pointed out to me that years down the road I will find this interesting because it will be all these little details that I forget. Which is true, my memory is already not what it used to be. Or I’m just making excuses. I’m not sure which in this case.

Happy Saturday! 😀


The thing about cats is…

Actually, this post is not going to be about cats. I was just really hard up for a title and thought of Shanga, Adeline’s lovely cat. She spent most of today outside, I think, but when she is in and you’re watching tv she loves to cuddle!

Anyway, nothing much to report today. One more night at the hospital for Sylvain.

Also, although I didn’t go outside today it seems that it was/is very windy. Thought that might be interesting to point out. Of course it isn’t, I’m just trying to take up space with complete nonsense! It’s what I do best.

Rush hour and hostage situation make for a wonderful journey.

Ok. So today I picked up Bastien from the babysitter’s and took him to the hospital in Namur where Adeline and Greg were with Sylvain. A normally 27 minute journey took me 1.5 hours. Most of that (at least an hour, but probably closer to an hour and 10-15) was spent in stop and go traffic in Namur. Bastien was pretty good about it – although every time someone honked their horn Bastien would say ‘oh! an accident!’ – it was cute, but of course not true. I had to ask him a few times to not make random loud noises because  I was trying to concentrate in a huge traffic jam in an unfamiliar city with a GPS that I couldn’t hear (and couldn’t find the volume button on). Most of the way was straight, but there were times I had to be really careful.

Because I don’t have a working phone at the moment and my radio was off (although, being in French I wouldn’t have understood them anyway) I had no idea that this kind of traffic was not normal. In fact, at the hospital Greg informed me that there was a hostage situation somewhere in Namur and so a bunch of roads were closed, thus causing the horrendous traffic. I sat at one light and watched it go from green to red to green to red to green to red and finally to green again before I moved. Lots of fun :D.

Greg was actually at the entrance when I pulled up and saw me when I was getting my parking ticket out of the machine and he took Bastien upstairs while I parked. Then I had the daunting task of finding the pediatric section. I knew it was on the third floor and I had the room #, but there were so many doors to go through. Actually, in the grand scheme of things finding them in the hospital was the easiest part! I didn’t even have to ask for help.

So, now I know that I do have the ability to keep my cool and not succumb to uncontrollable road rage…not that that’s ever happened before. :S All in all, a good experience. The drive home was awesome. There was almost no traffic, even in the city. It was clear sailing. I got home, gave Bastien his bath and was reading him a story when Greg got in. Greg came upstairs and Bastien went right to bed. He was actually very well-behaved in the bath tonight. Normally he hates when you wash his hair and get him wet with the shower head in the tub, but tonight he just went along with it really well. Also, in the car on the way home he was going through the -vers again. Holly-ver, Mamma-ver, Pappa-ver, etc. I didn’t even bring it up, it was all him.

So Sylvain is still at the hospital tonight, but he hasn’t gotten worse so that’s good.  He’s so cute when he sleeps. Aren’t all babies adorable in that state? Of course, Sylvain is ‘si mignon’ all the time!


Today started off as an interesting day. I drove Bastien to the babysitter’s, but I almost fell a bunch of times! I was silly and wore my running shoes when I knew it was icy, but I didn’t think it was that bad! I was a very cautious driver…for many reasons but mostly because I had Bastien with me!

So because of the ice I didn’t end up going on my daily walk :(. But I did get to talk with my aunt Diane in B.C. for an hour! It was noon here (so 3am there) and she couldn’t sleep so she came online to see if I was on and we chatted via Skype.

Right now Sylvain is sick, so we’re being extra careful. He’s got a cough and has some trouble breathing. He’s been to the doctor and the hospital…he’s at the hospital right now. They’re keeping him over night just to make sure there’s nothing terribly wrong. He may be sick, but he was still smiling today and giggling. It was so adorable. He has got one of the cutest smiles I’ve ever seen. It’s a joy when he gives you one.

Tonight for supper we had crêpes. Not the dessert kind, but with eggs and ham. They were really tasty.

I also just got off of Skype with my parents – you gotta love those unplanned calls when you want to post to your blog and go to bed early, but it just doesn’t happen because you spend an hour talking. That is my split personality talking – I was being both serious and sarcastic. Just thought you would all want to know. 🙂 Also, according to my Mom lots of people have been asking if I’m homesick…the answer is no. Tee hee hee. I mean, sure, there are some things I miss I guess, but really, I’ve never been one to be homesick. Except for the people I worked with and saw at school I didn’t really see people on a regular basis, so as of yet it doesn’t necessarily feel like I’m far away. It’ll feel that way during holidays when I should be getting together with the family. Maybe then I’ll feel a bit homesick, but for now I’m fine.

I will leave you all with a picture of my dinner. I started eating before I thought ‘oh! Picture opportunity!’ I wonder if I will ever get sick of taking pictures of food….

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