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Remember when I said that Adeline says Sylvain looks like a little Ewok? Well, tonight after his bath he was wearing his bath robe. After  supper he was walking around and I put his hood up (there are two little ears on it). Then he really seemed like an Ewok! And he had on these socks that have rubber stuff on the bottom to prevent slipping, so you could hear him walking around. You’d hear him walking and then suddenly it would speed up. Then you knew he was near the play room about to jump on the bean-bag chair!

Other that some grocery shopping for this weekend, all I did today was read. Therefore I’m almost done my book. It won’t take me long to finish it tomorrow. One more classic under me belt!


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A letter, a nap, and a movie.

After breakfast today Adeline and I played with the boys for a bit. Adeline was going to do some grocery shopping, but she had to wait until 9 for the stores to open. She took the boys with her. So I took the time to have a shower and answer a letter that I’ve had since July 22. I’ve mentioned before that I’m writing back and forth with a friend of mine. Well, since she was the one to house sit for my family while they were here she just gave them my letter instead of mailing it. The plan was to do the same for her, but we were so busy those 3 weeks I kept forgetting. Since then I’ve been doing other stuff and whenever I’ve thought about it I’ve always been in the middle of something. Well, I finally answered it today…and promptly fell asleep afterwards. I woke up to the doorbell wringing; they were home.

Lunch was punctuated with an assortment of ‘why?’ questions from Bastien. I guess he was in a constant state of ‘why?’ all during the shopping as well. At one point I asked him questions write back, but I only managed a couple before he told me to stop talking all the time. I tell you, he talks more than I do! Adeline and I almost burst out laughing at this. I said every time he asks a question I’m going to ask him one. I sort of forgot later today, but I’m going to try and keep it up so he can see how the rest of us feel all the time. “Why can’t I touch the pot?” “Because it’s hot.” “Why is it hot?” “Because it was on the stove.” “Why was it on the stove?” “To cook the food.” “Why did you cook the food?” “To eat it.” This is an example of how he does things. How I’m sure most kids his age do things. Sometimes it just goes in a circle and you just give up.

During nap time I went to mail my letter. I also sent off a postcard that I’ve had sitting around since March! I couldn’t find it for the longest time once we got back from Switzerland (turns out in was in my computer bag) and now I’ve had it sitting on my desk all filled out and everything for a few weeks and I keep forgetting to send it off. Well, it’s finally done, letter and postcard.

For snack time today we made waffles. Well, Adeline and Bastien made waffles, I came in when they were already underway. But I did beat the egg whites. So I helped. It was Adeline’s first time making them. I guess they were the Brussels waffles, not the Liège waffles. Remember; Brussels waffles are light and fluffy and don’t fill you up, whereas Liège waffles are heavier, dense, and with little clumps of sugar. We dipped them in (Real Canadian) maple syrup, and spread chocolate or jam on them. Tasty.

We also watched the movie Rango (voice of Johnny Depp). I’ll have to watch again in English sometime, but man, it’s one odd movie. I mean, it’s funny, but at the same time it’s odd, but I can’t really put my finger on why I feel this way. Maybe it’s the fact that lizards and rodents have guns and saloons and clothes just as if they were people. I don’t know why this would be ‘odd’ in an animated film, but maybe it’s because of the kind of animation where they look more real than animated. *shrug* I don’t know.


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What did I do today?

Ok. I just had a total blank on my day. Weird. I think I’m going crazy. Nah, I’m just messing with you. Well, we got Bastien ready for school and then I got Sylvain ready for the babysitter’s. I read part way through a French comic. It’s a good way to learn, you know, with the pictures and stuff. Picked Sylvain up from the babysitter’s at lunch. Came back home. Went grocery shopping with Adeline. Then we picked Bastien up from school. So now the teachers know who I am and that I will be picking him up.  It’s a nice little walk, not too long for him.

Does anyone remember that Zucchini soup Adeline made a while back ? Well, I made it tonight. She was there saying yes or no (for the ingredients…I have a bad memory), and Bastien put the cut up zucchini in the pot, but I physically did everything else. I told you it was easy! If I can do it anyone can. And it was edible, so there.

That’s all for today folks. Hope you can still see above the snow…..

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