I fell asleep while reading. I just woke up and am tired – and cold. This means I am very uninspired to write today. I will say this; Adeline called Sylvain a little Ewok because of how he walks (I don’t know how to spell it – you know those teddy bear type creatures from Star Wars?). Also, he loves to “run” and fall onto the bean-bag chair in the play room. He has the best of times when he does that, the greatest laugh.

I also forgot to mention yesterday my encounter with the English teacher at the school in Hannut. We were talking about accents and how they can make it really difficult for people who speak the same language to understand each other. I guess there’s an American student there (from Virginia I think) who they can hardly understand when he (I think it’s a he) talks. It made me think of London and how sometimes the accent and the occasional difference in terms/vocabulary rendered some things hard to understand. Crazy. It’s all what you’re used to.


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It’s like if Einstein and a wannabe Halloween make-up artist were to have a baby.

I realize this title is very long and really odd, but let me explain. Sylvain + chicken pocks + hair + white chalky cream for spots = a spotty baby with crazy white-ish Einstein-like hair and a face that looks like someone tried to create a vampire baby for Halloween. Crazy and still so cute!  He had so many more spots this afternoon than he did this morning. He’s covered now. He might even have more than Bastien! Speaking of Bastien, he scratched on of the spots on his head so bad that it’s all infected now and quite big. We’re a bit worried and Adeline and Greg have done their best to make it clear to him he can’t scratch it any more.

We went for a little walk this morning. September is so beautiful, but can be confusing and frustrating. I never know what to wear! There’s a wind and it seems too chilly for shorts/capris, so you wear pants. In the sun and when you’re moving it seems way too warm for pants. And I had a hoodie on during our walk. With the wind it was nice, but the sun almost made it too hot. We stopped by the bakery (of course) so I could pick up some bread. I got an éclair for Bastien (he loves those things), a cherry turnover for me, and a raspberry mousse for Greg (he’s home sick, but he was still working today!). I don’t know what he all likes there, but I know he likes raspberries and it turns out I made a good choice.

Things were pretty much same old, same old today. Good news is the floors in the Dining Room and Play Room are finished. I think we’ll he able to start moving stuff back in this weekend. It will seem odd, especially with the Play Room, but I’ll get used to it being back to normal soon enough.

I also went to Hannut to the school to get registered for the French course. Since all my information is the same I’m essentially still registered, I just have to pay again. They don’t know when the class is starting up, but when it is they’ll call me. At this point I might have to search for another school to finish out my year with. I have 120 hours from last ‘year’. I don’t know how many I need to technically keep my work permit. Or if it’s not about that and is just about being in the course all year. So we’ll see how it goes, but of course we can’t wait too long to decide what to do.

Tonight I’m doing something that I consider to be totally ‘old school’; I’m talking on MSN with a friend of mine. I used MSN so much in high school, but in university online chat sort of fell out of popularity – at least with my friends. Of course there’s Facebook chat but no one really uses it because it’s small and kind of annoying. I used it once to connect and work out project details with a group from one of my online courses, but other than that never. I did have a typing teacher in high school who would only let her kids use MSN if they employed proper typing techniques. I feel like I’ve posted that already… am I being a broken record?


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Who let the dogs out?

Today was a somewhat eventful day. I went into Hannut and went to a store that was having sales on certain items. We got a flyer and they had slippers for 4 euros. So I went and got a pair! The store kind of reminded me of a Giant Tiger. When I got home I played on the piano for quite some time. It was really nice to revisit the songs I already knew and to try out some new one’s. I feel so great when I can play a song well enough that I’m able to sing along with it. Of course, I’m not always playing the accompaniment as written; sometimes I just play the chords, and sometimes I play a combination of the two.

There are a lot of people in Wasseiges who have dogs. Today, as I was walking home with Bastien from school, we saw two random dogs walking around. One by the little grocery store and one right by the bank (and our house). It was very strange, because I haven’t seen that yet. Usually the dogs are with their owners or behind a gate. I don’t know if they were strays or just got out. It was just funny that we saw two. 🙂

When we got back home I played on the piano again and Bastien played on his drum. Usually when I try to play he tried to push me away and play himself or just shut the piano, but today when I would finish a song, he would say ‘encore Holly, encore’. So I kept playing. It was fun.

We just finished watching French movie about WWII called La Rafle. There were no subtitles I didn’t know exactly what was going on, but sometimes actions speak for themselves and by the end we were all teary eyed. This is one movie I definitely want to watch with subtitles. It is about a group of Jews from France (Paris, I think, Adeline?) and their journey through different camps and the separation of the men from the women and children, and then the children from the women. It’s based on a true account of a survivor. Despite the fact that movies like this are often depressing and make one doubt humanity, I believe they are important for us to watch because they help us remember our history lessons. I forget so many details from history in school. I know that movies are not always historically accurate, but they at least can give us an idea of what went on, better than a textbook (at least when it comes to the pain and suffering). It’s important for us not to forget the past, so we can try and not make the same mistakes in the future. This, of course, is somewhat of a pipe dream because you will always have those people in the world who don’t care about others. So we need to care for them!

If you’ve seen the movie, great! If not, check it out. It has a lot of very talented actors in it, especially some of the kids.

Also, I was going to put up some pictures of my old slippers (may they rest in peace) and my new ones, but it won’t work today. Maybe I’ll sneak them in some other time. I just think my old slippers are hilarious. They leave behind little pieces of themselves wherever they go *sigh*. Now they will be put to rest. The ‘homemade in your school colours’ slippers are always the hardest to let go of. But let go I must.


So I was mistaken yesterday. Sylvain is at the hospital again tonight. He’s hit a plateau, no better, but no worse. Of course you all know what the word means so that explanation was completely unnecessary. Today I went into Hannut, the town where I take my French course. But I went further than I have gone before (by myself anyway). I had to go buy a new Pay&Go card for my cell phone. So now it works again! It took me a little while to find where I was going because their streets signs are horrible….meaning I couldn’t see them. They were either very small or non-existent. I’m going with very small and placed in places I wouldn’t look. 🙂

Tomorrow everyone’s getting together for lunch in Louvain-la-Neuve at Adeline’s Mom’s house. So at least that will give me something so I don’t bore you all to death :P. My Aunt pointed out to me that years down the road I will find this interesting because it will be all these little details that I forget. Which is true, my memory is already not what it used to be. Or I’m just making excuses. I’m not sure which in this case.

Happy Saturday! 😀

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