Good eats!

When I get around to it I’m going to list all the ‘special’ food I’ve had here. Stuff I’ve tried for the first time and stuff I really like, but particularly stuff that’s Belgian (or at least European).

I’m starting these pages because I don’t want to forget to do this, but it will probably take a while till I get around to adding to them!

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  1. Hi, it’s me again. I know you’ve already gotten a VBA award but I’m giving you another one because I find your site interesting (Good Eats = very interesting). So I’m listing you down as one of my 15. =)

    • Hey! And thanks so much! They say the 3rd time’s a charm, lol. I didn’t manage it today, but tomorrow or Friday I will really try to get those pages updated, especially for you since you’re so interested! Also, I will get around to stopping by for a visit, eventually. I’ve got a full weekend coming up, and then next week for two days they’re cutting the heat to replace something so I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit at my computer for long periods of time without moving, lol, but I will get to it, I promise. Thanks again so much ^_^.

  2. Would love to see your list of “good eats” soon. I’m fond of chocolates; so could you post about all the different types of Belgian chocolates?

    • The “good eats” is a work in progress…one that I’ve been neglecting. Unfortunately I decided to make those pages after I had written most of my posts! I try and get a post up about the different brands and types. There should be some dessert photos up, and a couple of food photos. There are a bunch floating around in random posts, but that’s why I made these pages! Ok, time to get back to the grind and keeping going through all my posts!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thanks for the update. Heading over to the Dessert section right away. =D

        • Awesome! I can’t remember what’s all on that page at this point….not much, lol. I hope to go through a month (or 2) tomorrow if I’m lucky.


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