Disappearing spots.

First off, Sylvain is getting much better. The spots on his face are disappearing nicely. The spots on the rest of him are being clingy, but they’re also reaching the end of their visiting hours. Today while we were cleaning up from lunch Bastien was drawing on his white board he got for his birthday. He drew something (I didn’t really see it) and told us it said Bastien  T—-. Then Adeline actually wrote his name out. Somehow they started going through all the names (I wasn’t paying close attention) and he said Mamma T—, Papa T—, Sylvain T—, and Holly T—. Again, he was corrected. My last name is in fact not T—, but Brenneman. Then he said something about Sylvain Brenneman. Kids really do say the darndest things!

I’m not sure what else to mention…I mostly just played with Sylvain when he was awake. Bastien went to get a haircut with Adeline. He also went to Little Gym this afternoon. Sick or not he really needs to burn off a lot of energy.

*Attention: tiny Glee spoiler alert. Just as far as a certain song goes.*

For all you Glee fans out there I did catch the first episode of season 3 today. I will not get into what I really thought about it or we’d be here forever and it would just be a big rant. I will say that in some ways I’m on the fence as to my allegiance to the show…it was ok, but it’s really the same stuff over, and over, and over again. Just with different music. The one thing that really stood out to me as being something I hated strongly disliked was when they did ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ from Hairspray. Once they got past the slow part it was decent, but very little of Hairspray is meant to be slow. It was one things when they slowed down Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ to a turtle’s pace (I did not plan on rhyming there…), but this song? No. It’s just plain wrong! I love Lea Michele and how she puts everything into her performances, but I wish I could forget this ever happened. Not right, not right at all. Of course, this is just my opinion. If you happened to like it that’s great! We can discuss if you want, I won’t get angry if anyone is a fan of the Glee version. I just didn’t like it.

*Spoiler over 😉 *

That’s it for today. Man, I really need to clean my room….


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  1. So many T’s in your post today, i just thought I’d add one more! You terrific, terrific woman! i hope things keep going well for you!


    • I’m always happy when you add your thoughts ^_^. I’m overly dramatic so even when I think things aren’t going well, they usually are, lol. I can’t complain!


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