I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain!

Ok, not literally, but it did rain today and I was singing.

Today Greg, Adeline, Bastien, and Sylvain spent the day in Louvain-la-Nueve. I got up around 9:45 or so after a fitful night. I’m not sure why I didn’t sleep very well. I went for a short walk before lunch and have spent the afternoon/evening alternating between my computer and the piano. During one of my times at the piano I played through almost all of the music that I can currently play. And by play for the most part I just mean chords. But hey, it’s not that simple playing chords, some of them are difficult. And you have to figure out the best inversion of each chord so your hands do the least amount of jumping around. Then there are strange chords that involve 4 or 5 notes and just make your fingers angry. Then there’s this problem I have…way too much pedal. It’s a problem I’ve had for a very long time. I’m addicted to the sustaining pedal. Sometimes the notes just come out sounds like mush, but I don’t like how disjointed chords sound with it. Even when I’m playing the actual accompaniment to a song I use too much. Oh well. I also like to play very loudly while being very dramatic. It’s in my nature. ^_^ My hands hurt. But it was fun, singing and playing. Maybe I’ll put on a ‘concert’ for my family when they get here, I think my Mom would like that.

I really need to put some of this computer time to good use! I have so many pictures I need to get up on Facebook, going back to February and maybe even January! Also, thunder and rain today. The sun peeks through from time to time. I was a little disappointed the thunder wasn’t a little more dramatic :(.

I think that is all for tonight. This length is a nice break from my last few posts, eh?

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