Cows are like ladybugs?

But of course. It’s because of the spots don’t you know. One day last week as I was walking Bastien to school we passed some cows and he made the comment that they were like ladybugs because of the black spots. Oh the minds of children. Also, I can’t believe how many snails I’ve seen! Near the school we saw one that was making his way across the sidewalk and another doing the same, but with no shell. And the snails in the backyard… copious. They have to be careful not to get to close to the chickens, ’cause if they do…POW! There goes the snail. All that you’re left with is the shell. I’ve seen the remains with my own eyes, grisly stuff that.

At snack time today, as Bastien was climbing in to his chair at the table, he stated that he was going to eat two puddings. The following is a snippet of the conversation that followed.

“Two puddings!” gasped Holly, unable to hold in the shock that such a statement brought forth.

“Yes, because it’s good to eat two puddings when you have a sore stomach” Bastien replied with confidence, as if this was something that all should know.

Whether or not he actually had a sore stomach I know not, but I do know that he is still obsessed with pudding and asks for it constantly. Someday. Someday he will rue the makers of such creamy goodness. Someday, when the sight of a pudding cup renders him unable to stand because of the waves of nausea threatening to overpower him. When even the word itself will cause him to turn green. I get this way with French Onion Soup, except I’ve only tried it once. Even thinking of the bowls it’s served in makes me a little sick…uh, there it goes.

That was probably one of the most memorable moments today. This afternoon we were all upstairs (Greg putting the finishing touches on the baby gate) and Adeline put Sylvain in an empty diaper box. If only I had my camera with me. There will be more chances I’m sure. Bastien really likes his stickers and was working on an activity book with Adeline earlier. Colouring, stickers, counting. He’s getting really good at counting too. At least to three. He always gets the colours green and blue mixed up. Always. I’m not sure why, but such is the way things are with the little munchkin.

We had a nice downpour just before we sat down to lunch. Tomorrow predicts more of the same. It’s also my last French class till September. I wonder if I’ll be able to leave early because I’m just looking at my scores. I have to get another sheet filled out, so I’ll have time to do that. I’ll go to the class first and then go back to the office.

Oh hey! You know what’s cool? No? Well that’s ok because I’m going to tell you. Today I got my iTunes eNewsletter and it was advertising 5 albums for $6.99, a Father’s Day special. One of them was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Greatest Hits. So I bought it. Yes, I may – at this point – only recognize 3 or 4 songs by their titles, but they’re great songs and for 20 songs it was a great deal.

Let’s see, what else? This morning Sylvain would NOT sleep. He ate at 9 and usually he has a morning nap, but Adeline, Greg, and Bastien left around 10:30 or so to do some grocery shopping and when they got back around noon he was still awake. I had brought him downstairs because he would not stop crying. Once he was playing he seemed content and was quiet. Then we fed him and put him in one of his seats while we at, but he was still crying. Then Greg picked him up, but soon I took him (once I finished eating) because it’s really hard to eat with one hand when Sylvain is trying to get his hands on everything. When Adeline took him back upstairs he went right to sleep. Maybe he’s getting some teeth? July 9 he’ll be 8 months! Crazy.

Other than that it was just regular baby and kid shenanigans when they weren’t napping. I’m going to continue enjoying my new tunes. Salut!

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