Today is brought to you by the word….

…wait, what’s the word of the day? Investigate! Tee hee hee. I just watched a clip of Colin Farrell on Sesame Street that was posted on another blog. They couldn’t remember the word of the day so they decided to investigate. Turns out the word was actually investigate. Who didn’t see that coming? After dropping Sylvain off I went for a short walk. Just an hour today, nothing too strenuous. Came home, showered, went online. Had lunch, went online, picked Sylvain up. Played with the boys (music today), helped with bath time, ate supper, and am now back on my computer. Now, said computer was running extra slow today so I didn’t actually get that much done. I had some emailing to do and between forgetting some and my computer, it’s taken me this long to do it. But I think I’ve got it all covered now.

So yeah, not a very exciting day. It looks like for the next few days we’re in for showers and highs between 17-21. Not as nice as it has been, but the rain will be welcome. In other news, the hotels are booked for our nights in Strasbourg and Munich. One night each. One has a pool and one has breakfast included. Now I just need to figure out what we’re doing about Amsterdam and we can work on getting that settled. Things are coming together! Just over a month and they’ll be here. I know things are stressful for my Dad at work right now and that he’ll have to bring his laptop to do some work while they’re here, but I hope he can relax and enjoy himself too.

Sylvain is becoming the master crawling and of course he wants to play with all of Bastien’s toys and put them in his mouth. Especially the pieces of the train set. This is a bad idea. So sometimes he ends up in the TV room with his toys and Bastien is in the play room. In between is the dining room and it’s all open so you can see from one end to the other, but sometimes the table gets in the way. We had fun making a lot of noise with Bastien’s instruments. It’s a set that comes with a recorder, castanets, a tambourine, and a harmonica. All things that make a lot of noise. So far I think he’s stayed in bed, we haven’t heard anything from him. Adeline put all of his book on the top two shelves in his room so he can’t get at them. She was hoping this would discourage him from getting out of bed to get a book and it looks like it’s working.

Random alert: in grade 9 I took an Intro to Business course. In reality 1/2-3/4 of is was a typing class. At the time I thought that was kind of a joke and I remember my teacher telling us that her kids were not allowed to chat on MSN unless they employed proper typing technique. We had to type out pages of stuff and mark down how long it took us and see how accurate we actually were (I believe we were not allowed to delete anything). Like I said, at the time not the coolest thing, but I’m SO grateful for it now. Because by the end of high school I was at the point where I could have a conversation or look at something completely different and still manage to type as fast as I normally do with little to no mistakes. I’m not sure what my rate is for words/minute, but I’m going on 600 words right now and I’ve been writing for hmmm….20-25 min.? That might not seem too impressive (and really, my typing skills aren’t super top-notch or anything), but I’ve probably spent at least 5 minutes staring at the screen wondering what to write and I also sent a text to Lisa (which takes me longer ’cause I don’t have a keyboard and I don’t text that often). Of course while writing my blog I don’t always keep a constant speed, but I can go pretty fast when I want to. No two-fingered-typing here! That’s why things can get away from me because sometimes I just get so into it and start typing anything and everything. Right now I’m staring out my window watching traffic. Not that interesting, but I’m testing myself.  Now there, I only had one typo to fix that I didn’t fix while typing and otherwise distracted. Sometimes I catch mistakes I make as I’m typing and fix them without looking. Sometimes typing fast has its drawbacks; if you really aren’t paying attention you’ll have a LOT of typos that need fixing. Also, sometimes I have to enter my passwords 4 or 5 times because I’m typing to fast and enter it wrong. Once I did that and my dad was there with me. He watched me try a few times and said something along the lines of ‘just don’t type so fast and you’ll get it’. That’s the truth of course, but what fun is that? I should totally market this on my resume: Mad Typing Skillz.

852 words, mostly about nothing. I love WordPress and the automatic saving every so often. My computer just decided to go on vacation for a quick second and I almost lost all of this. Now I may be able to type fast, but when I have to re-type long things because my computer crashed, or the internet messed up, I tend to cry and wail and scream and want to smash things. It’s not a very healthy state, but it’s one I found myself in a lot in University. Now…this post is already almost three pages of a double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font University paper. Except that for a paper, this much writing would have taken me…..2 or 3 hours, maybe more. Blech, academic papers, not for me. My shortest paper was 6 pages, longest was supposed to be 18-20, but I only managed 14 before I had to hand it in. That’s just in Music. In my non-Music courses the longest paper I had to write was maybe 6 pages. I had a few that were just 1500 words. Once, in the library elevator, these two girls were complaining about writing a 3 page paper for Film Studies. Now, I’m not trying to bash Film Studies because I never took it, but they weren’t even writing on a foreign or classic film, I think it was a current comedy and not an intelligent comedy at that. I was a little peeved about their attitude and mentioned that I was in the process of writing an 18-20 page paper. They were in awe; ‘are you in 4th year?’. ‘No, 3rd. I’m in Music.’ Let’s see people tell me Music is an easy degree to get now! Ha!

Again, sorry. I told you, my fingers can get away from me. I’m going to stop now. Seriously. Final word count: 1,160.

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