Oompa Loompas, mermaids, and crazy-hips.

I really hope that title had you going ‘what?’.

I’ll start with the mermaid bit. I was going to write about this yesterday, but I forgot. Fortunately it happened again this morning so it was more firmly fixed in my memory. So Sylvain has this pair of one piece pj’s. In fact, he has a bunch, but I’m talking about a specific dark red pair. A pair he’s worn many times before. Yesterday, and this morning I picked him up from his crib only to find that both of his legs were in one pj leg. The effect was hilarious, just like a mermaid. I’m not saying that mermaids are a laughing matter, I just meant that it was so incredibly adorable and odd. Then he was squirming around on the changing area on top of his dresser. Which only intensified the image. Hilarious.

For his birthday Sylvain received a CD of songs that have actions. Adeline put it on this morning before I took Bastien to school. I was trying to help Sylvain with the actions a bit, but as I was also trying to keep him upright it didn’t work out too well. Bastien on the other hand already knows some of the songs and was getting right into it. At one point he was just dancing to the music. His hips were moving side to side. I know from my experience with my high school grad assembly (and other instances of trying to teach guys how to dance when they never really have before) that the biggest problem a lot of guys have when trying to dance (oh boy I’m generalizing) is the hips. I remember in choir in university they always had us loosen up a lot before singing and would have us move our hips around and the guys always had problems. Not Bastien. He’s a pro.

Sylvain was home today and  after he had eaten his lunch Adeline got out a little more for him and tried to see if he would eat himself. The thing is, whenever handed a spoon, Sylvain always puts the handle in his mouth. Always. This goes for toy spoons too! Eventually he gave up with the spoon and just started mushing about with his hands. I think it was carrot mush…it was orange anyway. I’m surprised non got in his hair, that was always a bit problem when he first started eating solid-ish type food. I don’t know if actually ate any of it, but he sure had fun playing with it. Adeline and I both got him on film. Yippee! Before he was cleaned up he could have almost passed for an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

And finally, tonight Adeline cut two eye holes in a sheet for Bastien and he wandered around ‘ooo-ing’ at us. I kept running away saying I was afraid of ghosts. He would chase after me and then pull off the sheet to say ‘it’s me, Bastien! It’s a joke’ before laughing the wonderful laugh of children who are having a fabulous time. And Sylvain is making great progress in his walking. Today he walked from where I was sitting (sort of near the window in the play room) to the opposite door, halted, walked about three steps to the shelving unit, grabbed a toy, and walked back to me all without sitting down. We’re so proud ^_^. He was a bit of a turd though, he only napped for an hour this afternoon. I took him with me to get Bastien. I took the long way there and back because it was such a nice day out. I’m still only using a hoodie and light (non-insulated) jacket – it’s not that cold here yet. It’s still getting up to about 15-17° during the day. Although, it’s a nippy 17°. All that fresh Fall air is wonderful though. Crisp. Gotta love it!


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  1. I was hoping it was a story like this–filled with joy and dancing. Wonderful! I agree with tenbrokenbullets–book, Holly. Book! 🙂

    • Oh boy. Is this book you’re wanting fiction or my take on life? 😛 It wouldn’t be near as interesting as your memoirs – content and style wise ;).

  2. You should write a book. I would totally buy it if it was filled with stories like these. 🙂 All of your posts make life sound so amazing.

    • Wow, thanks! I’ve toyed with the idea, but haven’t been inspired really. I do plan on making this year’s blog into a book. You can do that. They have a special thing on WordPress now! I guess it’s just trying to take joy in the everyday life things. 😀


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