Wealth of information…especially since I have to translate it.

Because last week was a school holiday I didn’t have class on Halloween. It felt like it’s been forever since I’ve been to class, but in reality it’s only been two weeks. I find I’m actually enjoying it the more I understand. Which makes a lot of sense. Of course there are still things I don’t always pick up on, but with a little explanation it usually works out. Today we talked about la fête du mouton (sheep) or fête du sacrifice (‘Aïd al-Adha). About Abraham’s sacrifice. And about pilgrimages and such. Since this is an area I am totally unfamiliar with I learned a lot, as well as being able to add a few new French words to my vocabulary.

We also talked about l’Armistice on Friday November 11 (Remembrance Day in Canada). This was a subject I was a little more familiar with. Did you know that in Belgium (and I think France and maybe England as well) Nov. 11 is a holiday? No school, no work. I guess it makes more sense here than at home. I think that when it comes to remembrance the younger generations will have a harder time. The veterans that are still alive from the 2nd World War are getting older. Of course they are not the only war veterans we have, but the 1st and 2nd World Wars, I believe, affected us the most. At least over here you have monuments all over the place to give remembrance to what took place. Not so much back home. I want to try to get to Bastogne before I leave. There’s an American memorial there and there was an episode titled ‘Bastogne’ in Band of Brothers. It’s also in my The Best of Belgium book. Maybe I’ll try to go Friday.

Two weeks ago I told my teacher about going to Vimy and the fiasco with the car. I also mentioned Bruges and Ypres. She remembered and gave me an information booklet on the In Flanders Fields Museum. I didn’t see it when I was there, but then again, we were in a hurry. I will have to actually put effort into reading it as it’s in French ;). All the same it is a nice keepsake to have. I like to collect pamphlets from the places I’ve been. They serve multiple purposes – more proof that I was there, the pictures in them are better than the one’s I have, and they usually hold valuable information which I tend to forget or get mixed up.

Today was also the birthday of one of my classmates and she brought chocolates for everyone! How nice is that? Super nice. They were those chocolates that are shaped like sea shells, and star fish, and other sea things. Yum ^_^


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  1. Seems like a awful lot to me–the person who defines “homebody!” 🙂

  2. I’m impressed with all that you are doing in your year abroad. How do you balance it all?

    • Haha, I’m not actually doing that much. I think it seems like a lot because sometimes I tend to do a bunch of exciting stuff all at once. Mostly because once I’m doing it I get in that mood, but on a day to day basis I’m a homebody. After London I really only have 1, maybe 3 things I plan on doing. I guess when I look back I have done a lot, it just doesn’t always seem like it because most of it’s been in Belgium.


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