How many times was that?

This evening was better than last night. Sylvain didn’t cry as much tonight although he did around lunch time. Adeline took him to the doctor today at 10. With his almost constant fever and the state of his spots she wanted to know if there was anything else we could do. Turns out there is. Holy moly. The next week and a bit is going to be quite the ‘adventure’. I will list for you now Sylvain’s new daily schedule:


He wakes up (around 7:15):

  • apply white chalky cream (Tanno Hermal)

Breakfast (7:45):

  • 2.5ml of Xyzall to help with itchiness

Play time


  • apply Fucidin medicated cream on the large, raised (the worst) spots
  • apply TH cream
  • apply Talc powder

10am snack:

  • 2ml vitamin


  • when he wakes from morning nap apply Fucidin cream
  • apply TH cream



Play a little

Afternoon nap (or play time if he won’t sleep):

  • at some point between 2 and 4pm another 2ml of vitamin

4 o’clock snack:

  • apply TH cream (TH cream 4 or 5 X/day. Applied at this time before snack if he was upstairs napping)

Play time/Nap (if he didn’t nap earlier):

6pm Bath:

  • apply Fucidin to worst spots
  • apply TH cream to all spots
  • apply Talc powder everywhere



  • 2.5ml of Xyzall to help with itchiness

When Adeline came home with the list of what we needed to apply/give him and how many times per day it seemed so daunting. After we made this schedule – which has actually already been revised a few times today – it seemed a little less so, but still, I think we’re going to spend more time making him look like a ghost than anything else! It takes about 25 minutes to apply the 2 different creams and the Talc powder. At least that’s what it took me tonight. It will be easier next week when Bastien is in school and it’s just me with Sylvain. Tomorrow I have the two boys and I’m going to have to make sure Bastien is occupied while I’m giving Sylvain his two baths and cream applications.

Today Bastien was actually outside a lot. Two different times this morning, for a while in the late afternoon/evening before supper, and again a bit with Greg and Adeline after supper. We also spent some time in the empty, newly floored Dining and Play rooms. Bastien had a blast running around (on all 4s and on his feet) and Sylvain had just as much fun trying to keep up with him. The little tyke didn’t have a fever tonight and I think he was feeling better overall. He was very vocal tonight after supper. He kept saying DA-DAAAA, DAAA-DAAAAA. They tried to get him to say Papa and Mama, but it just kept coming out dada.

The hardest thing I think for Sylvain right now is that he’s not sleeping as well. All those spots have to be uncomfortable. Adeline brought out some 18 month pjs and the like so that he’s not wearing anything too tight. Some of his 12 month clothes are already on the small side and he’s only 10 months old. I guess really those are just guides. I think after this experience I’m going to be ready for anything!

I’m beginning to truly understand why my Mom is always stressing for me to get my habits in order and be the healthiest I can be before I ever have kids. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t really cleaned my room and definitely haven’t vacuumed since the month started. Ever since Bastien got the chicken pocks on August 31 I haven’t done anything except some laundry. Well, I’ve washed the laundry, but it is definitely not folded and put away. I’m slothful when it comes to cleaning my room on the best of days – with the boys being home and sick and needing a lot more attention I haven’t felt like doing anything “work-like” when I happen to get a free moment. Who wants to clean at night? That’s when I catch up on emails and write my blog posts, I don’t want to organize, tidy, and clean my room. It’s going to be super important for me to get into better tidying/cleaning habits on a regular basis so that if I ever do have kids I’ll be in the habit and will just do it. Here’s hoping. I’m not helping myself by staying up till 11 or midnight either. And I keep trying to get up for my walks, but even my obnoxious alarm can’t make me get out of bed any earlier than I absolutely have to. I’m a real trooper – first sign of a challenge and I can’t keep up the good habits I’ve started.

To all you mothers out there you had to – or have to – deal with chicken pox or general sickness with multiple  kids or even just one, I admire you. It’s not easy and not everyone has a third set of hands to help out on a daily basis! To mothers everywhere!


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