The Final Countdown

I may not be counting down to Venus, but I would say home is just as good.

Tonight is special in that I only have 5 more sleeps till I leave. I’ve had this idea for title/video for months. I think I was planning on using it this summer when my family came. Then I thought it was better suited for today. It certainly won’t be the last countdown in my life, but it’s the most bittersweet, exciting one right now.

Today started off a little rough. I wasn’t in a very good mood and I had to call Bastien 3 times to come take his temperature. He was sitting on the couch, his cartoon finished, and all he had to do was come into the next room. I was not impressed. Things got better though, I cooled off and got it through my head that he is sick and he is 3. Sylvain had two naps today, Bastien one. Bastien was actually quite energetic. He was running a fever almost the whole day, although it almost broke before lunch. He was exceptionally warm when he came down to ask me to fill his water bottle because he was very, very, very, very, very, very, very – I lost count – very, very, thirsty. Except for his ‘tardiness’ this morning he was really good all day. Until supper when we went through the usual “‘I don’t like this’ ‘I want help’ followed by threats of making him eat alone in the kitchen and blah, blah before finally him eating and saying it tastes good” episodes.

We talked about what we have coming up. I asked him where we’re going tomorrow and first he said Chez Kathrine (Kathrine’s house – the babysitter). I said no, Granny’s – ‘yeah, I get to see Clémence!’. I asked him who is coming on Saturday and he said ‘Mammi and Pappy’ (Greg’s parents). I asked who else and he said Jean-Go and Val Ou…I’m not sure where that came from :P. I corrected him, ‘no, you’re godfather’, ‘Jean-Phillip!’ and he is who? ‘Papa’s brother!’. Then he said it was Christmas and after that I go home. So he is totally aware of what’s going on. We had a discussion about flags and colours (of Belgium and Canada) and then I asked him what country he lives in. His answer was Wasseiges. Hmmm. Well no Bastien, you live in the village of Wasseiges which is in the province of Liège and the country of Belgium. Before I explained that I asked him what country Wasseiges was in and he answered Canada…tee hee hee. Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

Bath time was fun. Why is it that as soon as you take a diaper off, kids will pee all over the floor? I took off Sylvain’s diaper and was about to put him in the tub when he started peeing. He was just standing there, letting it go. He seemed pretty happy with himself. Waving his arms around ‘yeah that’s right, I’m peeing on the bath mat!’. They had a lot of fun in the tub tonight. They were laughing and splashing and laughing some more. It was awesome. I feel so bad when Sylvain goes into one of his coughing fits. His face gets all red and he looks like he’s choking. Sometimes it’s a little scary. Thankfully though he hasn’t had a fever all day. You know how all doctor’s have horrible penmanship? I mean, of course I’m stereotyping here…Well, reading names of medication is tough enough, without trying to do it in a foreign language. And the instructions, oh boy. Thankfully it’s mostly things like 3 f/j (3 x/d) and 3.5ml and stuff, not too much to read, but still. And it’s different for both. Some stuff is the same, but man, I’m going to be a pro and medicine regimes if I ever have kids. Thankfully there’s not very much fuss when they have to take the stuff. I guess it tastes good :P.

I’ve got most of my clothes packed up. Just the stuff I’m going to be wearing over the next few days is out. The rest is in the vacuum seal bag my Mom left for me. I used my ‘travel’ bags (no vacuum needed, you just push the air out) on the way over, but this works better because you can get so much more air out. Plus, I’m pretty sure I can fit all of my clothes into the one bag. So I’m thinking clothes and shoes (or at least some shoes…I have too many here…I acquired some while over here) in one bag and everything else in the other. I’m thinking I should be ok weight wise too. I can’t remember if one of my suitcases was overweight coming over here or not. And I’m trying to think what is staying over that I brought. Because I certainly didn’t bring the maple syrup! I know I brought Ice Cider and some Roots wear for the kids. My HUGE bottles of shampoo and conditioner won’t be coming back with me, so that will lighten things up a bit. I brought a lot of other stuff with me that I used throughout the year that took up space, but not that much weight, so I don’t know. Well, if I am, I am. I shouldn’t be over the final limit, so if I’m over the initial limit I’ll just have to pay. I know I could have shipped some stuff home, but this is me we’re talking about. I procrastinate. And I couldn’t decide if sending stuff home would be worth it. I have to pay for the 2nd suitcase anyway, why also pay to ship stuff home? That’s all moot now regardless. I’m not really looking forward to packing. Getting everything in the first time was bad enough. I know space has been made, but I’m still not looking forward to it. At least my clothes will be more compact.

Enjoy the video! Made in 1986. Good year. I should know, I was born then ;).


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