A little tough love.

This afternoon Greg and Adeline went for a hot air balloon ride so it was just me and the boys. Bastien was watching a movie (Rio) and Sylvain was still napping. When the movie finished (Sylvain was already awake at this point) Bastien went to the washroom and then started crying. And I mean really crying. He wanted to go with Mom and Dad. Of course he couldn’t for many reasons and he was so sad. He said he wanted to go lay down. So I let him go upstairs. The crying soon stopped, but he wasn’t sleeping; he was talking/singing to himself. So I spent that time playing with Sylvain, who will climb up the stairs if you’re not watching him. That’s right; he can climb the stairs now!

He’ll only climb up to the first landing and then stops. I don’t know why, but it’s what he does. He can’t come down solo yet. He keeps trying to go headfirst, he doesn’t get the concept of feet first. Now it’s not just worrying about him falling down the stairs it’s worrying about him going up…

Supper was, well, supper. Bastien didn’t want to eat. Then he wanted help. I told him he could eat himself. Mean? Maybe, but he’s 3 and he really doesn’t need any help, he’s perfectly capable. A little tough love goes a long way. I did give him a little help. I asked him if he was being like this (wanting help to eat, being impolite, acting out – it’s worse than when I got here, but getting better) because of Sylvain, or if it was because of me or something. I think I asked if he wanted to be a baby like Sylvain and he said yes. It was something like that. I asked him if he didn’t like me, didn’t want me here, and if he wanted me to go home to Canada. Thankfully he said no. I told him that after Christmas I was leaving and he asked why. I told him I live in Canada, and he said I live here. At least I think he’ll miss me for a little while, lol. Pj’s and story time were actually fairly easy and tonight he stayed in bed. Sometimes he likes to come down after he’s been tucked in.

Bah, I’m not very inspired. Ta ta for now.


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Was that a cow? Oh no, it’s just a crying child.

Sylvain now has the chicken pocks. He’s got more spots and he had a fever today. He didn’t sleep very well so he’s sleeping now and will have to be woken up for supper. Bastien also didn’t take a nap today because he didn’t want to sleep. Humph. So all he’s been doing this evening since his parents got home is cry. Except when he cries because he wants attention me makes this kind of cow groan sound that is really distracting. Greg had gone to the doctor with Sylvain (Greg had the flu) and was trying to explain medication and stuff to Adeline and Bastien was doing his cow-crying.

Today at lunch I noticed that Sylvain’s right eye was really red. Around the outside it had that purple look that you get when you don’t sleep, but in the inside corner it was really red. I put a drop in it before he went down for his nap. I don’t know how much he slept I only know it was just a little. When he got up it wasn’t as red, but there’s a bump now and I think it’s a chicken pock. Poor guy.

Adeline sent Bastien up to bed because he wouldn’t stop making noise/crying and of course this is horrible for us all, but Greg more because he’s sick. She told him not to make noise and not to wake up his brother, but the next thing I hear is high-pitched squealy talk. I run up there and tell him to be quiet and I see that Sylvain is sleeping doubled over. It’s like he was sitting up and decided to fold himself in half to sleep. I moved him and noticed that he was a bit sweaty so hopefully that means his fever has broken. I think he woke up for a bit because we heard crying, but then all was silent.

I finally got my first Amsterdam post published and the pictures are up on Facebook. They’re actually not that exciting. One thing I realized is I don’t think, in all 3 days we were there, that I once got a picture of the Anne Frank house. I could take a picture of the stuff I got there, but I didn’t take a picture of the outside (you can’t take any inside). Lisa and I even walked past it on Day 2, but I didn’t get my camera out.

So tomorrow I’m going to the school to re-register for my French course. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening with it, but she said I could go in tomorrow between 1-5.  And it’s kind of a big deal because I’m going to get another letter soon from the work permit people (hopefully only one more) that’s going to ask for signed proof by the school that I’m attending regularly so I have to make sure I get signed up again! Since the course technically runs from September to June I have to re-register. Oh well.

I think we’re about to eat supper so I should get going.

*****some time later*****

One thing I was  going to mention yesterday that’s really cute. There’s this little puppet song with hand actions that you sing with kids. Basically it’s moving your hands (waving like the Queen of England, but more splayed fingers), then you make a rolling motion with them, then you hide them behind your back. Well, Sylvain is starting to do the wave motion. It’s mostly just with his left hand, but he started doing it today on his own, no prompting. It’s adorable. Hopefully the boys will sleep tonight. I know they’re tired, but when your sleep schedule gets messed up that does all sorts of odd things to you.

This morning I got up for a walk for the first time in over a week. I actually jogged a bit too. More than ever before. I would say that of the 5km I was out for I probably jogged for just over .5km. I know it’s not much, and it wasn’t all at once, but for me it’s a big deal. I know this is super weird, but I was watching Bride Wars last night (I’m not even sure why, I don’t like it that much….) and there is at least two scenes where the main characters (Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson) are out jogging (or power walking :P) and I just really got the urge to jog. To feel the freedom that you don’t get from walking. Sometimes when I’m walking fast I get the urge to run, I just want to be able to. I want to be able to really stretch out and go. It’s harder because it’s colder now in the mornings, but I really am going to make an effort to up the ante a bit. What’s the point in doing this every day if I’m not going to strive towards actually moving better/more.


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Oldies, but goodies.


Today started out like any other day. But then there were some extra people here this morning (of which I only met one because I went upstairs with the boys) looking at the boiler because I guess there’s some odd problem with it. Another difference was that Bastien only asked for a movie twice! I told him he could have one after his nap and he seemed content with that. We spent a couple of hours listening to an Henri Des CD. I have to say, his music is quite entertaining (even though it’s meant for kids). I find a lot of his songs catchy.

Lunch was, well, it was different. Different because Bastien was very calm and it was Sylvain who was acting out. I think he was pretty tired. He did have a nap this morning, but we ate a little late so I don’t know. They both took a decent length nap this afternoon which gave me time to chill and watch some Criminal Minds. What I really need to do while they’re napping is clean my room. It’s not as bad as when there were two of us living in here, but it needs a good vacuum. And the couch is covered in clean laundry that needs to be folded. I have to go through and organize some clothes as well. Like my shorts and capris – I doubt I’ll be wearing them anymore. It got up in the low 20°s today, but I think it’s going to be ‘pant’ season from here on out.

Adeline got home while we were watching the movie (Rango  again) and Greg a little after here. They left before it was finished to go to a birthday party. So it was just the boys and I for supper. First though was baths. Sylvain was extra exuberant in there tonight.  Adeline had bought mini-cucumbers for Bastien and he had two! He loves cucumbers and pickles. We had left over turkey from last night, salad, and I put some potato balls in the oven. I actually almost forgot about that part – potatoes/rice/etc. – and then I remembered the potatoes in the freezer and through a few in the oven. They weren’t ready when we sat down so I used them to get Bastien to eat his turkey. And Sylvain has more new pj’s! The one’s I put on him tonight are green and a dark grey with Tigger on them. Cute ^_^. Two piece pj’s are good right now. I didn’t have any problems getting them to bed which was good because I had Skype plans.

I Skype’d with a friend of mine from high school who spent some time studying in Quebec and working in Normandy, France. We talked a bit in French. At least we have each other to practice with! I got to say hello to her Dad as well. We talked about how pretty much everyone from our high school group (which wasn’t very big to begin with) is all over the place. Our one friend moved to the States (where he husband is from), another is in Hamilton for school, another is all over the place (between Canada, the USA, and Europe working with horses), one in Toronto, another in Law school in London, England…and she might be leaving for co-op. She thinks she’ll still be around by the time I get back, but will be leaving sometime in January (if she gets a position). I still have a lot of other friends in the area, but that group of us from high school has really drifted apart. I guess that’s life. We all have drastically different interests, in some ways it’s a wonder we’re still friends or became friends in the first place. Obviously we have things in common, but you know. I’m glad we’re still friends though and I know that this won’t be the last time I’ll see them. We just might have more ‘online’ type friendships in the future. Steph and I have another Skype ‘date’ set for the 26th. We’re going to try to make it a regular thing. It was really nice to see her and talk with her.

So that was my day and I’m not sure how I’m going to end it; a movie, more tv? Or bed? It’s a tough decision!



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