Oh my poor nerves!

I have some disappointing news. I didn’t get to go to Dominique’s Dancing Night party tonight. I mean, a part of me is sad because I got this cool invitation in the mail and it looked like it was going to be a great time. A little part of me was relieved only because I’m not the most comfortable with ‘shakin’ what my Momma gave me’ as it were. They had a babysitter lined up and Adeline had gone to all this work to have the boy’s bath stuff, pj’s, bottle, supper, everything as well as a note explaining everything and then she couldn’t come. You see, Adeline and Greg had to leave around 3:30 and I wouldn’t have left until about 7 or so. It turns out the babysitter that was lined up never had the chicken pocks so she wouldn’t come. It makes sense, getting them as an adult is super bad. Adeline called a bunch of friends and tried everything she could think of, but in the end there was no one but me. I also volunteered. I mean, she had to go, it’s her Dad’s birthday party. And her and Greg were also part of a group doing a special dance for Dominique. One of her friends might have been able to do it but I never heard from her so obviously she couldn’t. I told them they’d have to tell me all about it so maybe I can still pass that on another time.

Oh man! I just got the crap scared out of me >_<. You know when cats growl/yowl when they’re fighting? Well that super loud right outside the door (which is just a few feet from my bedroom door which is a few feet from my computer). ***5 minutes later*** When I heard the cat I automatically thought of the chickens. Adeline said that they would go in their house at night on their own, but I needed to check for myself. I couldn’t find the flashlight so I ended up taking the baby monitor out with me and using the little flashlight it has on there. I saw the white cat that stops by every once in a while and opened the door and hissed at it because I knew it was the one to make the noise. Shanga doesn’t fight. The chickens were safely nestled in for the night and I found two eggs. I have an over active imagination so even though logically I knew what the noise was I’m still shaking.

As far as this afternoon and evening went it was pretty much same old same old. We watched The Little Mermaid and I gave the boys their baths. I had to put this stuff on Bastien’s pocks and he doesn’t like it so he moves around a lot. I felt really bad. But it’s necessary. Then I gave him the medication that would help with the itching. Sylvain fell asleep in his high chair after his bottle and half way through his cookie so I took him upstairs to bed. He woke up in the interim, but when I laid him down, put his soother in his mouth and got him all tucked in he didn’t move. After Bastien and I were finished eating we went back upstairs. I brushed Bastien’s teeth and put him to bed. We both forgot all about a story tonight. Either that or Bastien just didn’t want one! When I left the second time I noticed Sylvain hadn’t even moved. He must be out cold.

If I remember correctly there’s a community party of some sort going on tonight. It would make sense since I can hear the music in my room. Just barely, but it’s there.

Also, today for the first time in my life I added a video to YouTube. Originally I sent the video to Lafemmeroar so she could add it to her Crazy Fun Vids page, but because of the type of file it didn’t work. To make it easy I uploaded it to YouTube and sent her the link. If you’re interested here it is. I was literally shaking as I posted it. It’s quite nerve-wracking…putting yourself out there. People can be merciless with their comments and while criticism is always appreciated I can be somewhat of a fragile soul. I have a very odd sense of self-worth. You’d think I’d be confident about my voice – for the most part I am – but there’s always those not so great moments that make you second guess yourself. Well, that’s enough of that.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


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