Oh my poor nerves!

I have some disappointing news. I didn’t get to go to Dominique’s Dancing Night party tonight. I mean, a part of me is sad because I got this cool invitation in the mail and it looked like it was going to be a great time. A little part of me was relieved only because I’m not the most comfortable with ‘shakin’ what my Momma gave me’ as it were. They had a babysitter lined up and Adeline had gone to all this work to have the boy’s bath stuff, pj’s, bottle, supper, everything as well as a note explaining everything and then she couldn’t come. You see, Adeline and Greg had to leave around 3:30 and I wouldn’t have left until about 7 or so. It turns out the babysitter that was lined up never had the chicken pocks so she wouldn’t come. It makes sense, getting them as an adult is super bad. Adeline called a bunch of friends and tried everything she could think of, but in the end there was no one but me. I also volunteered. I mean, she had to go, it’s her Dad’s birthday party. And her and Greg were also part of a group doing a special dance for Dominique. One of her friends might have been able to do it but I never heard from her so obviously she couldn’t. I told them they’d have to tell me all about it so maybe I can still pass that on another time.

Oh man! I just got the crap scared out of me >_<. You know when cats growl/yowl when they’re fighting? Well that super loud right outside the door (which is just a few feet from my bedroom door which is a few feet from my computer). ***5 minutes later*** When I heard the cat I automatically thought of the chickens. Adeline said that they would go in their house at night on their own, but I needed to check for myself. I couldn’t find the flashlight so I ended up taking the baby monitor out with me and using the little flashlight it has on there. I saw the white cat that stops by every once in a while and opened the door and hissed at it because I knew it was the one to make the noise. Shanga doesn’t fight. The chickens were safely nestled in for the night and I found two eggs. I have an over active imagination so even though logically I knew what the noise was I’m still shaking.

As far as this afternoon and evening went it was pretty much same old same old. We watched The Little Mermaid and I gave the boys their baths. I had to put this stuff on Bastien’s pocks and he doesn’t like it so he moves around a lot. I felt really bad. But it’s necessary. Then I gave him the medication that would help with the itching. Sylvain fell asleep in his high chair after his bottle and half way through his cookie so I took him upstairs to bed. He woke up in the interim, but when I laid him down, put his soother in his mouth and got him all tucked in he didn’t move. After Bastien and I were finished eating we went back upstairs. I brushed Bastien’s teeth and put him to bed. We both forgot all about a story tonight. Either that or Bastien just didn’t want one! When I left the second time I noticed Sylvain hadn’t even moved. He must be out cold.

If I remember correctly there’s a community party of some sort going on tonight. It would make sense since I can hear the music in my room. Just barely, but it’s there.

Also, today for the first time in my life I added a video to YouTube. Originally I sent the video to Lafemmeroar so she could add it to her Crazy Fun Vids page, but because of the type of file it didn’t work. To make it easy I uploaded it to YouTube and sent her the link. If you’re interested here it is. I was literally shaking as I posted it. It’s quite nerve-wracking…putting yourself out there. People can be merciless with their comments and while criticism is always appreciated I can be somewhat of a fragile soul. I have a very odd sense of self-worth. You’d think I’d be confident about my voice – for the most part I am – but there’s always those not so great moments that make you second guess yourself. Well, that’s enough of that.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


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In fact, sometimes cats hide.

Today went really well. It might actually be easier with the two boys here than just Sylvain, because at least Bastien can play with him if I have to step out of the room or something. Bastien watched ‘Cars’ this morning and after I started some of my laundry I went upstairs with Sylvain to play. When the movie was over we went for a little walk. We went down by where the deer are, but I had to make sure we walked back that way because I couldn’t take Bastien past the school; he was sad he couldn’t go today. As we approached, he said this: “When we arrive at the deer you have to say ‘voila, the deer’.” Then when we were right in front of them he says this: “Oh zut! we didn’t bring any bread and they’re hungry. Oh now they’re sad.” He was so incredibly serious when he let out that “oh zut alors”, I almost laughed.

On the way back we saw a cat. He was walking on a wall and I asked Bastien what he was doing. He confirmed what I saw. Then the cat jumped on something. Then he jumped on something else and we couldn’t see him because of the electricity pole. I said he disappeared, but Bastien said “no, it’s not possible. In fact, sometimes cats hide. If they’re scared, they hide.” Too precious. I wish I could remember everything he says or at least record it because the things he comes up with are great. I know a lot of kids are like that, but I don’t experience other kids because I’m not with them all the time. And maybe because it sounds much more, I don’t know, sophisticated, serious (?) in French and that’s what makes it so amusing to me.

Apparently Bastien likes eating chocolate with vegetables – peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, they’re all good with chocolate. But chicons, he’s never tried those with chocolate so he doesn’t know. We discovered this during snack time today. And I’ve finally figured out what a ‘chicon’ is in English! It has many names but basically it’s a type of endive. A Belgian endive (or in the UK chicory).

Belgian Endive - or chicon. Thank you Wikipedia.

The boys actually ate supper before us adults. Then they went to bed. Well, Sylvain fell asleep with his bottle in his lap (he didn’t really nap today) and Bastien wanted to go to bed as well – although I think he’s up again, or was a few minutes ago. We had a quiet, calm dinner. What a change! For some reason today Bastien screamed inside more than normal. And louder than normal too. Or maybe that was just because a few times I happened to be closer to him than I normally am when he screams. Let me tell you, ringing ears is an understatement when he really lets loose. Now we just pick him up and put him outside. He has to sit on the bench right there. He doesn’t have his shoes so he won’t go play.

I don’t know why but this week has me all confused. I’ve felt like it’s Friday since Tuesday! I have no idea what’s up, I can barely remember what say it is. Weird.

Time to get caught up!

And now, I will finally tell you about the rest of Sunday!!

A couple of hours into the drive home we stopped at La Gruyère – this is also a type of cheese. Pretty good, but a little strong for my tastes right now, as is a lot of cheese here! Behind the restaurant/motel is a beautiful view of a small lake and mountains. Very picturesque.  There is also a lot of cows out back…fake one’s of course, all painted with different things on them. We didn’t want to take too much time because we wanted to get home at a decent hour, so I didn’t take a close look at them, but they were pretty cool. There was also a little playground so Bastien had some fun on the teeter-totter with Adeline. It’s funny how both the day we went to Switzerland and the day we left were overcast and a little rainy. We had the most beautiful weather the entire time we were there! It was amazing.  Other than that it was just a regular road trip with kids. Near the end I put on some Disney songs and Adeline and I were singing along to them…except that Adeline was singing them in French!

Yesterday it got up to 18 degrees! Today it was overcast, but still warm. Quite nice actually. This afternoon I took Bastien to a doctor’s office to get his eyes checked. Adeline had to take Sylvain to a different doctor so she couldn’t go with Bastien. It was really close and easy to get there. The ladies were really friendly and we were able to understand each other for what we needed. It didn’t take very long at all, just a quick check-up on his eyes. They’re fine, no problems. Despite not wanting to wake up from his nap and being a little bit hard to handle because of that, he was very good when we were there and afterwards. Once he’s fully awake he’s usually good to go, it’s just getting to that point that can be challenging at times (like this morning). I took a package of cookies (4 inside) along with us and I said ‘2 for me and 2 for you’? He agreed which was very nice of him because sometimes he doesn’t want to share. I really should have given him more (like an apple, but he didn’t want that…he wanted a pudding, but there were none!) because he only ate a pickle and a cheese snack for lunch. I was just running a little late and wanted to make sure we got there on time! I had eaten one cookie on the way there and gave him one. Once the appointment was over and we were back in the car, he said the other 2 cookies were for him, that he wanted 3. That was fine because he didn’t eat much at lunch. Then he changed his mind and said we would break the last one in half, so I could have a half. It was one of the sweetest things he’s done since I’ve been here.

Speaking of sweet (and cute); this morning I didn’t hear my alarm go off the second time :S. All of a sudden I hear this knocking and this little voice saying ‘tock, tock’. Adeline sent Bastien down to get me and I guess when he got down the stairs he yells ‘tock, tock, Holly!’ (or something like that), before getting to my door. I didn’t hear that because my room and the stairs are not that close. He always does stuff like that, it’s so cute. Like if he’s started to walk away and you tell him to say goodbye to someone he does it right away, but the person won’t notice because they might be busy and he’s not right near them. And despite having this really loud scream, he usually talks quiet when you need him to speak up a bit. Despite being a bit of a stinker at times (aren’t all kids his age?) he’s a really sweet kid.

So after his eye appointment we played in the backyard for a bit. It was so mild outside I thought there was no reason not too. Eventually it started raining so we had to go inside (he didn’t want to at first because it wasn’t raining that hard). Right after we got in it started coming down harder! Good timing. I had my camera with me and I took a picture with him and Freddy on the slide, and a movie of him pushing Freddy down the slide. I also got him to help me take a picture. As you will see in the pictures below, things are blooming quite nicely! Spring is definitely here for us, hopefully it will be soon for all of you back home.

This is the picture Bastien helped me take.

Freddy admiring the pretty flowers.

I guess Bastien didn't like Freddy sitting on top of his house!

Once we were inside Bastien kept asking me to watch TV. He’s not supposed to watch during the week, just on weekends, and even then they really try to keep it to a minimum. Which is good, especially at his age. Last week he got to watch a lot more than he was used to, so he keeps asking for it everyday. To distract him I asked him if he wanted to come with me to put my camera in my room. He said no, he wanted to do it himself. So I gave it to him very carefully and I asked him to be careful with it, two hands. He was very gentle, didn’t run, and placed it on my desk where he had seen me get it from. It was cute. A lot of things are cute around here. That’s what happens when you live with two kids! He also put Freddy in my bed, under the covers ‘where he belongs’ according to Bastien.

My last little story of the night is one that had us 3 adults laughing. More Adeline and Greg than me, but we all found it funny. I have developed another cough so I went upstairs to take some cough medicine. When I came back down I ‘scurried’ into the kitchen to put the spoon in the dishwasher. All the lights were out (except for small one’s where Greg and Adeline were). I heard them say something, but I didn’t know what. I know I glanced at them as I ran by the doorway. I had to blow my nose too so I went into the room to grab a kleenex. When I went in they started laughing like crazy! I had no idea what was going on. Apparently, because of my frequent ‘scurrying’ they said I was like the cat. Then just before I came into the room, Adeline had snapped her fingers and tapped the couch (which we does when she wants the cat to come to her)…and that’s when I entered. Insert hysterical laughter here. There are worse animals to be compared to. It’s a good thing I liked cats. Actually, I’ve often thought if I could be any animal it would be a cat.

So that was my day! Hope yours made you laugh like mine did ^_^.


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