Kind Of Like A Bitter Sweet Symphony

I should be landing in Toronto in about 18 hours. Oh my. It’s past midnight and I’m so tired and yet so energized. I want to go to bed, but I can’t. I was really worried at the beginning of the day, but things are looking up. That’s only because I’m leaving a box of stuff (summer clothes, some shoes, etc.) here for them to mail behind me. It’s costing a lot, but what can you do. At this point I should only have one suitcase that’s overweight, but still under the limit. I can get them both shut with a reasonable amount of effort and I’m still able to lift them myself. Things are looking up. As soon as this post is finished I can pack up my desk and go to bed.

This will be my last time posting in Belgium. I’m so excited to go home and see everyone and yet I’m so sad too. When I left Canada I knew I would be coming back and I knew that this year would hold many exciting things for me. Leaving now it’s different. Hopefully it works out to visit in June, but after that…. I won’t be coming back for a long time. At least we have Skype which helps. When we sat down to lunch today I didn’t have much of an appetite. I was stressing out so bad. When we were finished eating I just sat at the table and started crying. Silently and not very obviously, but crying non the less. It kind of hit me by surprise. I mean, the last couple of nights I’ve become pretty emotional and teary eyed while posting, but it just really hit me at lunch today that I’m leaving and how much I’m actually going to miss it here. Tomorrow is going to be quite the emotional morning. The boys are sleeping in track suits so that they don’t have to take the time to dress them in the morning. They’re even going to have their bottles in the car. Good planning!

Sylvain came into my room a few times and climbed on my one suitcase. I even sucked the air out of the vacuum seal bag while he was sitting on it. I wonder what he thought of that. I spent a little time on and off with the boys today. Mostly Sylvain because he was wandering all around the house and came into my room a lot. I did spend most of the day in my room organizing stuff. And some time just sitting on the floor thinking ‘what am I going to do with all this stuff?’. I did spend some time tweeting and on Facebook and replying to emails to distract myself from the stress. But now that it’s been decided they’ll mail a box for me and I’m able to actually close my suitcases I’m a lot less stressed.

Plans for the coming week keep changing, but they are as follows (for now ;)); tomorrow Mom, Dad, and Lisa will pick me up at the airport. We’ll go home to New Dundee, unload my stuff and then it’s off to London to Lisa and Will’s apartment. Lisa’s truck is at home, so we’ll be taking 2 vehicles. I’ll probably drive with her so she doesn’t have to go alone and because she’s my sis and I love her ^_^. We’ll go to her place, I’ll get to officially meet Will for the first time, and we’ll open Christmas presents. I actually don’t have any for my family :S. I have something for Lisa that I got this summer, but she already knows about it…or at least she did. I wonder if she remembers? Will doesn’t work tomorrow so that’s why we’re doing it then. The 28th is now just getting my Health Card stuff taken care of. After that it’s a welcome home dinner on the 30th, and Roth Christmas on the 1st. I have no idea what I’m doing for New Year’s.

Jean and Valerie came for supper tonight and Jean stayed over so he could come to the airport tomorrow. We watched 2 episodes of Chuck which is one reason I’m posting so late. But I didn’t mind because I don’t have to drive tomorrow and I can at least try to sleep on the plane. This time I’m totally getting up and stretching a few times throughout the flight! It’s 8 hours this way. Coming here it was only 7 and I sat the entire time…by the time we were in landing mode and couldn’t stand up, I was so uncomfortable and wanted to stand so badly…because I couldn’t :P. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and customs won’t hold me up too long. I even typed out my list of things I’m declaring so if they ask me any questions it’s all right there.

And I totally have a small burn mark on my forehead now >_<. The straightener Jean got me for Christmas is about twice the size of my old one and heavier so handling it is a little tricky for me until I get used to it. So I burned myself :P. Once I figure out how it handles and how the rotating barrel works best it will be awesome. I just have to get used to the different size. So right now it’s a little awkward.

I’m so excited to show my family my ‘picture book’! And I do actually have some stuff I’m bringing back that is a surprise for Mom…tee hee hee ^_^. So she’ll have something to ‘open’ after all! Dad wanted me to bring him some Jupiler beer back, but I forgot until a little while ago and I have no room for it regardless. Sorry Dad :(.

I’m debating on whether or not to wear make-up tomorrow because I know there will be tears, but I think I’ve decided I will. I want to at least attempt to look human for the pictures I’m sure will be taken at different point in the day. 😉 I guess this is it. I don’t have anything else to say at the moment so this is a good time to call it quits.

See you all on the other side!


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Do those white lines mean nothing to you?

This morning I went to Louvain-la-Neuve to pick up a few things. I managed to get a parking spot where I was on the end so I could back in instead of try to parallel park (which I am worse at now then when I got my license) and I was right at the line so the person behind me would be able to get out and someone else would have room to get in. What do I find when I get back to my car? Someone is parked in front of me! In fact, they were blocking part of a drive-way. And in doing so they were so close to me that I could barely get out. I actually (very lightly) bumped into the person behind me and I still just skimmed past the car in front. I was not impressed. Not at all.

So my weather prediction based on sun and sky colour last night was totally off. It was grey and drizzly all day today, but not too cold, even with the wind. When my family was here we bought a piggy bank for Bastien – one that was white that you paint and we decorated it for him. I went today to get one for Sylvain (whose going to be a year old in just over a month!) and they didn’t have them. They had other stuff, but I didn’t pick anything up. I have to talk to my family and see what they think. I’ll go back, or go to another location and check it out again. Here’s hoping.

I went into this book store and came out with more than intended. I bought a map of Belgium – I want to be able to see all the country at once and mark where I’ve been. I think that will be a cool souvenir. I bought a short novel, under 8 Euros and not that long. I also bought a book called It’s raining cats and dogs: et autres expressions idiomatiques anglais. It’s a short little phrase book meant for French speaker learning English, but I figured it was just as good the other way around. It just lists phrases (French then English) and their translations. These are phrases that can’t be translated word for word. Actually, some are very similar and some are so very different. Did you know that when we say we ‘I have a frog in my throat’ in French they say ‘I have a cat in my throat’? I think it’s a cat. On the back cover it mentions Britain, Australia, and the US and when a phrase is specific to a country it will be marked GB or US…I don’t think they mark the Australian one’s, but sometimes you can tell. Some of the phrases that are in the book are as foreign to me as to a French speaker! I think some are outdated….or they’re just not marked and are from GB or US. I don’t know. With it came a free game book for learning English. I checked out a few pages and is it bad that on one of the pages I actually didn’t know what to fill in (the English)? It gives you little _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ to fill in the missing words, but the number of ticks and what I thought the answer was didn’t match up. I was confused. I was also just glancing at it. It’s kind of interesting to look at things from the other direction.

I spent a while this afternoon going over (again) rules for declaring stuff and how much stuff I can bring back tax-free. If you’re out of the country for 7 days you can bring back $750 CAN worth of stuff. If you’re gone for longer than 7 days (say, for example, a year) you can bring back tax-free…you guessed it! $750 CAN. I think that’s ridiculous. When you’re gone for a year you’re bound to buy things. Some of the stuff I just bought here because I had the money to buy it! So tomorrow I have to go through all my stuff and receipts and see what my situation is. If you’re sending gifts to people those are tax free. If you bring gifts with you for other people that’s included in the $750. So are gifts from other people to you. If I ship stuff home before me, or it arrives after me, I still have to declare it. I can bring whatever I want back (as long as it’s not restricted), or whatever amount I want back, just if it equals over $750 I have to pay tax on the extra. I’m just in the freak out stage because I don’t want to mess anything up and I’m sure that if they decide to search someone’s luggage it’s going to be me and they’ll find something I forgot to declare and I’ll get carted off and ah! I know I’ll have to pay the tax, but if they’re not in a good mood…. Can you tell I’ve never done this before?

Greg and I finally got around to continuing our viewing of The Pacific. Now we only have 3 more episodes to go!


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