Last French Class

And my last day of school. I won’t say forever because even though I have no plans of going back to school, you never really know what the future will bring. I’m not making hints or anything, I just don’t want to say never because if I do than I’ll end up going back :P.

We had a nice little going away party. I’m the only one leaving, but it was also the last class before the holidays so it was a nice reason to have a party. Everyone brought something. We had some wine, bread, cold sausages, salad, and lots of cheese. Most Belgian, but two kinds from Holland. My taste in cheese has really changed. I will now eat, and enjoy, some cheese that a year ago I would have thought were not very tasty. Yeah for developing taste buds! There was also an apple-banana cake that was apparently fat-free and was very good and I guess so easy to make. We all (all 6 including the teacher) went around and talked about our family’s Christmas traditions and how they differ from traditions adopted from Belgian culture. We also (during the class part of class) wrote out Christmas cards. Patricia (a women from Holland) gave hers to me – which reminds me, I have to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Greg, Adeline, the boys, and my family from her – as well as little porcelain “wooden” shoes! They are so unbelievably cute and beautiful. And so unexpected, but much appreciated. Patricia and I exchanged email addresses. We decided it was easier – and cheaper – than writing snail mail (although that can be fun once in a while). This will give us both a chance to practice our French. Maybe I can pick up a little Dutch too. Madame Colette said that when I come back to visit I need to send her a text and if possible, visit the class. Oxana (she’s from Russia) also said I should visit. Here’s hoping we can come back in June, maybe I can swing by the class if it works.

It was a really nice time to just chat and learn some new stuff and I took a couple of pictures. Our class has been slowly diminishing so it was a very intimate setting. Lots of trying to figure out what some of us meant when we couldn’t find the words we were looking for. Like me trying to describe Mennonites. When I said Amish Madame Colette and Patricia (I’m not sure of the others) had at least heard the term and sort of new what I was trying to say. Except that I’m obviously not Amish. I had a good time and despite not liking ‘school’ that much (I do like to learn though), it will be odd not going and I think I’m even going to miss it a little.

I finished writing and sending off my letters today. I have one more to write, but since they’re not going to be home for Christmas I’m going to cheat and just stick it in their mailbox once I’m home. As it is, I don’t think the others will get theirs until the day I actually get home or even the day after. I forgot about Boxing Day :P. I have another To Do List, and I’m almost half way done it just after today. Go me!

I forgot to mention something last night. On the way home from Adeline’s aunt’s house (we were close to home at this point) we were driving through a town. So the speed limit is 50km/hour. We were behind one person and there were two or three cars behind us. Well, one was very impatient and passed us on a bend before cutting in front to wait to pass the person in front of us. And then speeding out of sight. The next person behind us had the same idea. The vehicle in front of us slowed down and signalled to turn left into a driveway. The car behind must have thought we were just slowing down for the heck of it and decided to pull out. They did this as the car in front was making the turn. The car in front was dark blue I think and the other was silver. The silver car stopped, literally, inches (or cm) from hitting the dark blue one. It was so close. I mean, like missed the other car by a hair close. I think Adeline backed up a little and the silver car didn’t waste any time in backing up and pulling out in front of us and around the dark blue car. What was his hurry I wonder? Was it for a legitimate reason? I don’t care what kind of emergency you have, if you can’t follow basic road rules and drive safe and fast, you shouldn’t be driving. I bet he was just an impatient…guy. I don’t want to let my emotions get the better of me by calling him a mean name. It was scary. People can be so irresponsible. I just need to remember this the next time I want to speed somewhere. I’m not saying I never do it. I’ve only ever had one speeding ticket, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t deserved more. I just speed in places like the highway, or country roads where no one is there and if something happens it’s only me that gets hurt (and maybe a few trees). Mind you, I’ve never driven a car that can go super, super fast so I’ve always been in control. Except for the occasional icy moments, but even those I wasn’t driving that fast, the roads were just slippery. And the last time I ended up in the ditch it had nothing to do with speed – I was crawling. Well, not crawling, but I was going below the speed limit. Below 50km in fact. I’d like to think I’m a decent driver. I make mistakes, but so does everyone. Wow, when did this turn into an analyses of my driving abilities?

8 more sleeps!


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  1. Scary situation on the ride home. I don’t understand the “need for speed” when people get behind the wheel of an automobile. I see gentle people turn into competitive lunatics when it comes to driving. I just don’t get it… 😉

    Glad you’re safe–really glad!

    • Thanks. I’m also really glad I’m here. I won’t lie and say that road rage never takes me over, but I’m working on it and getting better. Usually it just results in me sitting in my car yelling at whoever is ticking me off, but NOT making stupid moves to try and get away from them. I also realize that I am not faultless when I drive ;).


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