Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

It’s actually snowing! It rained off and on today and according to my weather app there was supposed to be a rain/snow mix which we finally started getting tonight. Non of it will be on the ground in the morning…non of it’s staying on the ground now, but it is floating around in the air. Despite the stri g wu dd this morning it felt quite warm in comparison to yesterday. Tropical in fact.

I am again typing via iPod, but that’s because I’m way too tired to wait for my computer to load and to open the page and all that. It’s only 10, but I’ve been going to bed late for a while now and with busy day we had today I just want to go to bed. Aurore and Jean-Go were here helping Adeline and I. We just have to mop the front hallway and coat room and finish setting the chairs in the dining room and maybe a couple of other small things and I think we’re all set for the big dinner tomorrow. It’s the big De Coster Christmas and there will be about 50 people here. To make things easier it will be buffet style so allwe had to do was set up the tables and chairs. There’s the table in the dining room, two in the play room, one in the library and one in the basement. We vacuumed pretty much the whole house,tidied, organized/put stuff away/hid stuff 😉 and made sure everything is in readiness.

I also cut up a bunch of vegetables and put them in the freezer. After that I fed the chickens, gathered the eggs (3, but one broke on me :S) and cleaned out the chicken house and put fresh straw down. This was tricky for many reasons. I was wearing Adeline’s rain boots which are too big for me. The backyard is basically a mud pit (half of it anyway) so gettig to the chicken coop was fun. Then I had to get the stuff to clean out the house. This was in the garage. The part of the garage that is currently (again, half of it) a big whole. I had to climb through this (not really that bad, just a bit deep) and try not to get in the way of the guys working. Finally it was finished. I had to go back in there later to put away the glasss bottles, but I went through th basement so it wasn’t that bad.

I think we got a lot done today. It’s amazing what a group of people can accomplish in a day! It’s just me and the boys tonight as Greg and Adeline are at Greg’s work party. Bastien was being a stinker and was still up sining to himself when I started this. I’ll check on him when I’m done and then it’s off to bed for me. Wow. I did’t actully turn on my computer today….

I forgot to mention; with all the mud outside a lot of it is bound to get inside. Especially from Shanga. Her little paw prints were all over the library floor and the window sill where she sits and stares for u determined periods of time. In the hallway and kitchen too. While cute, it’s not a lot of fun to have to worry about cleaning that up as well.

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