Dude, Only 15 More Sleeps.

Where has this year gone? I know, I know, I keep asking that question, but I’m curious.

Work was started in earnest today in the backyard and the front. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it, but they’re changing almost the whole backyard. Expanding the patio area so they can actually have a table and eat outside, building a new garden shed, and changing around some other stuff. The old garden shed/mini brick building has been torn down and there is now a gaping whole in the stone wall surrounding the backyard. No worries though, the area it opens out onto is gated. And they’re also tearing up the front stones. It was really noisy. Especially outside my window when the were tearing it up out there. It will be interesting to see the difference when I get home tomorrow. Today I was able to document the whole process, but tomorrow I’ll be in Brussels so I’ll be surprised.

Adeline won a contest with the radio station she listens to in the morning which allows her to go to the station during the morning show and bring someone with her. So her and Greg have to be there – in Brussels I believe – by 6am. So it will be just me getting the boys ready tomorrow. Thankfully, as long as he cooperates, Bastien doesn’t take that long to get dressed and other than breakfast and getting his snacks for school in his bag there’s not much else to do. Adeline bought croissants and chocolate bread (pastry with chocolate inside) for breakfast tomorrow, yum ^_^.

As of this afternoon there was an 80% chance of rain in Brussels tomorrow. I really hope that’s not the case, that would suck for Becky. I’m excited to see her. She’s my friend from university who is working in Liverpool right now. She flew to Amsterdam for a while and decided to come to Brussels for a day and wanted to know if I was able to meet up with her. It’s awesome that it’s all worked out. We won’t have that much time, just about 4 hours, but what I’m going to show her is all really close, within walking distance, of the train station. She’ll hang around for a bit after I go, do some wandering or something before taking the train back to Amsterdam where she flies out tomorrow.

I can’t believe the amount of people I’ve been able to meet up with over here. There’s actually one other person I know from Laurier who is living and working in Brussels. We only made contact with that knowledge (that both of us were here) last week so I don’t know if we’ll have a chance to meet up, but just knowing that it could have happened is cool. I guess except for Martha in London, all 4 (5 if you count the one in Brussels…6 if you count the one in Austria) people I’ve met up with or am going to meet up with or wish I could meet up with are all from WLU. Laurier grads sure do get around ;).


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  1. Lots of changes. Time must feel like it’s compressing… (Can you tell I’m catching up on my Dr. Who episodes?) 😉

  2. i’m really looking forward to seeing you too! I’ve been amazed as well at the number of people I’ve been able to meet up with so far (and have plans to see in the future), it’s pretty great. i’m also hoping it doesn’t rain, but i have an umbrella and we’re not made out of sugar so we will survive, no matter what happens. see you soon!

    • “We’re not made out of sugar so we’ll survive” = love it! We had a great time, I’m so glad it worked out :D.


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