Little Bundle of Energy

Yesterday afternoon Sybille picked up the boys and had them overnight. This morning I met her in Namur at the Little Gym. Sylvain normally goes Saturday mornings, but because of a mix-up with me saying I’d take Bastien (at least I thought I said that, but maybe I said Sylvain, I don’t know) and Adeline thinking I said Sylvain, he didn’t go yesterday. So he went this morning. Because I won’t really have any more chances to do the gym with him I did it today. It was crazy! He never stopped moving. I spent half the time running around after him. It was fun and I can see the benefits for the kids (and parents).

Yesterday he said another word. Sort of. He said ‘dehors’ (outside). At least that’s what it sounded like to us and he was with Greg looking out the kitchen door. Also, when he sees the cat or you ask him to say cat (chat) he makes his little growling noise. It’s happened enough that we know he associates the noise with ‘cat’. Even though everything he ‘says’ is still just noises, those noises are starting to sound more and more like actual conversation.

I was fortunate today. I got 2 ‘I love you’s’ from Bastien. Just out of the blue. I asked him if he’ll miss me when I leave and he said no because his parents will still be here. I asked if he’ll miss me just a little bit because I won’t be here to play with him anymore and he said yes.


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  1. When my son was young and a bundle of unconstrained energy, I used to look at him and say, “Hey, all that energy came from me not so long ago. I want some of it back so I can keep up with you.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way! 🙂

    How sweet that you got the “I love yous.”

    • It would great if it did work that way! And the ‘I love yous’ were so sweet because they were so random and unexpected.


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