It Took Me Longer To Think Of A Title Than It Did To Write The Blog Post

Didn’t really do much today. Really. Both Greg and Adeline were late coming home tonight so it was just me and the boys for a while. We had fun the three of us playing together. Lots of laughing. I sang some Christmas carols and Bastien played along on his drum.

And the wind today was crazy strong. When I went to pick Bastien up from school I was a little afraid of a downpour. The sky was dark grey and the wind was whipping around and howling to beat the band. I totally forgot about that, but I just heard it again. Woosh…..

And now for something totally random. I grew up listening to an eclectic bunch of music, and one artist that I still like today (because I happen to think he’s something of a genius) is Weird Al Yankovic. He has so many awesome songs that he’s parodied, but I’m going to leave with you with just one. It’s not necessarily my favourite (I’m not sure I have one), but it’s one that I like trying to say all the words to. I’m getting close to being able to do it. Here you go:


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