At Least We Saved The Pajamas

Poor Bastien. All of a sudden tonight – before supper – he started throwing up. All over him and the floor. By the time I got him to the bathroom there was no more on the way. So I took him upstairs for a bath, got him all cleaned up and warm in his pj’s and bath robe. He seemed fine, had a bit of energy. Then he was sitting on the couch looking really tired. I asked him if this was the case and he said yes, so I told him to lay down on the couch. I was putting the knives and forks out for supper when I noticed he was throwing up again, but he hadn’t really moved, he was still just laying there. So I rushed him to the bathroom again. A bit more came up on the way and I’m surprised I didn’t get any on my. Just on my socks, but that was because it was on the floor. Thankfully the bathrobe protected the pj’s so he didn’t have to change again.

We tried to get him to eat some soup, and drink some milk, but that all came up as well. Thankfully this time he had a little bucket at the table with him. So Adeline called the doctor and was getting ready to head out. Just before they left he did it again, but just a little this time. Poor kid. He’s been having it rough the past couple of months with being sick, sore throat and the like off and on.

That was the most ‘exciting’ thing that happened today. I made some little repairs to my slippers and a shirt and spent some time trying out new things with my hair. I’m really sad. I used to have such thick hair. Or rather, my hair is thin, I just had a lot of it. Even in high school I would blow dry my hair the night before and sleep on it (this was before straight irons were all the rage and really common) just so it wouldn’t be so poofy. Now I’d give a lot to have that kind of volume. I like doing funky things with my hair. Neat ways of putting it half up, but by the time I’m finished I have barely any hair left down. I guess I’m going to have to get some extensions to clip in and provide some volume. 😛


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  1. Maybe it’s just the water or the air over there–your hair may regenerate once back on Canadian soil! 😉 And I hope the sickness ends. It’s so hard to console a little one when they don’t understand what’s happening… 😦

    • Oh no, lol, I’ve been losing hair like this for years. I think it’s all the braiding, corn-rowing, tight pony tails, and other hair-dos that I’ve put it through. The last couple of years is really the only time when I’ve worn my hair down a lot. I always[/em] had it back of my face growing up. I think he’s getting better already. He seemed to understand pretty well. He had a lot of ‘false tries’, but if he had even a inkling of nausea he would say ‘I’m going to throw up’ and put his head over the bucket. Then he would say ‘nothing came’. He slept so much today, but he needed it.

  2. Adeline

     /  December 5, 2011

    but he continue during his sleep. so at midnigth, we did change de PJ anyway! and the pillow too! poor boy!

  3. Poor Bastian! That’s aweful, I hope he gets better! 😦

    • It was pretty awful. You know he’s really sick when he doesn’t fight you after you tell him to go lay down and not play. I think he’s already getting better; tonight he seemed to have a lot of energy.


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