I Love You, You’re Perfect, now…wait, what?

I spent a while today catching up on episodes of Glee and Criminal Minds. Therefore I – yet again – did not load any pictures. Oh the excuses. After waking up from his nap I played with Sylvain for a while, and then Bastien woke up. Before dinner I started reading Beauty and the Beast to Bastien, but we didn’t get to finish it before we had to go eat. My reading comprehension is getting better, but it still needs work. I definitely mispronounce things.

So here’s a little something to hopefully entertain and maybe make you laugh. I think I mentioned this musical a couple of months ago, but I have to again, this time with videos. So many of the songs are so hilarious, but I just picked a couple of them to show you. I’ve never been in the dating scene, but I still think these are so funny. Enjoy!

I realize the sound quality isn’t the greatest on all of them, and some – especially the last one – they sound like they’re trying way to hard, but the message still gets across and I think it’s hilarious. Someday I actually want to see this. In fact, someday I think I would like to be in it!


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  1. The sound a bit difficult, but from what I did understand, it was fun and funny. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, I guess since already know all the words from the original recording I know what they’re singing. Thanks for trying them out!


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