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Among finishing my room and fixing my slippers, I spent a good chunk of today writing letters. I have a bunch of stamps left and I have to use them otherwise they’ll go to waste. I have 6 more letters to write and then I’ll be finished. Problem is, I don’t have all the addresses! I’ve enlisted my parent’s and sister’s help in this. Let’s hope they come through for me before I leave.

So I actually did fold and put away my laundry today. That’s a record. Normally it sits in a pile on the couch for a few days at least before I take the time to deal with it. Yippee.

Bath time tonight was a little challenging. Sylvain apparently never wants to sit down. He likes to stay standing and to try to walk around in the tub. This makes it really hard to rinse his hair because I would rather he didn’t fall. I forced him to sit and held him down and he started crying and screaming like a banshee. Greg actually came upstairs to see what was wrong he was expelling noise so lustily. Once he was rinsed off and out of the tub he settled down. Bastien’s gotten a lot better than when I first got here. He hates the shower head that they use to rinse him off with and he would always put up a huge fuss and cry and everything. Now he still doesn’t like it but he’ll sit relatively still and let you get all the soap out. It goes a lot faster.

After the baths we played upstairs for a while. He has this toy Doctor’s station and a stuffed dog that was sick. He had the chicken pox. It was funny. But first, while Bastien was finishing up his bath, Sylvain came in the bathroom with some toy kitchen utensils and Bastien said he wanted to cook with his brother. He was adamant about doing this. So when he was all finished he made pumpkin soup with carrots and beans…I think green beans, but I can’t be sure (we had green beans last night, that’s what I’m making that assumption). Soup and sandwiches. And lemons. Don’t ask about the lemons, I have no idea.


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  1. As I recall, Alex hated having his head rinsed. I had to do it so his face wouldn’t get drenched with water. That was always real tricky… 😉 I never had his father come to the rescue, though…


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