I prefer babies to bananas myself.

So today I actually did something useful! Well, I started something useful. I started cleaning my room. It needs it really bad. I could have finished it all today, but I got distracted during the tidying process. I started organizing my list of things I need to claim, and prices and stuff. My Mom left behind with her (I don’t think it was on purpose) a good-sized bag that zips closed and I’m using that to put all my souvenirs, brochures, and souvenir books. I have it all organized. I just need to add a few more things to it and it’s all packed. I got all my laundry washed and dried (or drying), and I got my shelves and desk cleared off and dusted. So tomorrow I need to fold and put away my laundry and vacuum and my room will finally be clean again. I’ll make sure to do another thorough dusting and vacuuming before I leave and we should be good.

Me and the boys had an interesting play time this evening. Bastien got a knight’s play tent (it looks like a mini castle) from his Paternal Grandparents and so he was in there with Sylvain. When they first went in he told Sylvain to hurry because there were sharks and crocodiles who would eat him. I said I was a crocodile and I would just wait outside the tent flap for any unsuspecting children. Bastien had a stuffed monkey with him and a Lego piece that he said was a banana. He kept sending out the ‘banana’ saying it was for me. I told him crocodiles don’t like bananas, but babies taste pretty good. Sylvain kept coming out and then I’d pounce and he’d scurry back in. He’s pretty smart, he got the hang of the game fairly quickly. I just have to be careful that he doesn’t break my glasses. I need a new pair, but I can’t afford one right now so these will have to do for a while.

Before all this Adeline was checking Bastien’s throat (yesterday he said it was sore). So she looked with a flashlight and told him to say ‘ah’. Then she called Sylvain over and held up the flashlight. As he was walking towards her he opened his mouth and said ‘ah’. Smart kid! Then he kept trying to take the flashlight in his mouth, but still.

So there was lots of laughing going on as the boys tried to escape from being ‘eaten’ whenever they would venture forth from the tent. Before supper we all started to calm down and I even started reading Bastien a story. Oh, and the other day at lunch Adeline told him that I was going home soon. Then of course he said I would be back. She had to explain again that Canada is my home and that I was on a long vacation this year (it was the easiest way to explain it to him). Like when he goes on vacation and stays in a different house and then he comes home to Wasseiges. He thought Wasseiges was my home and I was just going to visit Canada. I wonder if he’s going to ask them where I am when I don’t come back from the airport. I think he’s done that before when I’ve been away for a couple of days.

So as you can see I was busy doing some much-needed room cleaning and therefore didn’t have a chance to load my pictures. I have a lot of them for London Day 2, but I might just have to post some to start if I ever want to get the post written!


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  1. Those boys are sooo cute and what a cozy time you had with them 🙂 BTW love the falling snow flakes on your background. How did you do it? 🙂

    • It was a good time. The snow is a special WordPress thing they run until Jan. 4. If you follow the WordPress blog that’s how I found out about it again. If you go to Appearance –> General –> then click the ‘show snow’ box that should work. Speaking of how to do something…your little info box at the bottom of your posts – the one with your gravatar and the litte bio – how do you get it there? I used to think it was only certain themes, but I’ve seen it on several and I want to make mine like that, lol. I can’t figure it out, I feel like I’m missing something.

  2. Excellent title. And it all made sense after reading the cute story about the boys. Nice. Now get back to cleaning your room! 😉


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