29 sleeps and counting.

After 339 posts, trying to come up with a title when you have nothing much to say is really difficult. I’ve hit one of my I’m-too-lazy-to-upload-my-pictures-and-write-a-real-blog-post phases. I know you’re all dying to know what I got up to in London ;). And T – if you’re reading this – there was no romance :P.

The most noteworthy thing that happened today was when we all played a game after supper. I guess you could say it’s the French equivalent to Duck, Duck, Goose. Except it’s more interesting because it’s a song and not just the never-ending chants of duck before that random shouting of the word goose. But the premise is the same. Someone walks around in a circle with something (we used a tissue) and you sing ‘don’t look at the duck as he goes by, look after he’s passed’ (along those lines) and if the tissue is behind you you have to get up and chase the person around. The result being the same as if you were tapped ‘goose’. It was fun. And we sang a song of nonsense syllables to Sylvain (with actions) and he was doing some of the actions.

Maybe you’re wondering what I’m counting. Well, in I guess 28 days I will be leaving for home! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. Tomorrow is my 11 month anniversary of being here and Sunday was the one month countdown for leaving. I’ll be shy 2 days of exactly a year, but who’s really counting? 😛

I would also like to thank all of my new followers. Thanks for sharing this experience with me! I promise I’ll stop on by, I just can’t say when. And to all of you who I also follow…I haven’t forgotten about you, I think I just need a little break. That is probably obvious based on my posts in the last week! For those family and friends who have been here from the beginning – thanks for sticking around so long. I haven’t decided when my final post will actually be. Most likely I’ll post when I get back to Canada about any customs/security adventures that might take place. This won’t be the end of my blogging career. I have a new one set up that will still use the hollyjb name and hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say. I don’t think I will post as often, which will give me time to read more. This has been quite the experience and I’m so glad to have shared it with all of you!

So here’s to my last month, it’s going to be a great one!


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  1. I understand the need to slow down on the constant posting. Since I’ve done that, I’ve had more time for other things in my life.

    We’ll be here when you post, whenever that is. Just enjoy each and every moment of this magical journey you’ve been on and keep documenting it in writing and pictures. The record of your year in this kind of detail will prove very valuable to you in the future. I can pretty much guarantee that!

    Stay well, Lorna

    • I’m so glad I started this project! You’re right, it’s going to be the best souvenir I’ll have from this year. I will still be posting every day until I get home, it’s just after that when I’ll slow down. I used to (actually, still do) have a Live Journal account but I posted so sporadically as to be almost non-existent. Soon I won’t have an ‘excuse’ to write. I just hope I don’t stop altogether. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit…I think a habit of blogging once in a while should be set pretty firmly, don’t you?

      Thanks. 😀

      • Yes, when I pared down, it was to 3-4 posts a week. I’m still on every day reading other blogs and writing. Plus I have to pull my book together.

        I’m always thinking about future posts, so I have formed the habit. It’s just not posting every day.

        • I might try and do it a couple of times a week. Having a plan is a good idea. I know things will change once I’m back home, but I still hope I can make time to blog and read blogs.


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