Cooking? Baking? Enjoying it?

*shock face*

Who have I become?! I spent more time in the kitchen today than I ever have and I actually kind of enjoyed it. For some reason I’m in a really good mood. I finished Ivanhoe, watched a movie and then proceeded to make the coleslaw for tomorrow. Being the complete klutz that I am – not just in the kitchen – I broke one of Adeline’s veggie chopper contraptions (all plastic, but still, sheesh Holly). I was using it to cut the cabbage…Adeline uses something else. I was only half way through when this happened so I had to chop the rest of the cabbage and the carrots with a knife. To try to make it all look uniform I had to make them really small. It took a while, but I managed. There will be more chopping tomorrow. But I will do it and be happy. The coleslaw turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Oh how I wish for a Slap Chop (I can just see that commercial now…).

Then I peeled and cut up some more carrots and an onion – ‘crying’ almost the entire time because I forget the way Adeline suggested to cut onions so you don’t tear up as much – to put in the big soup pot with the turkey bones, along with leeks and celery. I also peeled and cut up a bunch of carrots for supper last night. I’m actually getting pretty good/fast at it. Adeline was surprised tonight when I was finished because normally it takes me so long. I’m improving! The soup is for tomorrow. I’ve got little paper cut-like nicks on a finger and my two thumbs – see, klutz – I should really be more careful.

After the boys were in bed and I had the supper stuff cleaned up I set to work making my first ever pumpkin pie! Now you might remember that I had cut up, peeled, and mashed up the pumpkin on Wednesday so the hardest part was already finished. I didn’t make the dough from scratch. I asked my Mom for the recipe, but she thought that since I was doing all this other stuff (all for the first time – I’m a little ashamed) having to make pie dough as well would be a little much. I do agree, but now I can’t wait to get home and make pie with her. I had a lot of fun with it. It came out a little dark on top in some places and that makes me sad, but I’m confident it will still taste good. I might have put too much cinnamon in it…but I wasn’t given any set amount, it’s just one of those ‘sprinkle it in’ things. I also had to figure out what 350°F was in Celsius, because that’s what the oven is here. I have a converter (for all sorts of things) on my iPod, but maybe I had it a little to hot still. Hmm. Well, we’ll see tomorrow night.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting up early to make the apple pie. That will take a little while because I have to cut up all the apples and I have to at least attempt to make the pieces as close to the same size as possible. I think I want to get one of those do-hickeys that peels, cores, and cuts apples. Of course, they end up looking like a slinky, but that’s half the fun! Then you could just set the apple up and cut it in quarters and you’d have even sized pieces. Such a great idea. I just hope the pies both turn out alright. I would have to have gone to all that trouble and have them not work. Not to mention our guests might be disappointed. 😉

So tomorrow there is more vegetable cutting ahead of me. We’re not making my Mom/Grandma’s stuffing because it’s just bread and Adeline wants more veggies, so she found a recipe that we’re going to try. Since I’ve gotten pretty good at peeling carrots I wonder if that will translate to potatoes. I know for sure for me on the agenda is mashed potatoes and corn. Again, I hope everything turns out okay (although the taters and corn I know I can do :P).

We might just make a cook out of me yet! Most of my problem and hesitation comes from not having many (ie any) ideas, ambition, or knowledge of certain cooking techniques (not from my Mom’s lack of trying). I think tomorrow will be a turning point – making (helping to make) a meal like this for others and – hopefully – having them enjoy it is, I hope, something that will make me happy and therefore make me want to do this more often. Then again, I might just be sticking my foot in my mouth because of my good mood. I should not count my chickens before they hatch!


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  1. I bet everything turns out great. I find that it’s the love that goes into the meal more than the talent that makes for a great tasting dish. 🙂

    • It wasn’t bad. I mean, it was good. It just wasn’t exactly like I’m used to (for many reasons), but that doesn’t make it bad or anything. You have a point though. Maybe that’s why my Mom’s cooking always tastes so good ;).


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