Almost finished…

Remember when I said that Adeline says Sylvain looks like a little Ewok? Well, tonight after his bath he was wearing his bath robe. After  supper he was walking around and I put his hood up (there are two little ears on it). Then he really seemed like an Ewok! And he had on these socks that have rubber stuff on the bottom to prevent slipping, so you could hear him walking around. You’d hear him walking and then suddenly it would speed up. Then you knew he was near the play room about to jump on the bean-bag chair!

Other that some grocery shopping for this weekend, all I did today was read. Therefore I’m almost done my book. It won’t take me long to finish it tomorrow. One more classic under me belt!


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  1. I hope you took pictures. I love pics of tots after a bath!

    • I’ve been taking so many random pics lately. I think because I’m trying to get a little bit of everything before I leave, I’m feeling the pressure, lol. I’m taking videos too, to better capture those moments so I can share them with my family.

  2. Classic read by classic Holly 🙂 which one was it?

    • Lol. It was ‘Ivanhoe’. And considering he’s thehero of the book and his name is its title, he’s not in it that much.


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