Ivanhoe, shmivanhoe

Actually, I’m enthralled. I don’t know what it is about Scott since Dickens almost put me to sleep (at least I think that’s the reason I still haven’t finished David Copperfield), but I find myself just over halfway through this new endeavour of mine. I managed to score myself a 1920s, hardcover publication of Ivanhoe at an outdoor book market on the south side of the Thames river for only £5! I may have mentioned this already, hmmm….

It’s in really good condition too. The owner (I think he was the owner) was guessing because he said they didn’t always put the publication dates in books during that time. It’s a good guess because in the foreword it says this: It is just a year ago that the Scott Centenary celebrations were held (b. 1771 – d. 1832)…. Alright, so maybe 1930s. Again, I feel as if I’ve already mentioned this. Boo.

This is the reason there are no pictures of my London trip and why there have yet to be written any posts from said trip. I’m also preparing myself for a Thanksgiving weekend. Canadian Thanksgiving snuck up on me so Adeline decided we would try our hand at it during the American holiday. So this weekend some friends and family are coming over to partake in some goodies. The pies I’m not worried about. In fact, I’m excited to make those. I already cut up a pumpkin, skinned it, and puréed it for the filling. Now it just sits in the freezer awaiting the egg, cinnamon, and other ingredients needed to turn this bunch of orange mush into mouth-watering morsels…I hope. I will also be making an apple pie. We’ll see if I have the same ‘magic’ touch with pies that my Mom’s does. Hers are the best, hands down. I won’t be making the crust from scratch this time, but hopefully soon (once I’m back home) I’ll be up for that. I have it on good authority that I will be a good pie crust maker. My Grandma Doris. She would know. Once I attempted to make my Aunt Peggy’s Lemon Squares (with jam inside, so good!) and the crust was the best part about them. They weren’t horrible, a lot of my friends liked them, they just weren’t quite right. I think it’s because I tried to double the recipe, but miscalculated something, I don’t know.

I think we might be able to make an acceptable cook out of me yet. Or at least baker, baking doesn’t scare me as much. Maybe because baked goods are a treat and not something you rely on for healthy sustenance….


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  1. Collectible book–Woohoo!


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