Awesome Amsterdam Adventure (Part 3)

So I realized after thinking on it that our last (part) day in Amsterdam wasn’t really eventful at all. We got up, finished packing, ate breakfast, hopped on the tram, took a bus at the station, stopped, took a subway, and were back at the Park + Ride Arena before we knew it. When we went to pay for our parking we had to stand in line for a bit. When we got to the booth the women told us we had to pay at the machine… thanks. We were all pretty tired, not really having got that much sleep the past two nights. I looked at a little more scenery on the way home.

And here we have one of the thing the Dutch are known for - windmills! Sorry it's a little grainy...I zoomed in, took the picture, zoomed again, and cropped. It was pretty far away 😛

We got home around lunch time I think. Or maybe it was after. Bah. Either way we did some laundry and chilled and figured out what we were doing that night. There was a fair type deal in Gembloux, which is the city where Val Ou (Jean-Go’s fiancé) went to university. They had asked us before Amsterdam if we wanted to go. They had all kinds of ride/games for the kids and lots of food and beer! There were also these different coloured shots – that I can never remember the name of – that I was supposed to try…but I forgot. I did try a dessert of fried balls of dough smothered in icing sugar. Lisa and I shared them. Yum ^_^

Yum ^_^. Icing sugar and fried dough.

Gembloux was the first time I saw the plastic cups they have for the beer. The heavy-duty re-usable plastic cups that if you bring back you get back your 1€ deposit. They’re everywhere where there is a lot of beer outside. We used them at the 24h Velo in Louvain-la-Neuve as well. I got to keep one and my family took home a few. They say Jupiler on them. That was my Dad’s favourite of the Belgian beer he tried. Jupiler is your basic beer. Really common…not really crazy flavour wise. Your basic beer.

So that was that. It was a good end to a good three days. Now I can say I’ve been to Amsterdam!

Val Ou, Jean-Go, and friends in Gembloux.

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