Random is as random does.

Does that title even make sense?!

Bastien was home sick today. He’s had a fever all day and still has one now. His coughing sounds horrible, poor boy. For lunch I made him scrambled eggs (they go down easy), these potatoes things that are like tasty taters but not (he loves those), and veggie soup. He ate almost all of it! He actually ate more eggs than I thought he would. Do I have that saying right? Feed a fever, starve a cold? I don’t know. All I know is he didn’t eat tonight (minus one little piece of meat and once piece of spinach stuff pasta) and he only took a couple of sips of milk. He only napped for about an hour and a half today, not long enough. But of course he didn’t want to go to bed.

Sylvain was a jolly as ever, walking around like he owns the place now. He still has his moments when he falls, more so when he’s tired obviously, but he’s getting so much better! I sat with him in front of the fire for a while and sang while he clapped his hands or held mine. Smiling is always better than crying.

The heat was off today because they were fixing it. I think it was supposed to be off until tomorrow afternoon/evening, but I guess it’s back on. So that’s good. We do have space heaters in the bedrooms and bathroom and the fire in the library was going all day so it wasn’t so bad. Actually, I don’t think the heat in my room worked very well at all before so for me it wasn’t much of a difference! The space heaters you can only have on when you’re in the room and I actually had to turn mine off and didn’t even have it at full heat and I still got too warm.

So I’ve looked at the BBC Weather for London because I wanted to know if it’s going to rain this weekend or not. Last time I checked it wasn’t supposed to. Cloudy, with a bit of sun, and highs of 14-15, with lows of 9-11, but no rain. Would it be tempting fate to leave the rain jacket here and use my other one? I don’t have room in my backpack for the rain one to take ‘just in case’, but I don’t want to wear it if it’s not going to rain. Hmmm…maybe I do have room in my bag. We’ll see tomorrow when I finish packing.

Once this post is published today I get the weekend off! Not that I don’t love blogging, but it is nice when I don’t have to worry about it. I’m going to leave you all with a little treat. Some random photos I’ve taken around here. Enjoy!

These piggies have split national personality disorder. Or dual citizenship, I'll let you decide. 😉

Yeah for Canada! The pig I painted is the one on the right, Sylvain's pig. :P.


This is your proof that Sylvain is in fact walking solo. The crown was made by his babysitter for his birthday. Actually, when he first started walking (and sometimes still) I would always get the song 'Drunken Sailor' in my head. That's how he walked. 😉

Here's the B-man just chillin' out in his chair, reading a comic in front of the fire. I posed him for this picture, but not before seeing him already sitting like this. Apparently he's always sat like this with a book in hand.


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  1. Love, just love the Canadian little piggy banks.

    • It was…interesting trying to paint the maple leaf, lol. I think they turned out pretty good. ^_^ Glad you liked them.

  2. Enjoy your trip to London and travel safely. Thanks for the great pictures, too!

  3. The title lured me, sense or not, lol. I vote sense 🙂 Love the photos of the little guys, too 🙂

  4. Becoming Bitter

     /  November 17, 2011

    Holly, I’m busy this week too, but I’ll be back to read and comment on your stuff. I asked this question on my blog page, but I’ll ask this question again here: Do you have a twitter? If not, consider getting one.

    • Yup! @hollyjblive ^_^. And no problem, we all have our busy moments. I – yet again – am very far behind on blog reading.

  5. from my experience living in the UK i say – take the rain jacket! it always rains when you least expect it. even when the day starts out warm and sunny without a cloud in the sky – it could be raining within an hour. and then sunny and rainy and sunny and rainy again in the next hour. it seems to me that it’s always the days when i am most prepared for the rain that it doesn’t actually rain. so be prepared, maybe you’ll actually have nice weather then. haha.

    and i hope you have a great time! i loved london, it’s a pretty great city. looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

    • I will take it. I keep forgetting about my travel vacuum seal bags! My rain jacket fits quite nicely into a medium sized one and stays nice and flat and compact once I pressed as much air out as I could (travel ones don’t need a vacuum :D). And I totally understand – when you’re prepared you don’t need to be, but once you decide, ‘meh, this time I won’t bother’ than you’re stuck!

      Thanks so much! I look forward to writing about it!


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